VideosAroundTown: Fairy Bones “Anything”

I make no bones about it (see what I did there?), Fairy Bones is one of my favorite bands around town and they were definitely the top debut of 2013 in the local scene.  So far their entire musical output is a four song ep and a holiday song, but it’s their live show where they truly shine as the songs that will become the forthcoming Dramabot evolve, gaining momentum and character with every performance. The charismatic Chelsey Louise is a goddamned dynamo and the band is at her service–and they support her damn well.  “Anything” released on video today is an absolute showcase for Chelsey’s personality and her dynamic with the band, consisting of Robert Ciuca, Ben and Matthew Foos, who actually do all live together in one house. This video is just fun and even features a cameo from Ariel Monet (Sister Lip) and some sweet Sapphic exchanges. The video catches the spirit of the song perfectly. The song is one of the best to really show off Chelsey’s vocals as well as the guitar and drum work of her bandmates. This is the second video (be sure to check out “Duka”) and apparently a third one for “Filler Baby” is in the works. There is a lot to look forward from Fairy Bones in 2014 and this is only the start. Next month they take up residency every Friday Night at Long Wong’s in Tempe for what should be a fabulous FBOM.


Don’t know if I should go
Got use to laying low
But my feet won’t stay, won’t stay
and my head replays, replays

I was willing to do anything
And I, I knew then

Listen, I’ve had one on
My left and my right
And I could feel their stare, their stare
On my back, my back

They were willing to do anything
And I, I knew then

It takes falling down
To get used to level ground
But I won’t behave, behave
And you can’t be saved, be saved

I thought you, thought you’d do anything
And I, I knew then

I thought you, thought you’d do anything
Anything, anything

You didn’t do anything