Bad Neighbors/Genre/The Redemptions/Matt Klassen at Crescent!

I may be flogging a dead horse here, but I’m really excited about this show. I haven’t been out to shows for a few weeks and this will be a great way to return to catching live music. It also happens that I’m super excited about every single act here and seeing them throw down at Crescent Ballroom. Here is an entire lineup of up and coming acts that are really gaining speed and it’s a show that should go down in the “I Remember When” category a year from now. It’s also at Crescent on a Sunday night and that means that it will be over relatively early and you won’t feel like you are being punished for your love of live local music on Monday morning. This is important–there should be no fear of repercussions from your joy, so any excuse that this is on a school night doesn’t fly. This is going to be a great time and I’m going to tell you why.

Matt Klassen takes the stage at 8pm. I don’t know what he has planned, this is kind of a wild card here. He could be solo acoustic, he could assemble a band for the night–it’s difficult to say, he’s capable of anything really. The last time I saw him he stole the entire evening with a set of Billy Idol covers during a “Cover The Crescent” night. Most of the crowd was there to see Break Up Society cover The Replacements or Sundressed cover Bright Eyes, but everyone was talking about Klassen’s Billy Idol set all night long and for many days that followed. You might remember Klassen from The Cold Desert, who for a short while were one of my favorite bands in town and they broke up way too soon (“Bad Reaction” is still one of my favorite local songs ever). Nevertheless, I get the feeling he has a lot more in the works and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do tomorrow night.

Anthony Fama & The Redemptions takes over at 9pm.  You can read about my review of his live act HERE when he had a residency at the late Long Wong’s. Fama has D.L. Harrison on Drums and Danger Paul on bass, and I don’t know if he has a lead guitarist for his Crescent debut, but he can rock the place with or without one. I can’t wait to hear Fama’s new act on the Crescent sound system and I hope he does his standard set with a cover or two–seriously, his covers are amazing, certainly not as great as his originals, but his treatments of such numbers like “Can’t Help Falling In Love” or “Stand By Me” are fantastic. Here is another act that I am curious to check out, because they may have some surprises in store for the crowd. Oh, and if you are actually asking “Who the fuck is Anthony Fama?”, he was the original lead singer of Doctor Bones when they were at the peak of their powers.

Genre goes on at 10pm and I can’t fucking wait for this set…I mean, I am seriously on the edge of my seat for this. First of all, they probably have my favorite EP of the year in the bag–don’t believe me? Read THIS. This show is super fucking special though. Not only am I out of my head about seeing Genre somewhere other than Rogue, but due to a supposed technical failure of their computer they have to resort to a live drummer! And it’s not just any live drummer, it’s Trevor Denton of Sun Ghost (another band that broke up way too soon), I can’t wait to see them with a live drummer again, especially with the new songs. I also hope that Dan Tripp (Field Tripp, Snake!Snake!Snakes!) will join them for a number or two, especially for “Cat Problems.” I’m also hoping for some surprises beyond the advent of a live drummer (did I mention how out of my head about that notion I am?). Word is that they are writing new songs because they are already sick of the songs they’ve been playing, so maybe, just maybe they’ll pull out a new tune or two. Either way this is going to be special as this duo will kill it as a trio.

Finally, my favorite debut band of 2014, Bad Neighbors will close out the night at 11pm. If you haven’t seen Bad Neighbors yet, this is your night to see them, seriously. These guys drive me fucking crazy with how brilliant they are, whether it is the indie rock accompaniment provided by Tim Allyn (guitar) and Collin Fall (drums) or the angry, poetic genius of Martin Shaffer–the whole damn thing fills me with more joy than should be allowed by law. Lately, Martin has also been playing bass, which is admittedly much needed, but they need a fourth member to play bass, because Shaffer has this performance schtick that is perfect and priceless and essential, the bass seriously impedes this aspect of the show. I don’t know if he’ll play bass tomorrow or if they found a bass player committed to their vision, but either way, it’s still going to be great. I simply love their blend of spoken word assault delivery with an amazing back drop of indie sounds, and they only get better and better with each show. Supposedly they will have recordings coming soon and I can’t wait to hold that EP in my hand, that’s for damn sure. Also if you are a bass player and you love Bad Neighbors, please commit your life to them now.

So I think that sums it up nicely about the best Sunday Night show at the Crescent ever. Not only that, but the cover for this amazing show is only $5! Five dollars for four amazing acts and four hours of the best and brightest emerging artists in the local music scene. What the hell else do you have going on tomorrow night? Nothing. This is where you should be, totally enjoying yourself to the sounds of Matt Klassen, Anthony Fama & The Redemptions, Genre and Bad Neighbors. There only regrets you could possibly have is if you miss this special night.