VideosAroundTown: Banana Gun “Mirror, Mirror”

Banana Gun with producer Curtis Grippe

By now, everyone should know that Banana Gun is readying to release and unleash their third album Love.Instinct on the world, what you may not know is that it’s their best album to date–a rocking album from beginning to end without apology. For the first time they have a studio recording that truly represents their electrifying stage show and much of that is due to recording live in the studio with Curtis Grippe at STEM Recordings. Yesterday, the world got their first taste of the new album in the form of a video directed by Roland Wakefield for the first single from the album, “Mirror, Mirror.” It is the catchiest track on the album. You will have to excuse my feature of the album in this months JAVA Magazine, as I refer to the song as “Dong”, which is what it was titled when I got an early copy of Love.Instinct to review. I somehow suspected that by the time the album was released it would have a different title, but I had to work with what I had.

It seemed fitting, though, that a band called Banana Gun would have a song called “Dong” but “Mirror, Mirror” is a much better title, especially if its your pre-album single. It’s a slower, sexy , seductive number, but not like a ballad, more like a sultry slow burning rager that grows in intensity across its near five minute span. It starts somewhat calm, it draws you in like the tide before the waves of pure rock’n'roll consume you. This is in comparison to the tracks that join it on the new album. Out of context it rocks pretty damn hard, I must admit and its even more engaging. It also has a damn infectious lyrical hook that will remain in your head for days.  I feel better that a song called “Mirror, Mirror” has been stuck in my head for weeks rather than one called “Dong” I have to admit. The entire band has brought their A-Game to this particular effort. Whether it’s the guitar voodoo of Kevin Loyd and Nic Dehaan, the rhythm section of  Ross Troost and Ian Breslin and of course that amazing sax of Kyle Scarborough–all five members have never sounded better. The video itself is a hypnotic look at the band recording live in the studio and nailing it, dark and intimate like the song itself, but filled with warmth. This is a cinematic reflection on perfection, just check out the video below.

Their release show may be on March 8th at The Sail Inn, but you don’t have to wait that long to catch them live. In fact, you can see them this Friday at The Rogue for The Woodworks CD Release of their second album Safe Mode, along with Sasquanaut, DeadFoxx and The Rolling Blackouts. It should be an amazing time and the cover of $8 get’s you The Woodworks new album as well. There is no reason to miss this.