VideosAroundTown: Three Recent Faves!

Photo by Frank C Photography

I’ve been meaning to write about all three of these videos for a bit and I’m just now getting around to it. I tend to listen to music a whole lot more often than watch videos for it, but these are the videos that have caught my attention in the past month or so.  They also happen to be from three of my favorite local bands: Fairy Bones, Emby Alexander, and Captain Squeegee. So with out further ado, let us get to the vids.

Fairy Bones – “Waiting”

“Waiting” is the first of two new singles released to promote Fairy Bones very successful fundraising campaign for their forthcoming full length album Dramabot. Apparently, the concept of the video is that a girl runs away from something mysterious and ends up at a very strange house party. The house party takes place at the actual house where the members of Fairy Bones live, practice and concoct their evil schemes on a daily basis, the video takes this to the next level. Upon arrival, the house is seemingly empty until the camera turns around to find lead singer Chelsey Louise hunched over the piano, grinning maniacally in the same room that was empty only moments ago. Strange masquerading dancers abound as Chelsey opens a door to reveal guitarist Robert Ciuca involved in a strange body paint orgy, then down the hall where it seems there is some sort of tribal rave, when she steps into a room that appears to have conspiracy minded news clippings all over the walls and drummer Matthew Foos summarily kicks her out. She is slowly moved out the back door by Louise and into a large crowd of masked freaks staring at her, the crowd is joined by the entire band all in different outfits now. The video is disorienting to say the least with the hand held POV camera style that moves in and out of focus. A thoroughly enjoyable and bizzare time held by Fairy Bones for one of their finest songs to date.

Emby Alexander – “Sleeping In The Library”

This is the video for the first single off Emby Alexander’s modest masterpiece Frontispiece. The video is as weird and quirky as the band and their songs are, using an effect that makes the video look like it’s a film from the mid-1970s it has an eerie, albeit appropriate tone to it. Throughout the video a mysterious shrouded figure runs or stands or falls in strange locations. These are the same locations found on Polaroid pictures falling out of the books at the library. The strange figure also appears in the library and there is lots of running. It all has a very subconscious, dreamy atmosphere to it, as artsy as it is exhilarating in motion and tempo. The imagery is filled with symbolic art, pigeons, a house show, an abandoned prairie house, a post fire forest, street scenes, a graveyard and vast endless fields–I suppose this is the type of dream you would have if you were literally sleeping in the library. Whatever it is, it’s very nearly as fascinating as the song itself.

Captain Squeegee – “Shift Happens”

Captain Squeegee loves dropping videos these days and this is the third cinematic installment from their psychedelic masterpiece from last year To The Bardos! While this is not the claypocalypse of “Inevitable” nor the carnivalesque madness of “The Factory”, this is a damn fine live video that was shot by Matty Steinkamp of Sundawg Media across two different shows. One at Crescent Ballroom and the other opening for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at The Marquee. Captain Squeegee also happens to be 80/20 Records label mates with Fairy Bones, also featured here. This video captures the band at their best and for my money, the best footage is from the Crescent show. In part, because I was there, but also because it shows the band in their element, with psychedelic projections and a bit more casual madness displayed with a comfortable and eager crowd. I love the moments that the studio track lines up with moments in the footage on stage. Also, it gives you a great idea of what a Captain Squeegee show is all about and if you haven’t checked them out live, you are seriously missing out. Consider this a good primer and prioritize their next local show in your life.