Bacchus and The Demon Sluts: Live At Crescent Ballroom

So last week I wrote “Bacchus and The Demon Sluts … is currently my ‘Favorite Band I’ve Never Seen or Heard’. I loved Naked Pizza (and apparently if I have enough scratch put together, I still can), so I can’t wait to find out what Austin Rickert is doing in this new out fit with his endless creativity, energy and vision.” Little did I know that as I was writing those very words they were posting a live album to bandcamp. I didn’t know about it until Robert from Fairy Bones messaged me to check it out, for some reason it didn’t show up on my facebook feed, I’m guessing because facebook is so busy dumping shit in my feed I don’t want to see, it actually forgoes showing me the shit I have actually indicated I do want to see. The downside of this is now Bacchus and The Demon Sluts are only my “Favorite Band I’ve Never Seen”. On the upswing, I’ve now had a chance to hear them on Bacchus and The Demon Sluts Live at Crescent Ballroom with Dadadoh. This is indeed still a mysterious band as they list their members as Mr. E, Chocolicious, The Milkman, Mike “Waterfalls Tyson and Dr. Fuq. I wasn’t sure what to expect honestly, Rickert is a goddamn madman, this could go anywhere, hell it could sound just Naked Pizza for all I knew. So, what does it sound like, well honestly its about half upbeat funkified jazz fusion and half stand up comedy courtesy of Rickert. Seriously, I wasn’t sure if I was more entertained by the music or his spoken word rants and observations. Because of this though, you can feel the performance, you can feel the fun and it all works together incredibly well. Now I can’t wait to see them live and I look forward to some “studio” recordings as well.

“This is kick ass right now, I’m just saying–I ‘m humble and this is amazing!” Rickert announces at the start before launching into the seriously funky groove of “Pass The Peas.” After this amazing jam Rickert then ruminates about the name of the band, and mentions a fashion show that he had been in earlier that night. “There is no state of mind more comfortable than after you drink some Barbequila,” he says introducing the next song “Barbequila”, and then encourages people to order it at the bar. I don’t know what the fuck Barbequila is, but I imagine straight tequila with a bit of barbeque sauce and I’m alright with that. Dadadoh raps with fantastic jazz backing in this song and it makes my mind very comfortable, this is definitely a tune I’d like to hear recorded in the studio or a garage somewhere. Rickert returns to his schtick with a hilarious bit about the aforementioned fashion show condemning pretension, “Don’t dick stuff up, especially with pretension.” He then introduces the next song, “This song’s about friends…who smoke weed together, because all of our songs are about smoking weed, everybody.” They then roll into Naked Pizza’s “One More Hit…” which is always fucking amazing. This is followed by talk about the pros and cons of social constructs which is then detoured by a fight with his mic stand amongst other things. One of my favorite jazz jams is “Doll” and I love the occasional yowls, shouts and woos throughout. Stage banter continues as he muses about his fashion show outfit, more talk of sex demons youtube, the joy of a Saturday night, herpes and dancing. “Shake Your Face” starts as a slow blues number, which Rickert assures will get cooking soon and indeed it does about three minutes in, it gets downright crazy. Rickert then goes on one last rant about how life is cool and how all writers should smoke weed and how much they love Oprah before they kick in with the finale “Frontyard Superspliffs.” Its the shortest number here, but it’s also great single material. The entire album is just a lot of damn fun to listen to whether your in it for the spoken word madness or the amazing music–pure fun. Have some fun and listen to it right now below.