Scattered Melodies-Summer Sampler EP and Fundraiser

Scattered Melodies, should you unaware, is more of a concept than it is a band.  Essentially  Jake Johnston (bass/vocals) and Josh Montag (drums/vocals) gather together amazing local artists and provide an amazing rhythm section as a platform for these artists to create new music with a sense of community, exploration and fun. It’s a great concept and the newly released EP Summer Sampler is apparently a five song stop gap between last year’s A Collective Agreement and their forthcoming sophomore full length album.  This particular collection is a showcase for the vocals and guitar work of Jack Howell who commands “The Jury’s Out”, “Carne Asada” and “Perpetual Motion”, as well as Parker Jones vocals and guitar on “Runnin’”, along with beautiful backup vocals by Anamieke Quinn, Laura Hamlin and Ruca, along with saxophone by Eric Montag.  Summer Sampler is part of an online fundraising campaign to help finance the recording expense for their forthcoming second album.  Personally, I’m impressed at Jack Howell’s performances, because each of his three songs sound very different from each other, sure they are all based in rock and roots, but “The Jury’s Out” for instance has a hell of a lot of reggae intonations and rhythms going on all around it. All the while it comes off as a fantastic rave up rock song and a great way to start off the whole affair. “Perpetual Motion” slows into a bit of a jazz groove, like a lost outtake from a mid-era Steely Dan album.

I have to admit though that Parker Jones “Runnin’” is my absolute favorite on this EP, maybe because it’s heavily steeped in blues, awesome back up vocals, fantastic sax–it is a rocker that rivals the power of Mergence and a few other local favorites. I’m not exaggerating, this is five an half minutes of deep, dark blues rock bliss. It may well be the best song that this collective has ever produced and for a lot of other people I’ve talked to it’s their “go-to” track–the female backing vocals are priceless here. “Carne Asada” is another wonderful tune with Howell’s keys right up front and more stunning guitar and here the crew is drenched in soul with a great rock groove. This should probably be the single for all the elements here have mass appeal. It is probably the best party song on the album and it’s going on my perpetually growing “Summer Playlist”. “Desert Drive” is the final track and here the ladies take control with layers of wordless vocals and harmonies that hypnotize you all the way to the wind chimed outro. The only lyrics here are right at the start with “Driving through the desert feeling nothing but the wind, yeah…” and it feels exactly like that. A great end to a great EP.The second release from Scattered Melodies ups the ante on their offerings and only whets the appetite for more.

Speaking of more, the Scattered Melodies boys have had a successful fundraiser and surpassed their humble goal of $750 so that they can deliver an entirely new full length album to you in the near future. Now, I know they’ve made their goal, but there is still a few days to get them some more scratch to enhance the album even more. Plus, as you can see in the pictures below, these boys have problems, but at least they are thankful. You can contribute money to their endeavors by clicking the link right HERE. If you contribute $5 you can get the EP I wrote about above emailed to you within 48 hours and then you get to experience all the joy that everyone else has been grooving on–you can contribute more and get an early copy of their next album as well. As far as I know this is the only way to get Summer Sampler at this time and it is well worth it.

Scattered Melodies can't afford paper bags for their 40s

Josh Montag seriously needs to get off the streets for his sake and ours