What’s Going Ahhhn…

So I’ve been sleepy lately and a lot of stellar shows have been during the work week and I was sick for three quarters of July. It’s August now and life is kicking back up from the dog days of summer, weekends appear to be happening again and people have grown more accustomed to the daily scorching of the Earth by the evil day star. EPs and Albums are being released again and its that point of summer where everyone has gone a little insane and life has returned to normal in the annual bizarre thought collective that summer is almost over, except here it doesn’t end until October and maybe not even then. But we like to believe August is the end and we celebrate it as such, so be it. I must profess it has been a mild summer and we’ve been blessed thus far with fairly low temperatures for Hell, so there is that. Enough about the weather, though I do think it affects the amount of shows and music releases happening–well that and it coincides with ASU being out for Summer, which I’m not sure why that matters since the occurrence of a non-local ASU student at a local show is, like, 1 in 100. Anyway, this is what is going down for the next few days.

When & Where: Friday, August 8th at Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: Okay, so here is Fairy Bones (my favorite debut band of 2013) with Bad Neighbors (my favorite debut band of 2014) with Zodiac Bash and MADUS from Los Angeles
Extra Details: 21+ / $5
9PM – Bad Neighbors
11PM – Fairy Bones
12AM – Zodiac Bash
Commentary: Fairy Bones doesn’t play three times a week like they used to, but then there aren’t as many venues around that can contain their awesomeness, several have exploded from their mere presence or the color of Chelsey’s hair. Also, I am convinced that Robert is aging in reverse. Check here next week for some more about these kids. I have seen Bad Neighbors more often then any other band this year, because I can’t get enough of that action–poetry slam meets indie rock? Right up my alley, by the time they have a record I will have already memorized the lyrics, I love watching these guys grow. I have no impression of Zodiac Bash or MADUS, the latter of which is coming in from LA, but I’m sure it will be great. If there was any show I was going to this entire weekend it would be this one, but I’m too tired to pay for the cover or drinks (lol).

When & Where:
Friday, August 8th at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: Japhy’s Descent & Ghetto Cowgirl are both reasons to attend and lately they haven’t been playing enough. Not sure I have seen either since the demise of the Sail Inn. I’ve never seen The Sundowners or Tiptoe Gloryhole, but I’m certainly interested in finding out what I’m missing.
Extra Details: Tiptoe Gloryhole 9:30… Ghetto Cowgirl 10:30… Sundowners Tucson 11:30… Japhy’s Descent 12:30
Commentary: I’m not sure if you’ve seen Japhy’s Descent lately, but they’ve been kicking some serious ass at the live shows filling half their set with brilliant new songs and favored classics from their canon. Any chance to catch Marc Norman doing anything live is fun and especially with Ghetto Cowgirl. You also have here The Sundowners featuring Joe Pena from Greyhound Soul, so that’s going to be pretty great. I have no clue about Tiptoe Gloryhole, but I sure do like their name.

When & Where:
Saturday, August 9th, 9pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: Future Loves Past splits their time between AZ and LA at this point so this is their home show for August! Deadfoxx actually sterilizes frogs with their sheer volume, let us hope for the frogs that they are beyond the fallout zone this night. Snake!Snake!Snakes! pretty much started the whole psychotic surf sound that is sweeping through this scene and rumor has it that they might release something soon. Twin Ponies are fucking phenomenal and I’ve made that clear on multiple occasions.
Extra Details: No set times yet but you can check out the bands at the links below.
Ummm…yes and more please. Seriously, this is the only thing going on Saturday night that packs this much joy into one venue that I can hardly stand it. Also, it’s free and the only money you will spend is on the amount you wish to imbibe. If you live on the East Side, you either go to this or you stay home, watch Netflix and masturbate before falling asleep on cough medicine at eleven. Both viable options, but the Yucca show sounds like a lot more fun.

When & Where:
Sunday, August 10 at Nowhere and Everywhere
Reasons To Attend: None Really
Extra Details: For the first time in ages there is no reason to leave your house at all on a Sunday. Nothing should tempt you from complete and utter summertime laziness. Stay home, get high, day drink, fuck like crazy, there appears to be nothing happening.
Commentary: No seriously, somehow I thought there was more going on this weekend than there was, but there were really only three good shows. Honestly, though, this is probably the last weekend like this, so enjoy your Sunday, enjoy your loved ones or favored intoxicants or both as much as possible and rest up, you’ll need it from what I’ve seen. I’m sure you can still make Monday regret your Sunday decisions without a live show after all, so do it up for all you can or sleep the day away, hell, maybe it will rain. It will also be a full moon, so you can have fun with naked pagan things as well. Maybe you should think about Tacos.

When & Where:
Monday, August 11, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: This is a big one. Monday night at Crescent Ballroom Lawnchair will be opening up for Archie Powell & The Exports, one of the best Chicago bands working today, and Josh Berwanger Band. Yeah, it’s Monday. Just think of it as one last great party to send you off into your week.
Extra Details: If you want to see Lawnchair be there at 8pm on the dot because Crescent Ballroom is fucking weird and they are fascists when it comes to making sure the trains run on time.
Commentary: Well, Lawnchair’s debut EP is THE most played EP of the Summer if not all of 2014. Why? Because it is fucking fun–it’s just fun music that has no agenda and isn’t trying to prove anything or define anything or change anything, it’s just goddamn good. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I’m sorry, you should. If you don’t enjoy it, you may need to re-evaluate your soul.