Oskie Rawks Benefit Show at Rogue!

I’ve been looking forward to this show for quite sometime and now its nearly here so I can urge everyone to hit Rogue Bar this Thursday night–Friday morning be damned, it’s nothing that coffee or energy drinks can’t fix, stay out late, help a goddamned cute dog our and check out some great bands. There is nothing about this evening I don’t like come to think about it. First of all, I love Rogue Bar and all that it entails, second I get to see Villains again and I’m pretty psyched about that, third I highly recommend The Electric Blankets from Tucson and if you haven’t caught them yet, they are pretty amazing, fourth Cecilia Olea has a new band called Sedusa and I have a feeling that it will be completely insane since she is, in fact completely insane, fifth Twin Ponies, I love Twin Ponies and you should too and finally Deadfoxx is closing out the night which is the equivalent of ending the evening with a sonic atomic bomb.

So, what is the reason for this amazing Thursday night event at Rogue? Well, it’s best explained by Olea herself as she is the one that put this show together.  “My dog, Oskie went through a traumatic experience in January. He had pancreatitis, spent days at the vet hospital and then xrays showed a mass in his intestines so he had to have exploratory surgery immediately. Thankfully they were able to remove it and he made a speedy recovery. He’s a tough little guy! Unfortunately, the vet bills cost us thousands of dollars and we need a bit of help paying off the rest. So I’ve decided to put together an awesome night of music to help raise funds! Please spread the word!” The cover is $5, but I recommend paying $10 or $20 or figuring out whatever donation thing is going on. Seriously this dog is cute as hell. Just look at him below.

See what I mean? So for a bare minimum of $5 you can check out five bands, some I’m certain you’ve never heard before and help out that cute little guy there. I mean, I guess he’s better now, but he’s got a hell of a debt that needs to be paid. Villains has new recordings coming shortly now that they’ve honed down to a duo that were reportedly recorded mostly in their pajamas, Twin Ponies seem to have an albums worth of material they can unload at any moment, The Electric Blankets are monumentally fantastic, Sedusa has been together for about two weeks and made their debut at last weeks Vagfest, and DeadFoxx has a new EP on the way. So ride the crest of new music in this town, hit the Rogue on Thursday night, get your groove on and help that cute little guy out. This will be completely worth your while and when you have to explain your incoherence at work on Friday, you can honestly say ” I was up super late helping a friend out with her dog.” Or you can tell them “Fuck off, it’s none of your business” depending how your workplace rolls. See you there!

Facebook Event For Oskie Rawks Benefit Show!

Set times
9:00 Villains
10:00 Twin Ponies
11:00 The Electric Blankets
12:00 Sedusa
12:30 Deadfoxx