What’s Going Ahhhn…

Well, this is a jam packed weekend kids, no doubt about it. There is so much action going on its unbelievable and I’m not just talking about what will be happening in peoples pants, rather, what will be happening at venues across the valley. The kicker for me is that my beloved Jeepster is in the garage and I will be damn lucky if I surface at all this weekend. Thus I encourage everyone to make the most of this incredible list of shows that I will most probably miss. Although, I must admit when I see a lineup like this weekend I tend to shut down and shut in, because there’s no way to make these incredibly difficult decisions.

When & Where: Friday, February 14th at The Sail Inn
Reasons To Attend: Field Tripp is releasing their first record in two years, decker. is releasing a monumentally epic new single, combine that with the amazing punkgrass sounds of The Haymarket Squares, the pure awesomeness of Sister Lip, the disc slipping skills of DJ Ex-Ghost and Terrible Buttons and this is a great way to massacre Valentines Day.
Extra Details: The Battle of the Frank Sinatras (pretty much exactly as it -sounds), Couples dance, Photo booth, First 100 Paid Entries Receive FREE copies of both releases
Commentary: Holy Fuck Wow! I don’t even know what The Battle of the Frank Sinatras means, but I hope video comes out of this. There will be no regrets in attending this, but there might be some in missing it.

When & Where: Friday, February 14th at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Black Carl is playing and I’ve never seen them put on a bad show…ever, The Prowling Kind are one the great up and coming bands and they are going to play some brand new songs, this is supposedly the last show for The Cold Desert ever, though some are referring to it as a “hiatus”, The Autonomics are an unknown quantity to me, but they keep damn good company.
Extra Details: This will probably sell out.
Commentary: Not going to lie, this is another “Holy Fuck Wow” kind of situation, especially in consideration of The Cold Desert situation. Also, it’s been a minute since Black Carl has played the Crescent and it’s one of the places they shine the deepest and The Prowling Kind will rock your world if you have never seen them.

When & Where: Friday, February 14th at Long Wong’s Tempe
Reasons to Attend: Seeing six awesome bands for free is pretty awesome and this week during Fairy Bones FBOM lineup you have The Linecutters, Dirty Drifters, Bacchus and The Demon Sluts, Japhy’s Descent and Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee. Ummm…wow.
Extra Details: It’s free. So if you spent a shit ton on your love the rest of the night and you just want to rock, this is where to be.
Commentary: I write about Fairy Bones all the time, do I really need to repeat myself on how amazing they are? They are. Also recent sets I’ve seen from Japhy’s Descent are simply unreal, loads of new material from their forthcoming album. Finally, Bacchus and The Demon Sluts who is currently my “Favorite Band I’ve Never Seen or Heard”. I loved Naked Pizza (and apparently if I have enough scratch put together, I still can), so I can’t wait to find out what Austin Rickert is doing in this new out fit with his endless creativity, energy and vision.

When & Where: Friday February 14th at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: Midnight Vitals are amazing indie pop geniuses, The Nix are totally freaking amazing and I really hope and pray they get a record out this year, because there recent shows I’ve seen have just decimated my senses, Dolores is reportedly great, but they along with El West are unknown quantities to me and I should probably fix that.
Extra Details: Last Exit Live still has the best sound in town and I’m jealous of everyone that gets to hear The Nix and Midnight Vitals on that system
Commentary: This is the Indie-est of the indie shows going and I know it’s going to be amazing, I have my eye on pretty much all of these bands for great things in 2014. Also, I am dying to see The Nix after the last show I caught and if you go to this event, you’ll know how I feel in about a week.

Where & When: Saturday, February 15th at The Sail Inn
Reasons To Attend: Are you kidding me? Look at the flyer. It’s the “Love On Layaway Showcase”, Valentines day is done, and this is freaking sweet. Seven bucks for seven bands is pretty damned righteous and what an array of talent, Pride Through Strife, Scattered Melodies, The Hourglass Cats, Fairy Bones, The Sun Punchers, The Pubes and Mister Lucky!!!
Extra Details: Look! Someone posted set times!!!
7:30 Mister Lucky AZ
8:15 The Pübes
9:00 Fairy Bones
9:45 Pride Through Strife
10:30 Scattered Melodies
11:30 The SunPunchers
12:30 The Hourglass Cats
Commentary: Well, first of all, I wrote a lot about five of these bands last year so that gets my engines going because I only write about what I like and the fact that I can sing songs from memory by all of those bands reminds me that I love them all. I haven’t had a chance to write about The Pubes yet, but I love them as well and could sing some of their songs from memory just based on how many times I saw them last year. Mister Lucky is an unknown quantity that I must check out for the excellent company they keep.

When & Where: Saturday, February 15th at The Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: If Americana is your thing, if you dig rootsy blues and twangy rock and a shitload of steel guitar, if you like your country to be alt-country, which means authentic anymore and not that horseshit passed for country by the industry on the radio, if you love this stuff just get to the Yucca and plan on taking a taxi home.
Extra Details: These people have their shit together and put the set times right on the flyer!!!

An all-evening party celebrating Arizona’s finest Americana, Roots Rock, Country, and more!
9:00 – MILL’S END

Commentary: This is a freaking amazing festival, if I was going out this would probably be my choice pick because it’s not my crowd, but it is music I love and it would be beautiful to drown in it for a day. Plus, I absolutely adore Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers, Mill’s End, Mr. Eastwood, Truckers On Speed and The Frogstranglers. This is just a great day to get out of your own skin and get down to your roots.

When & Where: Saturday, February 15th at The Palo Verde Lounge
Reasons to Attend: First of all, if you have never been to The Palo Verde Lounge it is something you should do once in your life at the very least. Secondly, Los Puchos and Petty Things are freaking amazing. Third, have you ever heard Erratic Radio? It’s awesome. Finally, it’s free.
Extra Details: Los Puchos is shooting a music video for the track “Victoria” from their forthcoming record. PETTY THINGS / LOS PUCHOS bootleg cassette release (exclusive live sessions from ERRATIC! radio performances featuring unreleased material). These will also feature custom 90′s Playboy cutouts sleeves. Alvie and The Breakfast Pigs cd release of Snake Headed Faceless Cowboy!!!! The Plainfield Butchers will also be gracing the stage (featuring Wes, the mastermind who is erratic radio). This is assured to be a dirty divey rated R kind of a night so if you’re bold and in the mood you know where to go.
Commentary: This could get crazy, not the kind of crazy you’re used to, I mean absolutely bugfuck crazy. Petty Things and Los Puchos are two of my serious faves right now and the idea of setting them free in a crowd at the Palo Verde is akin to my dream of releasing two monkeys with knives into a packed shopping mall at Christmas time. There will be tales told of this evening for years to come.

Where & When: Sunday, February 16th at Pub Rock Live
Reasons to Attend: Twin Ponies. Desert Noises are from Utah and have a new album coming out next month. Twin Ponies.
Extra Details: Twin Ponies. Plus it’s all ages, so the kids get to enjoy the wonder that is Twin Ponies.
Commentary: Twin Ponies. It’s Sunday and nothing else is going on except the reimagined Tugboat wonderband that is Twin Ponies is playing. I am losing my mind waiting for their next EP. Did I mention Twin Ponies?