The Thin Bloods and “The Death Of All My Friends”

Last April the up and coming band All My Friends announced they were breaking up and calling it quits, this was fresh on the heels of the news that they had completed their second collection of recordings, which caused some confusion to say the least. So, with a sense of propriety and a lack of sobriety, the band held one last party to celebrate the death of All My Friends. Seemingly halfway through the set, they said goodbye and dashed off stage, only to return ten minutes later, in different outfits covered in blood. While the breakup was a ruse, All My Friends are indeed dead, now replaced by the much more search engine friendly The Thin Bloods. Everything you loved about the former band is still very much intact, just the name and apparently the attire have changed—and the recordings? Those were released that evening as the first EP for this great band.

Not only was that evening great, this EP is one of my favorites of the year and will remain so throughout. If you are unaware of their sound, it’s an amazing blend of indie rock, heavy on the blues, with hints of punk and grunge scattered liberally about. If you can imagine Youth And Young Manhood era Kings of Leon vocals backed by early Modest Mouse and The Pixies it might evoke the sound The Thin Bloods recorded at Bangarang Studios. This is music right up my alley, the perfect blend of all things I love, really, even wooing harmonies behind screams and shouts—the effect is quite stunning. From the opening of “Breakfast For Dinner” to the single ready “Butterflies,” the near ballad quality of “Between Your Ears” to the haunting but catchy “Nicki,” the pop majesty of “Pretty Senoritas” all the way to the finale of “Lucifer Reigns” the EP is just pure sheer delight to my ears at every moment. I very nearly have to demand that you seek out The Thin Bloods live, pick up the EP and share my delight. You can listen to it below if you’re the more cautious type.

This past weekend, The Thin Bloods released their second EP, Twin Tumors Vol. 1, on cassette through Rubber Brother Records during Rubber Brother Fest. You have a chance tomorrow night, Monday, September 30th to catch The Thin Bloods live and pick up their new release (don’t worry, it will probably come with a download card) at Crescent Ballroom, joined by The Wavelengths, Numb Bats and The Madera Strand! The show is FREE and it’s going to be pretty amazing. All four bands are great and you couldn’t ask for a better local lineup on a Monday night–all you have to do is show up and treat your ears to some great music. I’m looking  forward to picking up my second cassette in one  week  and freaking out to some of  my favorite bands.