TMI on KWSS Presents the 3rd Annual Phochella Music Fest!

There are a lot of great things going on this weekend, probably too many in fact and most of them seem to be squeezed into Saturday. Not only is Saturday Record Store Day, a celebration of independent record stores across the globe in which music geeks like myself and nearly everyone I know go on a bender buying up one day exclusive releases to add further fodder to our treasure trove of secret sounds, guilty pleasures and aural indulgences, which should be enough for any day, it also happens to be Phochella! For the last three years Beef Vegan has worked hard to throw one hell of a show down like a hoedown at The Sail Inn, bringing together some of the greatest bands in the local scene during any given year to present a very nearly all day festival of pure live music delight–and this year will be no different. The last two years were absolutely amazing and I was at each one from beginning to end, always thrilled with the lineup and the festival feeling of spending most of a calendar day at the Sail, with friends immersing myself in the best of the best. Phochella marks the 6 year anniversary of TMI on KWSS 93.9FM and Q106.7FM and that alone is reason enough to celebrate, if there is one radio show that has done more for the local music scene its that one and lets face it, Beef has his finger on the pulse of the great music going on in this town. This year takes on a bit more importance as it will clearly be the last time that Phochella is held at The Sail Inn, the loss of this venue cannot be understated, so its even more urgent to celebrate this event for the remaining moments we have the Sail with us.

This year the the piano driven rock’n'roll of Crash Kings from Los Angeles will headline the event and that is one act you don’t want to miss, but really, you want to be there from the start and stay until the end because the lineup is so damn good. Not only will there be the outside and inside stages that we’ve come to know and love at The Sail Inn, but this year there will be an acoustic stage as well, and all of it is great music–this is an endurance run for your body, your mind and your ears. Nothing starts a party off like Pride Through Strife and they are going kick this thing off at 4pm, I plan to be there right at the start to celebrate the last Phochella at The Sail and you should as well–it’s too bad that it’s not an actual inn for what portends to be at least nine hours of non-stop musical entertainment, with over twenty unique artists involved. There are so many highlights here that I can’t imagine missing a moment of it. With Japhy’s Descent playing an unusually early time it’s yet another set to rocket you into the night, Watch For Rocks is one of my new live favorites, The Wiley Ones will be killing it for love and their set is better than ever, Playboy Manbaby is impossibly great and I’ve never witnessed them on the outside stage at Sail before, Factories return to the stage and its been way too long since I’ve seen them, Midnight Vitals are stunning power pop at its best, Banana Gun literally rules the outside stage of the Sail every time, Snake!Snake!Snakes! have become a psychotic surf juggernaut in their own right, CooBee Coo will be damn cool to close the electric portion of the night out and The Technicolors, ahh, The Technicolors–if I went for no other reason, honestly, it would be them. Here again, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them outside at the Sail and I’ve been aching to see one of my favorite local acts on this stage. I’m looking forward to the acoustic stage as well, but especially for Naomi Newman who I have, regrettably never caught live before and Taylor Upsahl, who I have written about and nearly memorized her debut album, but never seen perform. Nothing against the likes of Marc Norman, Ruca, and Kevin Redlich, all of whom I adore, nor Poeina Suddarth from LA, who I just discovered thanks to this lineup. It’s going to be a great day and hands down a musical event to remember and cherish forever, seriously. Three stages, over twenty artists and at least nine hours of non-stop aural bliss. The set times are listed below, as well as a link to purchase tickets in advance. I hope to see you there!



Crash Kings – 11pm-Midnight CooBee Coo – Midnight Taylor Upsahl – 10:35pm – 11pm
The Technicolors – 9:50-10:35 Snake! Snake! Snakes! -9:10-9:50 Suddarth Poeina – 9:35 – 9:50pm
Banana Gun – 8:50-9:35 Midnight Vitals – 8:15-8:55 Naomi Newman – 8:35 – 8:50pm
Factories – 7:55-8:35 Worst Case Scenario Productions – 7:30-8pm Kevin Redlich – 7:40-7:55
Playboy Manbaby – 7pm-7:40 Watch for Rocks – 6:35-7:15pm Ruca Music – 6:40-7PM
The Wiley Ones – 6pm-6:40 Poeina Suddarth – 5:40-6pm Marc Norman – 5:40-6pm
Japhy’s Descent – 5pm-5:40 Ruca&Naomi – 4:40-5pm
Pride Through Strife – 4pm-4:40