The Sixth Annual International Pop Overthrow Phoenix!

I’ve told the story many times before, but I think that once a year it bears repeating. Many years ago, when I was coming to terms with my musical illness and my compulsion to write about everything I heard that turned me on, I was just starting to get published outside the realm of my college newspaper, underground  publications and philosophy magazines. When I began writing, I had never intended to become a music journalist of any sort–I was way into politics and social issues, but as time would have it, the two loves of my life became entwined and  when my writing started to concern the music I loved there was no stopping it. It also seemed to cause more positive change than any of my socio-political rants ever had, so I stuck with what I knew. Around this same time I became aware of a writer named David Bash who, like myself, seemed to be possessed by an addiction to sound, pledged his ear to the obscure, the eclectic and esoteric and also boasted a record collection  larger than my own. It was a time when I was really digging into “Power Pop”, “Britpop” and pretty much anything that was defined or performed by Brian Wilson/Mid-Period Beatles/Big Star and the like. I was even on the “Audities” mail list which Bash was a part of and through it discovered amazing artists like The  Wondermints, Splitsville, Jason Falkner, Dwight Twilley, The Records and far too many to name.

The thing I noted, what I took to heart, what really impressed me about Bash was that nearly everything I read by him about the bands he chose to write about was overwhelmingly positive. Now, I had been writing overwhelmingly positive reviews about bands for years, but my reviews weren’t always honest–in his writing I discovered positivity as well as honesty and  authenticity. I didn’t realize influence until years later. After talking to him last year,  I realized that what I do in Arizona  currently stems from an ethic that I garnered directly from reading his reviews and  insights–I only write about music I like, I am always searching for new things, I am always challenging myself to like things that at first put me off and I refuse to be negative about the music  I am investing my soul into. Some people have referred to me as “The Lester Bangs of Phoenix” which is one of the highest compliments I can imagine and not completely inaccurate, but if someone referred to me as the “The David Bash of Phoenix,” well that would be just a level that’s a little bit higher.

Since 1998 Bash has been holding festivals to celebrate the music he loves, often relying almost completely on unsigned, brilliant bands local to the cities in which he holds his International Pop Ovethrow events. This weekend, David Bash is bringing his annual International Pop Overthrow to Phoenix for the sixth time and it’s going to be one hell of a show held  at the Sail Inn this Saturday night, March 29th.  This year I am pretty excited because I had a hand in at least the recommendation of some of the bands on the lineup. This year I can tell I am a little more embedded in the music scene, because unlike previous years, I think I’m familiar with every band on the bill. This is the first of the IPOs of the fifteen scheduled for 2014 which will be held all across America, Canada and as far away as London and Liverpool.

I know I have to get there early, which is often damn difficult for me, but I don’t want to miss Rough Tough Dynamite immediately followed by Huckleberry. I can’t wait to see what Serene Dominic has in store because his show are always amazingly weird an completely fun. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve seen Cait Brennan since last years IPO so I’m look forward to her performance. Ed Masley of the Breakup Society will be performing solo, and I’m excited about that because I don’t know what that entails, but I hope it includes a Replacements cover. The Naked Chollas are another act I haven’t caught since last year and something else I’m looking forward to as well. Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers will be a rich Americana highlight of the night and I understand new songs are flowing out of them at a steady pace (and some are being recorded). Marvin Leo Forte had an impressive set last year and this year should be no different. The final four bands in the lineup will blow your freaking mind starting off with Green Line Operator, then Lemon Krayola, The Hill In Mind and finally Russian Arms & Optics, the latter of which I haven’t seen in months and I simply cannot wait to hear what they have been up to. This is going to be a great night and if you are looking for a completely different time, get down to The Sail Inn while you still can.

Here’s the lineup and set times:

Indoor Stage

6:30-7:00 Rough Tough Dynamite
7:30-8:00 Serene Dominic
8:30-9:00 Ed Masley (of The Breakup Society)
9:30-10:00 Carol Pacey and The Honey Shakers
10:30-11:00 Green Line Operator
11:30-12:00 The Hill In Mind

Outdoor Stage

7:00-7:30 Huckleberry
8:00-8:30 Cait Brennan
9:00-9:30 The Naked Chollas
10:00-10:30 Marvin Leo Forte
11:00-11:30 Lemon Krayola
12:00-12:30 Russian Arms and Optics

Tickets are $10, at the door.