What’s Going Ahhhn…

What’s going on? Well, pretty tough fucking choices this weekend, that’s what’s going on. Local live music rages all weekend long and it’s some of the best. Seems that even with the amount of local venues greatly reduced in recent months the shows must go on and these are the places to find them. I know this is a little late in getting out, but I had the flu all week long and that greatly reduces my urgency to do anything.

When & Where: Friday, 8pm at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale
Reasons to Attend: Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas from Detroit are headlining this gig with amazing local support from Wooden Indian and Emby Alexander, the latter who you should catch before they head back out on tour as their new sets are tighter then ever after a 28 gigs in 25 night tour recently wrapped up.
Extra Details: Not sure about set times but, be sure to get there by 8:30pm as I suspect it may start promptly.
Commentary: This is just a great, tight little lineup in a venue I don’t visit often enough and Pub Rock has been stepping up their game in live shows lately

When & Where: Friday, 9PM at Chopper John’s
Reasons to Attend: Scorpion Vs. Tarantula are headlining and I have to admit that I’ve never been to Chopper John’s, Button Struggler, Girl Boner and Size Gamut are great supporting acts for this interesting evening.
Extra Details: No set times posted, but you might not know that Size Gamut is Elmo Kirkwood’s Indie Pop Outfit, when he’s not touring the world with the Meat Puppets, so this is sure to be interesting after he’s been on tour for ages.
Commentary: This gets my vote for what will surely be the most raucous show of the night, hands down.

When & Where: Friday, 8:30 at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons to Attend: Black Carl, The Burning Of Rome, Bears Of Manitou
Extra Details: The show starts at 8:30, this is Crescent Ballroom, get there early if you want to see the show and its Black Carl who have a tendency to sell places out, like they have at the Crescent frequently.
Commentary: If you were one of the unlucky folks standing in the two block line during the Farewell Festival for The Sail Inn to see Black Carl when the Sail reached capacity, this is your consolation prize. Plus, The Burning of Rome and Bears of Manitou are out of this world.

When & Where: Saturday, 8:30PM at Last Exit Live
Reasons to Attend: Watch For Rocks is releasing their new album Exploring The Space! Which should be enough, but you also get Darkness Dear Boy, Japhy’s Descent, Fair Bones and their 80/20 Records label mates Statues of Cats!
Extra Details: Watch For Rocks new album is 11 tracks of indie rock pop genius that explores love, life, rocks, space, and luckily reprises their three great tracks from last years debut EP. This is infectious music and they are all geologists to boot.
8:30 – Japhy’s Descent (acoustic)
9:30 – Statues of Cats (LA)
10:30 – Watch For Rocks
11:30 – Darkness Dear Boy
12:30 – Fairy Bones
Commentary: This is just a fantastic lineup. If you haven’t heard Statues of Cats yet, they are amazing. The only act on 80/20 Records that are not from AZ, their sound fits right on with the artists on this bill a funky blues based rock that will get your soul going.

When & Where: Saturday, 7pm at Rogue Bar
Reasons to Attend: It’s Dan Tripp and Jeff Moses’ Birthdays and on top of that Tripp is putting out his third record of the year, this time with Field Tripp’s awesome four track Woeful Common Terry EP. The lineup is pretty stunning as well.
Extra Details: The set times are listed below.
7:00 Andy Warpigs
7:45 Matt Braman
8:30 Ray Reeves
9:45 Snake! Snake! Snakes!
10:30 Field Tripp
11:15 Bad Neighbors
12:00 The Freaks Of Nature
Commentary: How many records will Tripp put out this year? It’s my understanding that for every album releases, he actually throws two out. Maybe he’ll release some of that stuff. Either way this will be an exciting night at Rogue.

When & Where: Saturday, 5pm at The Salty Senorita, Peoria
Reasons to Attend: decker. has been kicking out some amazing performances lately and they are going into hiding so I would catch them when you can. Kush County is always great as is Mob Vs Ballet Box, plus Sara Robinso doing an acoustic set with Gabo from Fayuca!
Extra Details: This is a FREE, ALL AGES event, seating is first come first serve and music starts at 6pm. See you soon, Rock Local!
Commentary: Check out this great event brought to you by the one and only Beef Vegan!