Fairy Bones Need Your Money!!!


Photo by Susan Anderson

Anyone that has read my ramblings for the last couple years must realize that Fairy Bones is one of my favorites band around town. They were my favorite debut band of last year bar none and in fact if I go to long without seeing them, I experience “Fairy Bones Withdrawal.” Well, now Fairy Bones need your money so that you can have more music, which seems like a good exchange to me–they want to release Dramabot, their first full length album and they need your help to do it. They started this campaign on July 10th and it runs to the end of this month. They have even released two teaser tracks, “Whipping Boy” and “Waiting” a dual single release that should certainly whet your appetite for more. These are two of my live favorites that were captured perfectly in the studio by Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket. Personally, I want to hear the new album, I had anticipated that Dramabot was going to be one of my favorite releases of 2014, but due to the issue of financing this effort, it appears that it will now be one of my most eagerly anticipated records of 2015. Your donation is not without its perks, with $10 you get a digital pre-release of the album, at $25 you get a Collectors edition hard copy of the album, at $35 you get a limited edition t-shirt as well as the previous perks, then things get weird. They have these $42 perks like choosing Chelsey’s next hair color, currently you can contribute $42 and get two tickets to see Chelsey Louise in her performance as Mary Magdalen in Jesus Christ Superstar or you can get a portrait of you painted by Robert.  These $42 packages are being updated all the time. When the big bucks flow to them, they get weirder, with $100 they will write a break up song about you, with $250 you get a house show, at $500 you get to spend a strange day in the studio with them, all the way up to the most expensive perk, $2500 and one of them will tattoo their name on their body–yes, that’s right, one of them will wear your name on their body for the rest of their lives. Check out the video below an if you are able to spare some cash for these kooky kids, then do so, it will actually be worth it.