Playboy Manbaby-Obsessive Repulsive EP

So, how many bands do you know that can squeeze five brilliant songs into less than nineteen minutes?  Turns out that Playboy Manbaby has done just that. Yes, Robbie Pfeffer and his crew have achieved something most unique and wonderful in the world of brevity. I was actually stunned, as I had been waiting for their new release to discover that it would barely cover the totality of a traditional commercial slot. Nevertheless, Obsessive Repulsive is pretty brilliant. That’s just on the thought of “Beer Gut” alone, “‘Cause it ain’t getting better than it is right now” which can either be interpreted as wonderfully enthusiastic about life or dismally hopeless, depending on your mood completely. I prefer the former over the latter, but Pfeffer’s manic delivery assists with that elevation in thought. The songs go on and Robbie is both obsessive and repulsive and all in all it may be some of the most original and flagrant music in the entire town. This is pure white boy rap and it’s pretty amazing—check out the yuppie  blues of “Minivan”, the madness alone is worth the price of admission. “Whoa my baby’s got a red sedan, I’m still driving in a minivan”  is the refrain and it’s power pop hook and horns backing Robby’s crazed vocals are simply a perfect portrait of a man screaming while suffocating in suburbia.

“Funeral Pizza” is probably one of the most “fully conceived” song on the entire affair and its concerns are of an almost post-apocalyptic future where a former business person attends to his alcoholism, madness and insanity. It’s a pretty good ride in all actuality as we stare at this “modern day saint” through the eyes of Pfeffer.  Again there is a sense of drowning in suburbia and in all  truth, that was the entire basis of the second wave of Punk when its ethos escaped the big cities and angered up the blood of disenfranchised kids everywhere. “End Of Time” is a number that has been a show blowing masterpiece and it’s nice to find it in real release. From the title alone the them of apocalyptic thought continues, as well as the breakneck speed at which the imagery and lyrics are delivered. Slightly mind shattering and worth every second of it. I want this playing when the bombs go off. “Broken Record” is the longest song in the set (in reference to its title, why wouldn’t it be?) and concludes the entire affair with nearly a calypso tone that is both welcome and somehow seems to fit the cast that Playboy Manbaby has set. There is something in Robbie Pfeffer’s vision and imagination that takes on amazing dreams and explores them for all they are worth, takes them to where they need to be, takes them to a realm where rock ‘n’roll meets hip hop and mixes with new wave to create a dynamism that is somehow lost on the purveyors of modern music. This is a shame, but it lends credence to what Playboy Manbaby is trying to achieve, and doing so successfully.

You can catch Playboy Manbaby tomorrow night at Parliament in Tempe. You can also pick up the EP on a shiny new cassette for just $5 from Pfeffer’s own Rubber Brother Records! With The Thin Bloods releasing their cassette as well and further support by Snake!Snake!Snakes!, Sundressed and Jaguarsun, this will be a fantastic show.