Future Loves Past – Our Solar System EP

Last month, somewhat unexpectedly, Future Loves Past released a cassette through Rubber Brother Records showing off their latest recordings with Bob Hoag as a preview of the album to be released later this year as Our Solar System. It’s amazing. I could pretty much end the review there, I mean I don’t really need to say more, except that this excerpt assures me that this will be one of the best albums of the year should it be released in 2014. Today they have released the full version of that EP with some heavy expansion on the binaural sound experiments in the instrumental tracks as a bonus. I have many variations and demos of these songs and I am just stunned by numbers like “Sun” (n0w featuring Danny Torgensen on trumpet and Chris Hoskins on saxophone) and “Luna,” now that they are completely fleshed out. I can see why Paste Magazine chose to highlight the first single off this EP in the form of “Luna,” as it has transformed into an amazing showcase of sound that really shows off the talents of Future Loves Past as they are today. The songs here are absolute treasures and I know local fans have been waiting quite a while for an updated version of “Earth” many years from its original release, faster with swirling keyboard flourishes, simply magnificent really.  While there have been technically three singles from this long awaited full length album already (Saturn, Mercury and now Luna), this has to be the next or the fourth–let’s face it, a band called Future Loves Past is already unstuck in time.

Tracks like “Solar Theta Soundscape (4 hz Binaural)”, “Interplanetary Interlude (6 hz Binaural)” and “Titania” are essentially link tracks that will be found amidst the approaching masterpiece, but tantalizing bits nonetheless and they have their own tricks up their sleeves (mind altering tricks). Another highlight is the juxtaposed “Lupa (Lunar Remix)” from their debut full length album, which proves that their tracks could make it to the clubs after all. “Cupid” on the other hand is probably the most blatantly romantic song that is in this offering and it keeps with the mixed metaphors of astronomy and mythology throughout this endeavor, but this is a genuinely romantic effort that is downright dreamy in its delivery. “Uranus” is the final true song found here with the refrain of “Life is a dream” it is a beautiful composition that is as complex in its simplicity as it is simple in its swirling complexity. This EP is magnificent, but it only ups the ante and anticipation for the entire Our Solar System album.  After hearing this sampler, I’d be hard pressed to bet that won’t be my favorite release of the year when all is said and done. This unique brand of psychedelic, sci-fi soul is irresistable and catchy as all hell. You can get your hands on it now at their bandcamp page and listen to it, stream it, buy it and share it!