VideosAroundTown: “Too Young To Die” by Luna Aura

I honestly don’t know what to make of Luna Aura’s music, this is not a bad thing, it’s because I find it utterly and uniquely fascinating. This makes me all the more excited to hear the rest of her self-titled debut EP that was recorded this Spring at Capital Records. I mean you’ve got trippy synths, crazy beats, it’s like techno fused power pop for people raised in space, the chorus is hooky as hell and there is of course the absolutely magnetic allure of her sultry vocals–it’s positively dreamy and this is the first taste of what’s to come. “Too Young To Die” is a pretty great calling card to the music world and it lends itself to endless remix potential, I could honestly see this turned into a club hit without much work. It’s also magnificently three minutes long and doesn’t need to be any longer to dig this groove into your brain, the chorus has trapped me and held me hostage for a week since its release. The song is a hit in waiting, but my understanding is that the other tracks on the forthcoming EP may be even more powerful and catchy than this premiere and that both delights and disturbs me.

The video is very nearly as fascinating as the song itself and by fascinating, in this case I mean slightly terrifying. Luna transforms here appearance throughout every stage of it and displays that not only is her voice seductive, but her appearance is as well whether she has black, red or platinum hair with outfits to match different moods. That’s not the terrifying part, that’s the part that leaves you at ease, it’s the mannequins with teddy bear heads wearing masks that fill my soul with dread–and I’m not honestly sure why. The video was expertly directed by Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media and it is a visual stunner for sure, probably one of the best things Steinkamp has directed to date. The inherent creepiness contrasting with Aura’s beauty makes a lot of sense in light of how her music combines so many disparate elements to coalesce into an unusually beautiful chart ready tune, that is essentially about boys and girls and weirdness and the immortality of youth. Even her facebook description is amusing and strange: “Luna Aura is a singer, songwriter & producer of cosmic hip-hop electronica, sent from outer space to Phoenix, Arizona with sounds of rebellion, enchantment and seduction. Aura bends genres as she boldly blends R&B with trap beats and trippy synths, mixing in refreshing indie sounds with Top 40 hooks. Her lyrics contain statements on youth, pop culture and feminism and her obsession with hip-hop culture stays true with profound lyrics of self-identification and bold proclamations.” That sums it up nicely. I cannot wait to hear more of what this young women has to offer, because one song in and I’m hooked.