What’s Going Ahhhn…

This weeks shows start a bit late into the week, but considering last week rolled right into this week with great shows–well, honestly, I could use a break for a night or two. Of course, I will be spending them writing while in seclusion and that will be no different from any other night. Nevertheless, there is a lot of interesting shit hitting Thursday night and straight through the weekend to sear your ears and keep you grooving until you have to face another Monday. Here’s the lowdown.

When & Where: Thursday, June 19-22, 6pm – Parliament
Reasons To Attend: I’m going to get the elephant in the room right the hell out of the way, because you could easily spend your entire weekend at Parliament enjoying some of the best music thriving in the valley and not go elsewhere. Rubber Brother Records is celebrating their one year anniversary and this is a great milestone for a label who has released over 50 cassettes, sold-out shows and brought us good times and tons of weird art & music.
Extra Details: Here is the lineup day by day so that you can plan accordingly…


More TBA!

ECHO BOMBS (New Lineup!)

Commentary: What can I say? I love these guys and the lineup speaks for itself. I would recommend getting a festival pass in advance for $8, then you can dip in and out all you want throughout the four days or stay there the entire time: FESTIVAL PASS!

When & Where: Thursday, June 19th, 8pm – Tempe Tavern
Reasons To Attend: Cassidy Alisa, Andy Warpigs, Hot Rock Supa Joint and Bad Neighbors.
Extra Details: I don’t have any extra details, I don’t even know if it starts at 8pm, but I do know where it’s at, what night and the four performers booked that will rock your world. This is going to be weird.
Commentary: My best advice is to check out the Facebook event for this and see if they list a start time or set times or what time you should hit the bong before hitting this show. You can check it out HERE!

When & Where: Friday, June 20th, 7pm – The Sail Inn
Reasons To Attend: I think the flyer says it all, plus it is the final days of The Sail Inn, so get your ass there early. This is going to be a great show with hundreds of smiling faces and the lineup is fantastic. If you have not seen Scattered Melodies do their thing before, this is the time and the place to see it.  They are also releasing a fantastic new EP this night, which is worth it for the price of admission alone.
Extra Details: Set times are below, though Deadfoxx seems to have dropped from the lineup since the flyer above was made.
7:30- Catton
8:00- Something Went Awry
8:45- Pride Through Strife
9:30- Treasurefruit
10:15- The Higgs (Orange Co, CA)
11:00- Scattered Melodies
12:00- Tongue n Groove
1:00- Bad Neighbors
$10 (Free download of new EP with admission)
Commentary: My affection for these artists knows no bounds. If you are unaware, Catton is the new name under which Naomi Newman is performing. I thought that was worth mentioning since she is fantastic and you might not have know. I can safely say I adore all the local artists here and I have to check out The Higgs before hitting the Sail on Friday.

When & Where: Friday, June 20th, 7pm – Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend:
This is a solid lineup from beginning to end and it’s at my favorite bar in town. Genre has been putting on some searing sets lately with Trevor Denton from Sun Ghost providing live drums. Mister Lucky, Watch For Rocks and Manic Monkeys always put on a great show–I may have to go to this just to catch the Monkeys at Rogue as I have never seen them there. Finally, Sister Lip will tear the roof off the place to finish the evening off.
Extra Details:
Set times are listed below.
8:30 Genre
9:30 Mister Lucky
10:30 Watch For Rocks
11:30 Manic Monkeys
12:30 Sister Lip
Door at 8. $5 Cover
I love Rogue Bar. This is also a pretty diverse lineup, and with the exception of the Manic Monkeys I’ve seen all of these bands there and they sound superb on that sound system. This is also my favorite place to see Watch For Rocks and if I’m not mistaken they’ve been working up some new material. This one of only a few shows left to catch Sister Lip before they go on a monstrous tour all summer long, so get your time in with them now.

When & Where: Saturday, June 21th, 7pm – The Sail Inn
Reasons To Attend:
Mergence Returns!!! That is all you really need to know. After being gone for far too long Mergence returns for a final show at The Sail Inn, I hope this is the first of many shows for them to come, because I have seriously missed them. This will also be the last TMI KWSS Showcase at The Sail Inn and Beef Vegan has had a run of great shows over the years here. I have a feeling this lineup and this night will be incredibly great and Mergence has been known to put on their finest shows at The Sail.
Extra Details: Sharing the stage with them will be  Carlos Arzate & The Kind Souls, Ghetto Cowgirl, The Prowling Kind, Catfish Mustache and Tongue n Groove. Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts at 7pm. 21+
Commentary: Mergence! That is all, though I must say it’s been a bit too long since I’ve seen The Prowling Kind and Ghetto Cowgirl. I anticipate that The Prowling Kind will be showing off some of their new material and from what I heard this Spring it may even surpass their debut album for pure rock aesthetics alone.

When & Where: Sunday, June 22th, 8pm – Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend:
After a weekend of rock’n'roll extravaganzas I have my eyes set on chilling this Sunday with some Americana sounds at The Crescent Ballroom. I have my radar on American Longspurs and The Tommy Ash Band was the only act worthwhile on the local stage on Sunday at McDowell Mountain Music Festival this year.
Extra Details: The show is FREE!!! The music starts at 8pm and that means that it starts at 8pm, not 8:15, not 8:05, 8pm.
Commentary: I haven’t seen The Delta Fifths or Some Dark Hollow yet, but I have heard nothing but great things about them from reliable sources. I anticipate this will be a great show and I would encourage you to get your Americana on at the Crescent this Sunday.