VideosAroundTown: “The Factory” by Captain Squeegee

Photo by Matty Steinkamp

It is with no hesitation that I can say that last years return from Captain Squeegee, To The Bardos!, was a masterpiece of psychedelic eloquence and one of the best albums of last year, if not the best. Since then they’ve been working on videos from that release and I didn’t think anything was going to be able to top the claypocalypse of their video for “Ineveitable”, that was until now. Matty Steinkamp has directed what I consider to be his video masterpiece thus far with “The Factory, which is also one of my favorite songs from Bardos. Last December when I wrote about this song, I said the following:

“The blaring of horns open “The Factory” and here we get weird quickly, like a circus on acid and Danny Torgersen is the ringleader, pirouetting on the center stage.  It is here that the intoxication begins, the multi-layered horns, the music moving in and out of synch, there is a woozy, uneasy, drunken feeling that swirls your mind around. The song speaks of the hypnosis, the conditioning used by institutions to control and satiate the masses and yet the  song itself is hypnotic and takes you right down the rabbit hole with it. “Hypnosis is essential for keeping you professionally slaves. Yeah we get paid, then forget that we are… Slaves.” It is as much an indictment against the system as it is against the uniformity of modern forgettable music and every measure is amazing.”

And now we have a video, where in fact they present something of a circus on acid with Torgersen as the ringmaster, which is the only way it could be, really. Just listen the song, the birth of this video was embedded in the very music from the start and I suspect in the strange theatrical world of Torgersen’s mind as he set to write it. I must admit that Steinkamp was really outdone himself here, he’s been making quite a few great videos in the last year, but this raises the bar a hell of a lot. Presently, I would consider this his cinematic masterpiece and the video is indeed quite cinematic. The song itself takes on a new creepier dimension with the visuals provided for you. It is everything I imagined it would be when I first heard the song last year and it just makes me smile to see it come to life.

Photo by Matty Steinkamp

Danny Torgersen, channels his musical theater background, and guides the camera through a slew of psychedelic rooms in a bright-red circus-master tuxedo. He and director Matty Steinkamp storyboarded and rehearsed the video tirelessly, mixing old school camera tricks with a vintage vaudeville style. These concepts eventually took over an abandoned warehouse and filled it with an entire cast  and crew. “I wanted the video to look like a bunch of smoke and mirrors, to try and reflect the smoke and mirrors of modern-day media”, says Torgersen. “Hopefully when people watch it they’ll laugh and ponder what they really believe or who told it to them…” So without further ado, come one, come all, and enjoy “The Factory” by Captain Squegee

The world is flat
You must relax
Till the sun is back
But is that a fact?
The white is black
Here in the Factory
Cuz nobody asks…
Who’s makin?…

There’s a factor in tradition, call it lack of inquisition
No expedition of positions that are from another vision
One beyond the fact & fictional… and the choir, so predictable
So out of tune & 2-dimentional, too intentionally conventional Oh No… OH NO!

The World is flat
Just pay the tax
We are free at last
But is that a fact?
Hear the sharps go flat
Here in The Factory
While nobody asks…
Who’s makin?

But Earth wasn’t flat
Yeah, the man distracts
Just to hold you back…
Watch the puppets act
You’re in The Factory
Production’s fast, when we don’t ask
And the liars laugh…
While the Masons stack the stone that masks…
Who’s makin our…


There’s a factor in tradition & religion, call it lack of re-cognition
No extradition of positions that are from a broader vision…
One beyond the priest & principal, from the music SO predictable
So out of touch & non-directional…
Too intentionally unforgettable.

Hypnosis is essential for keeping you professionally slaves.
Yeah we get paid, then forget that we are… Slaves.