Rubber Brother Records Takes The Crescent!

One thing that has become clear to me over the last year is that I love the local labels that are brewing up some goddamned tasty tunes in this town. In this case, I am clearly referring to the prolific and much beloved cassette collective Rubber Brother Records. I wasn’t even aware of the depths of my affection for them until the November 2013 issue of JAVA Magazine when I inadvertently featured four of their bands in one issue (to my credit, Celebration Guns was added to the roster after the issue was published, but still it would have been three). Nevertheless, I seem to adore every band they gather up and I usually find this adoration about 30 seconds before its announced they will have a tape release. Which brings me to another point, it seems a new cassette or two comes out every week and these things are addictive, more like trading cards for music junkies than anything else (perhaps there should be a stick of gum included), but effective nonetheless. I particularly like to listen to these cassettes on an old Walkman while doing laundry. Rubber Brother Records also has a knack for putting on great shows no matter what venue they occupy–whether it is Parliament or Trunk Space or in the case of this Friday, Crescent Ballroom. And this show is a do-not-miss spectacular regardless of label association. I have publically and often, spoke of and written about  the wonders of Wooden Indian, Playboy Manbaby and Petty Things, add to this mix Los Puchos and you have a through and through brilliant show from start to finish.

First, lets start with Wooden Indian–the mysterious, ever changing collective of musicians that center around the creative vision/vortex of Wally Boudway and Ross Andrews. This amalgamation of talent and weirdness is some of the finest off center folk songs for the mentally maladjusted to be found in this town. There music sounds like water feels, they are an ocean, waterfall and river at once, while evoking the winds from all four corners and clearly drawing their energy like modern day shamans from the very Earth itself. With the whole band involved, which can be an unwieldy amount of musicians depending on the evening, their shows become something of a psychedelic array–and I mean that in the truest sense of the word, which means “soul opening” or “breath manifested.” At this show Wooden Indian will release three songs on one side of a cassette that are simply stunning. Continuing where their album Color Is Work left off, this is a nice bridge into what is brewing with their sophomore effort. Whether it is “I Know Your Trick” which you can hear below and catch the video as well, or the hypnotic instrumental “Boredom” or the intensely dizzying “Carrion Flower”, Wooden Indian is issuing some of their best music to date. This alone should get you to the show, but wait, there’s more. This Friday, Rubber Brothers is releasing not one but two limited edition cassettes and Wooden Indian shares theirs with Los Puchos. and if you want a taste of what they are like, check out the video for “Swamp Town“.  Great stuff, right?

The other cassette released on this magical evening will be split by two more of my favorite bands, the inimitable Playboy Manbaby and the garage pop rocksters Petty Things. I’m not sure there could be a more fun cassette available on the planet. Now if you don’t know what these guys sound like, I fear for your safety and the virgin value of your ears and encourage you to get the hell to Crescent on Friday so that you can allow yourself the pleasure of being suitably assaulted by a brave new world in the works that will shake your soul, awake your inner animal and unleash the savage beast within you. Also they are a hell of a lot of fun, all hyperbole aside. If anything, by the end of the show, you should find yourself groveling for more, literally begging the bands to release the full albums they all have in waiting. In the meantime, pick up both cassettes (don’t worry, they come with download links for your disposable media players). This is going to be an epic evening and I hate that term, because its overused and then when it is used correctly, it’s ineffectual, sadly. But seriously, this is an epic lineup and if you get your tickets in advance, you get one cassette free along with a button. This is as much of a win/win as going to the show itself without any reward other than massaging and assuaging your ears with some of the best music this town has to offer. Why would you spend your Friday night anywhere else, especially if you are unaware of the wonderment that awaits you?

If you buy your ticket in advance, you get 1 of the split tapes for FREE & assure that you get in before the show and the tapes sell out! Also, all pre orders get a free 3 inch Rubber Brother Records pin! THESE CASSETTES WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT OF THE SHOW!!!


Performances by:
Wooden Indian
Playboy Manbaby
DJENTRIFICATION on the decks alllll night!

FREE Wooden Indian / Los Puchos Split Tape
& 3 Inch Rubber Brother Records Pin

FREE Playboy Manbaby / Petty Things Split Tape
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