Fairy Bones: Debut EP, Debut Video and a Label Deal!

One of my favorite debut bands of 2013 is, without a doubt, Fairy Bones. One of four bands born from the ashes of Born Loser and The Hangers On, Fairy Bones is a dynamite four piece who released their debut on October 15th. First off, singer Chelsey Louise is a goddamned firecracker on stage and the band supports her histrionics and indulgences with smiles, grins and a furious garage groove.  Until last month, I wasn’t entirely sure how their performance would play out on record, but I had nothing to worry about—the recordings have come out with enough visceral energy, that you don’t even need the visual act—you can practically hear the spunky, punky chanteuse jumping in the studio.

This entire EP is a showcase for the power of Chelsey’s voice and the actual beauty found therein…her range from a whisper to a scream is impressive and while she can wail with the best of them, she proves she’s got an amazing set of pipes here–think Chrissy Hynde, Debbie Harry or Karen O., meaning really fucking good in my mind. Robert Ciuca’s guitar is on fire the entire time (“Filler, Baby” is his triumph) and it commands every song into some kind of a stellar madness that gets me so amped I can hardly stand it. Meanwhile the rhythm section of Ben (bass) and Matthew (drums) Foos is ridiculously unwieldy and I’m convinced they share one mind when it comes to being the perfect backbone for this outfit (seriously check out “Anything” should you have any doubts). Here too is a lesson that occasionally, garage rock can be utterly fantastic when recorded immaculately—sonically speaking this is just superb. Thanks go to the inimitable Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket for that mean feat. Each of the songs are unique enough to spotlight every members strengths and provide proof that Chelsey’s voice is a goddamned sonic spectrum of wonder, while truly defining a unique sound that can only be declared as purely Fairy Bones.  I love every single moment of this EP and I’ve listened to it every day for nearly a month, it makes me want a full length album from them as immediately, it’s enough to make a man start fires it’s so damn good.

The  day before the EP was released it was announced that Fairy Bones had signed to 80/20 Records joining such esteemed company as Zero Zero, Captain Squeegee and Statues of Cats. This means we probably won’t have to wait long for new singles and the forthcoming full length album Dramabot! So, while we wait for those fiery morsels of aural love we can enjoy the debut EP and the brand new video for “DUKA” both posted below. In the meantime you can catch them live at The Sail Inn this Saturday for Dangeruss presents Trick’R'Treat! Where they will join the obscenely great lineup with French Girls, Pleasure Victims, Scorpion Vs. Tarantula, Sister Lip and The Echo Bombs!!! Details are below! If you can’t make that, be sure to get to their EP Release party on November 29th at The Rogue with Zero Zero, Capsula and The Burning of Rome. Now, get your Fairy Bones on below and enjoy!