VideosAroundTown: The Prowling Kind “Melted Together”

The Prowling Kind was one of the best debut acts of 2013, their blistering blend of rock, blues and Americana was some of the finest music I witnessed live on several occasions last year. Sadly, I never got to review their brilliant debut album Tennessee, I never picked up a physical copy and all I had was a soundcloud link that I couldn’t download, I kept meaning to pick it up, but alas never got around to it somehow. I’ll probably correct this soon and write a belated review, because it was one of my favorite albums of last year and I do try to go out of my way to catch them live. You can read about my reaction to their debut show at Last Exit Live somewhere in HERE. My high opinion of them remains unabated and each show of theirs that I’ve seen since is better than the last.

Last week The Prowling Kind released a visually stunning new video for their beautiful song “Melted Together” and it absolutely blew me away. It is a pure pleasure to watch and experience. I have to admit that I didn’t know what to think as the entire band rushes out of the rain and into Qcumberz Vintage Shop in Phoenix, I thought it might be just five minutes of them browsing and that seemed quite odd, considering how great their first video was and how conceptual this group is in all their work. Then, a minute in, Mickey Pangburn (vox/guitar) picks up a book of fairy tales and the cinematic level get switched to overload as she is transported to another reality that is effected by the objects that her bandmates peruse in the shop, unbeknownst to them. So as  Jesse Pangburn (percussion), Erin Beal (vox/ keyboards), Zach Tullis (guitar) and David Maddox (bass) play with various things, the world that Mickey finds herself in is turned chaotic, claustrophobic and is at one point literally turned upside down (thanks to Beal for playing with a snow globe and creating one of the most captivating scenes in the video). Finally, Mickey is returned to the vintage shop thanks to Maddox turning the hands on a clock backwards. Spoiler Alert: She buys the book of fairy tales, which I wondered about for a moment, I mean after an experience like that, you either buy it or your throw it as far from you as possible. I would have bought it too. The direction of Frank Thomas is superb, as is the cinematography of Jason Sievers and kudos go to for the visual effects. This is an amazing video that is a pure delight to watch over and over again. Well done!

You can catch The Prowling Kind live this weekend at Crescent Ballroom as they support Black Carl, along with The Autonomics and what is possibly the last show of The Cold Desert. You can see all of this on Friday, February 14th starting at 8pm. Treat your love to the love of live local music, it is the gift that keeps on giving, so long as you help to keep it going.