What’s Going Ahhhn…

This week appears to be quite heavy on week night shows and not so much on the weekend. This is actually fine by me since I am a little spent after last weekends three day Farewell Festival at The Sail Inn. Of course this also means that I have to hit some amazing shows in the middle of the week, having not yet quite recovered. That being said, it will be well worth it over the next three nights and there are some things that will make your weekend great as well. On Thursday night, however, you have some rough decisions.

When & Where: Wednesday, July 2nd at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: I think the giant bold lineup in the flyer above speaks for itself. Field Tripp is on a roll this year with record releases, Fairy Bones are amazing at Crescent and if you haven’t seen Lawnchair in a while, I highly recommend getting their early for their set.
Extra Details: Set times are below as well as links to their facebook pages so that you can love them.
8 Lawnchair
10 Fairy Bones
11 Field Tripp
Commentary: I’ve never seen Field Tripp at the Crescent before, unless I was smashed out of my head and don’t remember, either way, they are better than ever so it would be like seeing a whole new band anyway. I haven’t seen Fairy Bones in months and I have been having withdrawals from this, they are purposely torturing me and tomorrow I plan to get my fill and then be sad that Dramabot probably won’t come out until 2015 and won’t have my two favorite songs on it. I’ve never seen Lawnchair at Crescent and after seeing them at their EP release show I can’t wait to hear them over Crescent sound system. Also, I’ve never seen Man-Cat, so I’m pretty stoked for this show.

When & Where: Thursday, July 3rd at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Party Gardens Album Release Show…They used to be Yellow Minute…They are even better now, throw in two of my favorite band still in Phoenix and there is no debate where I will be on Thursday.
Extra Details: Party Gardens just released their debut ep, Dance Flora last month and it’s amazing. You can stream it for free here:
They will have amazing shirts for sale for just this occasion, unfortunately they are a poly blend which means I will be allergic to them, but can love the hell out of them.
Commentary: Ummm…I’ve been waiting to see Party Gardens for way too long and the bonus of Wooden Indian and There Is Danger being on the bill is almost too much for me to stand, honestly.

When & Where: Thursday, July 3rd, 8pm at Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Emby Alexander returns from their tour for a hometown show and Bad Neighbors are one of the most amazing up and coming bands in town.
Extra Details: Here are the set times, I’m actually hoping that Crescent ends their show at 11 so I can catch Emby Alexander and Bad Neighbors on the way home.
8:30 Los Pinkeye
9:25 Robert Meade (OR)
10:20 Everyone is Dirty (CA)
11:15 Emby Alexander
12:10 Bad Neighbors
Commentary: No, seriously, I’m hoping that I can catch Party Gardens, There Is Danger, Wooden Indian, Emby Alexander, and Bad Neighbors all in one night–that would be the musical equivalent of an orgasm for me. My heart is set on this mission.

When & Where: Thursday, July 3rd, 7pm at Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: Diners are possibly the best band in Arizona and released one of my favorite albums of the year. Pro Teens (former members of St. Ranger) are one of my favorite emerging local bands. I can’t vouch for the rest of the lineup, but I trust in Diners completely.
Extra Details: Diners is “hittin’ the road” on a California tour with their newest album Always Room. In fact, this show is technically their vinyl release for the album! The show will be hosted by comedy legend, ELI KLUGER!
Commentary: If you love Diners this is where you need to be. Also the vinyl release of what is possibly the best album of the year is big news. Also, I’ve heard that Trunk Space has air conditioning this Summer, which is amazing.

When & Where: Friday, July 4th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra will blow your mind with 10 to 15 people on stage an if you haven’t seen Chica Dust yet, you must–it’s a side project of Brian Lopez and that guy is a goddamned genius with a voice of gold.
Extra Details: Per their facebook event- Chicha Dust (psychedelic cumbia de Tucson), La Saga (Dominican Merengue y Bachata), DJ Smite (maestro de funk!), & PAO Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra! ¡Celebran dia de la Independencia con nosotros! Celebrate Independence Day with us!
Commentary: I will not be able to make this show. Why? Because I work in downtown Tempe until eight o’clock and I will not be able to escape as all routes out of my work will be blocked off completely until the celebration is over. Please do me a favor and witness this for me. It will be worth your while.

When & Where: Saturday, July 5th, 9pm at Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Paper Foxes is the new side project from Robert Ciuca from Fairy Bones that I have yet to see, The Echo Bombs have a new lineup, Dadadoh is always brilliant and Lindy Vision will be something new for everyone.
Extra Details: From their Facebook event: Come get the fuck down with DADADOH and his crazy ass lyrical compadres at Rogue Bar on Saturday July 5th! Expect head nodding, chain smoking marauders all surfed out to the signal of power trio THE ECHO BOMBS! There will be no guitar at this event, but if there was it’d be from the dope ass, murder guitar music that is PAPER FOXES! Word? You don’t say? I didn’t even tell you about the three sistas, who also happen to be sisters from the newer Mexico part of the southwest; LINDY VISION! They dope too and they’re music got this out of this world gnarly, head bobbing vibe!
9pm The Echo Bombs
10pm Lindy Vision
11pm Dadadoh
12am Paper Foxes
Commentary: This may well get me out of the house on Saturday night. Why? Because I have now declare Rogue Bar as my home base and I love this lineup as it is entirely filled with surprises for me. I haven’t seen Lindy Vision, haven’t seen Paper Foxes, haven’t seen The Echo Bombs new lineup and I haven’t seen Dadadoh since the start of the year. Yeah, this is probably where I’ll be.

When & Where: Saturday, July 5th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: I saw Banana Gun’s set at the Sail Inn Farewell Festival and it was one of the best sets of the entire weekend. On top of that you get Tramps & Thieves and Quarter Inch Crown. If you have never seen Quarter Inch Crown you are in for a special treat!
Extra Details: Set times aren’t posted yet, but this is three amazing bands and one of the best venues in town.
Commentary: I love everything about this lineup. EVERYTHING.