VideosAroundTown: Captain Squeegee’s Claypocalypse!

I can’t believe that anything is going to top this as video of the year in my book. First of all, I’m a sucker for claymation, secondly I adore anything apocalyptic and finally, Captains Squeegee’s To The Bardos! was one of my favorite albums of 2013. Combine those all together and you have the makings of a hell of a video. It also makes me want a little claymation version of myself that I can glorify and or decapitate upon my whim. This video really does have it all: mitosis, the emergence of amphibious life onto the land, dinosaurs and their demise, the clay effigy of Danny Torgersen gets decapitated, there’s a lovely homage to the Black Plague, there are Aliens, Illuminati imagery, plenty of exectutions, the sinking of the Titanic and more than one apocalypse. My favorite moment though must be when an animated version of the band swims into the album artwork. I cannot say enough about the artistry of Johnny McHone, the mad man behind the mad band that made this amazing featurette.  It’s everyone’s favorite video right now, so in the off chance you haven’t seen it yet, catch it right here.  You will not be disappointed. Oh, yeah, the song is freaking great as well and I’ve included the lyrics below.

Be sure to catch Captain Squeegee in an all-acoustic setting at Crescent Ballroom this Wednesday.  Joined by the likes of The Riveras, Wooden Indian, and There is Danger this is sure to be an amazing evening.  Doors at 7, bands at 8.  Not only that, but if you love this video, you will love the fact that Captain Squeegee will bring all the Clay Sets, Clay Characters, & Clay Props from the video (that weren’t destroyed in explosions) to THIS show for you to see up close in person! COME GET YOUR CLAY-ON!!

Only more inevitable, the more we say it’s impossible
Only more inevitable, the more we say it’s improbable

Over-contemplating turned us complicating
Now we stand to the north of nowhere
I’m over our parading, it isn’t vindicating
Cuz we’ll march out of time over & over
Only more Inevitable, when we proclaim what is possible
Only more Inevitable, the Titanic was so unsinkable
Why are we debating? …The question keeps remaining
Must I wait for your ego to expire?
While we were masturbating the bomb was armed & waiting…
Now all I know is we will burn in the same fire!

Only more Inevitable
Nature’s wrath… so unavoidable
Nothing is impossible, while everything is plausible
And when we manifest it’s probable…
That the possible & causible, are singular when logical…
For 6-billion people, what do ya do with 7-billion people?
Only more Inevitable
(Only so preventable)
The dinosaurs were unstoppable
Only more Inevitable
The Titanic was so unsinkable
It’s only more Inevitable…