Midnight Vitals Return!

I had actually forgotten for a moment how much I love Midnight Vitals, I know, it’s a terrible thing to say, but it was only for a moment. So when I got an advance copy of their brand new EP last Spring, I immediately had to dig out their Time To Go EP—something I missed out writing on, because I was about a year too late and got to re-immerse myself in their special brand of pure power pop with synthesizer flourishes.  Well, as much as I liked their debut, in listening to equal matches of that and their new self-title EP,  the distance between records has paid off for Midnight Vitals.  Also, if they aren’t on next year International Pop Overthrow festival there is something quite wrong—this EP is catchy as all hell from beginning to end.

Whether it’s the epic length opener of “Levi” or the absolute addictive madness that is “Way Out”, the slightly spacier “Gloves Off”, the techno wonder dream that is “Eyes Shut,” the guitar laden “Take It To Me” or the brilliant finale of “Don’t Call Me A Hero,” which ends this mini-album with an amazing new wave vibe–there are no flaws to be found.  This album just pushes the pop boundaries right from the start and the pure catchiness sans kitsch is stunning during the 25 minutes you will continually spend allowing your ears to fawn over these six songs. I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s going to be better than listening to their EP will be catching them tonight at the Sail Inn as they take part in the Electric Fall Ball brought to you by TMI on KWSS 93.9FM. It will be a great chance to catch them live and pick up a copy of the EP that will fill your head for the rest of the  year…My pick is “Way Out” as one of my favorite singles of the year. Check out the video of “Way Out” right now below and then head to the Sail Inn…Midnight Vitals hit at Midnight.

Fairy Bones 6:45pm (Outside)
Bears of Manitou 7:45pm (Outside)
Factories 8:45pm (Outside)
Zero Zero 9:45pm (Outside)
Emby Alexander 10:30pm (Inside)
Bogan Via 11:15pm (Outside)
Midnight Vitals 12am (Inside)
DJ Ex-Ghost between sets and 12:45am – Close