What’s Going Ahhhn…

I kind of wish I had written this yesterday, because there was a lot of righteous live music playing in this town for a Wednesday night in deep heated June. The truth is, a beautiful girl that’s new to this world named Louisa Jane has been occupying a ton of my attention, so that trumps all. Still the music marches on and this week is no exception, in fact this week is astounding with a bittersweet tinge to it. I’m going to cover it first, because it is the “main event” and it as much filled with joy as it is with sorrow. I’m speaking, of course about the last hurrah for The Sail Inn–a venue that in no uncertain terms has turned me onto countless new acts and amazing experiences over the last six years. They are very definitely going out with a bang, but they will be sorely missed. I’ll cover that first, then move on to the rest of the week and the other events you may want to check out.

When & Where: Friday, June 27-29 at The Sail Inn
Reasons To Attend: It’s the final weekend for The Sail Inn! That’s really the only reason you need. Also the lineup is killer and diverse, bringing together some of their favorite bands from throughout the years. The only band missing from the lineup is Mergence, but they played their last weekend, so it’s all good. I mean, damn, just look at the artists listed above.
Extra Details: The final set times are listed in the lovely graphic below.

Commentary: This has been one of my favorite venues since I started writing about local music. I’ve always loved the inside/outside stage concept and it was the place where I saw a lot of my favorite bands for the first time: Mergence, KONGOS, Black Carl, Love Me Nots, decker., Banana Gun, What Laura Says and so many more. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’ll be sad to see it go, but this is going to be one hell of farewell party.

When & Where: Thursday, June 26, 7PM at The Rhythm Room
Reasons To Attend: If you dig Rage Against The Machine, you will want to be here. Local musicians teaming together to form an RATM cover group sounds pretty rad to me.
Extra Details: “No Shelter” formed nearly a year ago when three employees of Guitar Center in Tempe decided to try jamming some Rage Against the Machine songs together. Addicted to playing the high-energy music, Juan Montoya (bass, vox), Clinton Cooper (drums, vox), and Rodrigo Ibieta (guitar, vox) started to focus their efforts on learning a wide variety of RATM songs, as well as investing in the necessary equipment to achieve the innovative sounds and textures that RATM are so well known for. Coming from a mixed background of hip-hop and alternative/progressive rock/metal, and having experience playing in other local Phoenix groups (BobbyBrandNew, Packrat), the group is right at home interpreting the music of Rage. They have made great efforts to reproduce the songs as faithfully as possible, while also adding an original flavor through the use of additional group vocals. After having complied a comprehensive set of 2+ hours, they have decided to host a Thursday night at Rhythm Room which will feature live art from locals Aaron Motley and Beto Marquez, as well as a raffle for their art near the close of the night.
Commentary: This sounds like a truly unusual and weird time and they have some opening acts that are sure to surprise. Plus, I like to see that The Rhythm Room is putting on more local shows, it’s one of my favorite sounding rooms in town.

When & Where: Thursday, June 26th, 7PM at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: You might remember Mariah DeRaet from Avery and if you do, then you know the beautiful joy of this young woman’s voice. I have no idea what she has cooked up for tonight, but I can assure you that it will be good. Add to that The Riveras and Her & Gold and this is a win/win situation.
Extra Details: Set times are as follows and its the Crescent, 8pm actually means 8pm on the nose, unlike any other venue in the universe ever.
The Riveras
8:00 pm
Her & Gold 9:00 pm
Mariah DeRaet 10:00 pm
Commentary: I’m not sure I need to comment more than this. I have a feeling this will be a super fantastic show from start to finish.

When & Where: Friday, June 27, 5pm at Third Space (formerly The Red House Pub)
Reasons To Attend: Ummm…honestly, if you are not at the Sail Inn, you have to be here. This is an absolutely amazing lineup and I wish it wasn’t running up against my obligations to The Sail Inn, because this show is absolutely phenomenal. Cori Rios, Jeff Gonzales, Bacchus and the Demonsluts, The Haymarket Squares, Wolvves, Field Tripp, decker., Dry River Yacht Club, Fire dancing, Live painting…Wow.
Extra Details: Third Space Summer Fest brought to you by decker. and Mazel Toast
5-540pm – Cori Rios
6-640pm David Molini
7-740pm Nathan Payne & the Wild Bores
8-830 Jeff Gonzalez
9-930pm Bacchus and the Demonsluts
930-945pm FIRE PERFORMANCE by Heather Edgar and Sheri Amourr
1015-1045pm The Haymarket Squares
1130-1145pm Mujeres Del Sol
830-9pm Wolvves
945-1015 Field Tripp
1050-1130pm decker.
1145-1230am Dry River Yacht Club
1230-2am DJ Organica

Live Painting w/ NXOEED
Dance performance by Mujeres Del Sol
Fire Performances by Sheri Amourr and Heather Edgar
Food provided by Roasted Shallot Food Truck
$10 ($5 before 7pm)
All ages until 11pm then 21+
Tickets @
Commentary: I think I kind of blew my load on the reasons to attend, not sure I can say much more than that. It’s definitely worth the drive to Grand, that’s for sure.

When & Where: Friday, June 27th, 8PM at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Vial of Sound is fucking amazing. There is also a DJ set by former members of LCD Soundsystem who helped produce Vial of Sound’s latest masterpiece as well as Adventureface and California’s Let’s Drive To Alaska.
Extra Details: Everyone will receive a free copy of Vial of Sound’s new 12” with ticket purchase!
Buy tickets here: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/548001
Commentary: Okay, so I’d like to be in three places at once on Friday. I’m giving you options and all of them are fucking good.

When & Where: Saturday, June 28th, 9PM at The Firehouse Gallery
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be an extremely weird time. It’s an America themed variety show of the absurd featuring fire acts, poetry, music, comedy and some special surprises! Weird. But it is at The Firehouse where they should throw more shows and they have a mister system now so that you won’t die!
Extra Details: The artists being feature are below.
Danny Torgersen
Heather Edgar
Ursula Kay Vos
Sheri Amourr
Amy Jean Page
Salma Gundi
Dagger Pan
Emily Spring
Ivan Chavez
Nick Venuto
Callin Williams
Korbin Austin
& More!
With your host, Ernasty, as you’ve never seen him before! Live painting by Peter Eightysix. Photographers and video gurus are welcome and encouraged to shoot the show! All ages welcome, but parental discretion is advised (you might see a lady in her underwear, or hear some potty language)
Admission $10
Discount for those who have performed at The Firehouse, or those who wear red, white, & blue or something patriotic
Commentary: Completely weird, completely fun, it’s like celebrating the 4th of July early after someone dosed you with mescaline. If you are looking for something completely different, check this out.

When & Where: Sunday, June 29 at Last Exit Live & Monday, June 30 at Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Sister Lip is about to embark on a cross country tour and we won’t see those feisty mamas again until mid-September, so if you like Sister Lip you have two remaining dates to catch them live in the next few days or wait it out for the rest of the summer.
Extra Details: Two Shows, Two lineups-
At Last Exit Live they will be playing with Bacchus & The Demon Sluts, The Woodworks and Spacewaster from Seattle
Rogue Bar on Monday-9pm-Judy Jackson 10pm- Matthew Azrieli (Montreal) 11pm-SISTER LIP 12am-The Woodworks
Commentary: I sincerely love these ladies and I would urge you to make one of these shows if you do to, trust me, you’ll kick yourself in the ass around the end of July if you don’t when you realize that you have to wait a month and a half more to see them again.