Party Gardens – Dance Flora EP

Though it’s only a couple weeks into Summer technically speaking, Party Gardens already released THE EP of the season a month ago. If you haven’t heard of Party Gardens it’s because they used to be called Yellow Minute, moved to LA and changed their name (a trend I’m not sure if they or KNESSET started and which Future Loves Past has followed). Since Sean Brennan surrounded himself with some of the best parts of What Laura Says and formed a full band, I have been waiting eagerly for this release and there is no disappointment found here in any capacity.  Nearly every song comes off as a single, all of them filled with shimmering Summer pop rock grooves, memorable lyrics and catchy hooks for miles.

They launched all of this with the release of the first single “Highwaves”, which comes across as something of a West Coast version of Vampire Weekend, which is awesome in my opinion, because I love VW, but I love Party Gardens more. Also, I’m not sure I have ever heard a more upbeat song about apocalyptic visions in my life and honestly, the band has simply never sounded better. This is three minutes and twenty-five seconds of pure power pop bliss, pure and simple, sunshine in your face, while there are earthquakes and landslides with at least a nice ocean breeze going on.  The EP begins with not the single, but the amazing “Eat Sunlight”, which describes the West Coast vibe in all textures possible. There is a magnificent chorus that includes the line “It’s cooler in the night so we fucking drink to survive”, which probably makes it my favorite song for that brilliant lyric alone.  “Circular Someone” sounds like it could have been released by The Strokes before their last two tragic albums,  while “Children” is a hyper-energetic account of a weekend in the California party scene that’s vitally brilliant. The previously released “Gods In The Mud” is here as well and the EP ends with the cheekily titled “Whores For The Weekend.” Surf pop rock at its finest. LA is treating their energy quite well.

Tomorrow you can get a taste of their energy first hand at Crescent Ballroom for their album release show. They will be sharing the evening with There Is Danger and Wooden Indian, so it’s going to be a hell of a show. I can’t wait to hear this record performed live and they’ve promised even newer songs as well. They will also have some really amazing t-shirts made for the event. Beautiful polyester/cotton blend shirts with our kaleidoscope flower insignia on it. Get tickets here:

You can stream Dance Flora for free here: