What’s Going Ahhhn…

Alright, there is at least one great show every night here for the next six nights in a row and that’s what this is all about. I actually meant to include Tuesday night because there was a killer show at the Yucca with my faves Twin Ponies and Celebration Guns, but yesterdays article took too long to write and I really should have had my shit together on Sunday, but I didn’t. Nevertheless, here are the gorgeous details of all that’s going down in this town over the next six nights. There may well be more going on than this, but this week is simply ripe with opportunities to catch some amazing local music. Saturday will be filled with tough decisions, but that’s what life is about. Go ahead, treat yourself–the bonus is that these venues have a thing called air conditioning, you can leave your air conditioned flat, drive in your air conditioned car to an air conditioned venue, dance your ass off if you like, the only drawback is if you’re a smoker, then the Universe hates you and you pay a heat tax for your habit.

When & Where: Wednesday, June 11, 8pm – Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Lee Perreira is, from what I can tell, the hardest working man in this towns showbiz and I’m pretty sure he makes his living at it–he is beyond par and I have never witnessed a performance of his where I wasn’t enthralled. I met Casey James Brooks because he was my favorite bartender at Crescent and then discovered he’s a damn fine musician. Finally, Yoli Bejarano is the frontwoman for Snow Songs and she is amazing. These three in one night add up to an unusual and wonderful aural experience.
Extra Details: It’s FREEEEEEEE! Well, except for the drinks and the food, but the entertainment is on the house.
Commentary: Look at your Wednesday night…notice that there is nothing written on the calendar? Why not check out something you might never have seen before?

When & Where: Thursday, June 12th, 7pm – Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: This is Of The Painted Choir’s final show and to celebrate they leave you a parting gift of their final album Barbarous. They will be joined by the amazing Dylan Pratt, some variation on Wooden Indian ( you never know if it will be two members or eight) and the psychedelic cumbia of Tucson’s Chicha Dust. I’m not sure you need more reasons than that.
Extra Details: Did I mention that it’s Of The Painted Choir’s last fucking show??? Also Rubber Brothers Records will be releasing their final album on cassette.
Commentary: I’m uncomfortable with events that make me both incredibly sad and excited at the same time. I don’t want to say goodbye forever to Of The Painted Choir, but goddamnit, I’ll be there. Also, I don’t really like this growing trend where bands celebrate their collapse by releasing an album only to be never heard from again. It hurts my soul.

When & Where: Friday, June 13th 7:30 pm – Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Ummm, I’m not sure I really have to explain this, but here goes. Minibosses, Sweetbleeders, Treasure Mammal, ROAR and Good Friends Great Enemies are grouping together in some fashion to perform Radiohead’s OK Computer. Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra is performing Portishead’s Dummy. There Is Danger is performing Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.
Extra Details: There are no Extra Details needed here. Seriously. This needs to be your Friday night.
Commentary: Holy Fuck Wow! I love the Cover The Crescent events and this one is just beyond compare. I was speechless from the start when I heard about it. Please tell me that someone is going to fucking film this!

When & Where: Saturday, June 14th 8pm – Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Jared & The Mill have been touring the country supporting Barry Gibb (including a sold out show at the Hollywood Bowl!) and they are primed and ready to play a show at home. There is really not much more that needs to be said, but wait there is more, this lineup also includes the magnificent Captain Squeegee, Bears of Manitou and Cerney Brothers.
Extra Details: This is going to be a weird show and its going to be a hell of a lot of fun. Squeegee makes everything weird, but in a good way because they are extraterrestrials
Commentary: I have a feeling that after their cross country tour Jared & The Mill are going to blow your freaking mind. Just a hunch.

When & Where: Saturday, June 14th, 8:50pm – Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: The above graphic is the only flyer going on…but here is what is going on: 8:50 El West/9:45 Goetta/10:40 Sweet Ghosts (Tucson)/11:35 Flashbulb Fires (CO)/12:30 Snake!Snake!Snakes!
Extra Details: Solo of The Woodworks will be doing something super secret special with Goetta. Also, this is Jade Noble’s last night in town before she abandons us for Colorado. There will be hugs, tears, great music, booze and we may want to think about having this catered. This is where I will be because I promised Sweet Ghosts I would long before I knew Jade was going to ditch us.
Commentary: I think I pretty much covered the commentary in the extra details. Did I mention that Jade was leaving? Also the music will be magic. Plus, motherfucking Snakes! inthe house, not to mention its a $5 cover…that’s $1 a band.’Nuff said.

When & Where: Saturday, June 14th, 5:00pm – Salty Senorita Peoria
Reasons To Attend: If you are on the far West side and starving for great indie rock this is where your Saturday should be. Seriously, West siders, if you have never heard The Thin Bloods, Celebration Guns or Leonardo DiCapricorn you are missing out. Apparrently they have the best drink and food specials in town and great live music from the above artists as well as featuring the best and brightest from Rock n Roll High School to start things off.
Extra Details: Beef Vegan is the host. I love Beef Vegan and the TMI Morning Show on KWSS 93.9 FM. Also, this is a FREE, All Ages event so feel free to bring out the family and enjoy a great dinner with cold drinks, and great live entertainment.
Commentary: I would go to this, but I can’t afford a hotel on that side of town. Some day I need to find a ride there or a couch in Peoria so that I can totally enjoy one of these second Saturday events.


When & Where: Sunday, June 15th, 8:00pm – Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Twin Ponies are one of my faves and everyone I’ve turned them onto seems to become wildly fascinated by them. I try not to miss their shows. They are joined this evening by two out of town acts and local upstarts White Noise Society.
Extra Details: 8:45 White Noise Society / 9:40 Frealane (NY) / 10:35 Lindsey Saunders Band (CO) / 11:30 Twin Ponies
Commentary: I will actually be at the Guided By Voices show this evening, but if you want to stay local, tune into this. Get their early for White Noise Society, their recordings sound like utter shit, but they show promise–I am certain that what sounds like trash recorded in a garage is actually going to be pretty great live. I endured their songs and thought “Wow, this would be great if it wasn’t recorded on a jambox in a tin shed.” Seriously, I can see where they’re going with their sound and I like it, but for fucks sake get these guys to a studio or a better bedroom. Can’t wait to catch them live!

When & Where: Monday, June 16th, 9:00pm – Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: There are no reasons not to attend. I haven’t heard Bloody Diamonds, but I’m damn interested in some dark bluesy Canadians. I love Villains and see them every chance possible and Genre now has Trevor Denton of Sun Ghost drumming for them–so if you missed their show at Crescent, get your ass to the Rogue, because it’s fan-fucking-tastic.
Extra Details: 9:30 Villains /10:30 Bloody Diamonds (Canada) /11:30 Genre
Commentary: Treat your Monday right, with a touch of darness, some psychosis and more than a little bit of fun. Mondays suck right? Well, your Monday night can be completely fucking great if you want it to be. It’s your call, but I highly recommend this show.