“Knob” by Darkness Dear Boy—Tuesday’s Tune

I’ve never had a chance to write about Darkness Dear Boy before, I’ve mentioned them in articles and on the  radio, but I’ve never gotten to really write about my love for this rock’n’roll band. And its Autumn and that’s where my head is at. They somehow completely flew under my radar when they released Brand New Carrot On A String in April of 2010—but at that time I was slightly overwhelmed at just how great the local music scene had become in the first two years I had been writing about it. This was totally my bad, that album is now one of my favorites that I can listen to any day of the week, any time of year. First of all, the music on this album reminds me of a time when I first started writing about music and slinging tunes on the radio—not to say that it’s derivative, but that it excites me and  it makes me feel young again. Secondly, even better than this album is their new material I’ve witnessed recently during their Wednesday Residency at Long Wong’s in Tempe.  This is something of note as well, Darkness Dear Boy has had the longest residency in the world ever…alright, that may be an exaggeration, but they have had a Wednesday night residency for two and a half years and it’s pretty great, I advise you check it out.

Kevin Gassman, from Driving With Gass on KWSS 93.9FM, was the one that turned me on to the singular track “Knob.” I had loved it before and thought it was single ready, but somehow when it’s actually played on the radio as a single it proves its worth as a standout track. The combination of Ted Organ, Aaron Ranschaert and Chase Lechner is kind of unwieldy, whether it’s on record or on stage—and fuck, it’s also back to the fact that they’ve been hitting the stage at Wong’s every week for n early a 130 Wednesdays straight…wow. Nevertheless, DDB rocks and “Knob” in particular is spectacular with its tight sound—I mean how can you write and record a song that makes you feel alive the way Nirvana once did without sounding like Nirvana? I don’t know either, but they do it here. “Knob” is one of those songs that I feel should be playing from coast to coast, but for some reason it’s not, not sure why, because it would easily fit into every “Edge” and “X” radio station across the continent. For one thing, the entire song references a transistor radio, which is totally fucking old school brilliance and also a device I once owned.  The song is about the a nostalgic idea over finding salvation in a bit of radio luck and hoping to find something on the tuner that will meet the necessary metric for the mood. The song itself though, is nearly beyond description in its brilliance, like Urge Overkill at their best with a better vocalist. Yes, they evoke the 1990s, but why shouldn’t they, really? Fuck, it’s what they are great at and they are doing it better than they did it then. The truth is I like rock’n’roll and Darkness Dear Boy is a band I adore because they don’t hold back, they don’t conform and they just rock out with no apology. What more can you ask for? Well, actually you could ask for a new album, which is funny, because as I was posting this Aaron posted that he was in the studio going over final mixes! This bodes quite well for all of us and I can’t wait for the new record if their recent live performances are any indication of where they are headed. Check out “Knob” and the entire album below!


Transistor radio knob
Find me an angry song
Make it dark so I can sing along
Nothing so sweet has ever vaccinated me

Attenuated, loss, grief, shock, insecurity
Depression butterflies buzz by incessantly
Mortality awake there’s nothing left to take from me

Mouth left with words unsung
Barbells hang on every single one
Colors about to become undone
Tell it to my face wait let me light an escape

Driven to the night light
searching for that stimuli
venerably shy, no pride, less an alibi
synapsis contrived yo this baby’s gonna be mine all mine

There’s something to be said about living life upon the edge
A backwards point of view when your face is in the sand
Absurd is the stand that what’s left is all we had
There’s nothing left to say when you’ve lost everything (everything) you had

Transistor radio knob
Transistor radio knob
Transistor radio knob
Transistor radio knob

We’re all, we’re all, yeah we’re all wasted in a line to lose it, nothing left but music, nothing left but music- (nothing’s left but music) this baby’s gonna be mine all mine

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