This Is Family: Pratt-Hustle-Hutson at Crescent Ballroom

If there is one mid-week show that you have to see this week it’s this one. The lineup is fantastic, there promises to be lots of free goodies and all the artists will be playing new material. So the story goes, in May of 2013 Christian Lee Hutson, Northern Hustle and Dylan Pratt played their first show together at Fort Wanderlust creating a triumphant threesome of love and the world’s largest entirely male family. I caught this family some months later at a Habanero Collective house party. I had never heard of Christian Lee Hutson and I was blown away, I had never seen Northern Hustle or Dylan Pratt in a living room either and that was quite impressive. Now this family is going to take over the Crescent for an evening and I can’t even express how good this is going to go down.

Tomorrow March 5th, I highly recommend you join their family and take part in Christian’s homecoming. In honor of this wonderous night every band on the bill will be playing new material. Christian will be playing new songs from his upcoming record Yeah Okay I Know, being released one track at a time each month this year. You can be one of the first to hear these songs before the rest of the pathetic world and kiss him square on the lips for the magic he makes, or maybe just give him a hug or a handshake, whatever your comfort level allows.

Northern Hustle will play an entire set from the second installment of their three part concept album trilogy, “WAVESON”. They will be playing along with The Southern Spirit Revival, an extension of of the band crafted specifically for the live performance and recording of “WAVESON”, including Janna McCluskey(Where Are All The Buffalo?, The Balcony Scene), Justin James (Instructions, Petty Things) and Joshua Hill (The Hill In Mind). This is a one night only event, they will not play these songs again until the recording is finished. Get it? It’s important. And if you are a big Northern Hustle fan, you pretty much have to be there.

This special event is also a Phoenix Pride Scholarship Benefit Show. Not only can you have a great time enjoying new amazing music, you can feel good about how you are spending your money! Profits from this show will be split as a donation to THE PHOENIX PRIDE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM:


This event is sponsored by The Underground Foundation at ASU.

Christian Lee Hutson:

Northern Hustle:

Dylan Pratt:


This event is ALL AGES $5 Presale / $8 Door

Contact the bands for tickets or buy through: