What’s Going Ahhhn…

There is a lot of cool local live music going down around town this weekend. It’s exciting to me that there seems to be a fair amount of happenings in the Grand Avenue Arts District, which seems to be expanding with more and more businesses welcoming live music. The only sad news for the weekend is that this is one of those weekends where everything is happening on Saturday. The good news is that you can exhaust yourself completely between then and now and rest all day Sunday because nothing is happening then. So live like wild child for the next three days and then sleep in or go to church, whatever you choose.

When & Where: Thursday, September 18th, 8pm at Grand Avenue Pizza Company
Reasons To Attend: Wolvves and Fairy Bones at a Pizza place…Does that need further explanation?
Extra Details: Set times as follows-
8:00 Wolvves
9:00 Fairy Bones
: Live music for the first time ever at Grand Ave Pizza Company, the only pizza in downtown Phoenix open till 4am. I hope they keep the live music thing going and I am very curious about their pizza. Sadly, I’ll be at work during this show, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss it. It appears that I have to start spending more time in the Grand Avenue Arts District, because some cool shit is going down there all weekend long.

When & Where: Thursday, September 18th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: THE LOVE ME NOTS!!! That is all you need to know.
Extra Details: I have these handy links for you, below.
The Love Me Nots http://bnds.in/Pgm84M
The Shindaggers http://bnds.in/1iICdgZ
Buy Tickets: http://bnds.in/1pR8W8F
Commentary: The Love Me Nots at The Lost Leaf. This will be great and loud. I would recommend that you go to Grand Avenue Pizza, then head to The Lost Leaf immediately, then call out sick on Friday or offer to work Sunday if you have that option. This is what would be best for you.

When & Where: Friday, September 19th, 7:30pm at Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: Lawnchair had my favorite or at least my most played EP of the entire Summer. I know nothing about Failure Machine. I do know that Red Tank recently released a split cassette with Leonardo DiCarpricorn, so I’m pretty sure they have to be something special.
Extra Details: There are virtually no details on this show that I can find whatsoever.
Commentary: I just have a feeling this will be a great show. Lawnchair is there and that’s usually reason enough, plus they keep good company. Also, Trunk Space is the central hub for the Grand Avenue Arts District and it’s something of an East Side mecca for indie rock and music truly on the fringe. Also, there is always cool shit to buy there.

When & Where: Friday, September 19th, 9pm at Rips Bar
Reasons To Attend: The Breakup Society is always great and I’ve heard nothing but great things about Action Jets. Saints of Van Buren is new to me, but I love the name. Also, it’s at Rip’s which is a great divey venue that I don’t visit enough and I sincerely wish they had a proper website.
Extra Details: Friday night rock ‘n roll show, with three of the hottest rock bands in Phoenix – The Breakup Society, Action Jets and Saints of Van Buren!
All the action starts up at 9pm – Be there! Look sharp!
: This should be a hell of a lot of fun. I love Rip’s and their sound system which is achingly loud. It’s a great room with great drinks and an awesome patio. Want to get your socks rocked off Friday Night? You may want to go here.

When & Where
: Friday, September 19th, 9pm at Tempe Tavern
Reasons To Attend: The lineup really tells you all that you need to know. If you haven’t heard about Sweetgrass, it’s Kevin Redlich’s new outfit. If that gives you no reference, just show up to find out.
Extra Details: Set times are listed below-
9pm = Page the Village Idiot
10pm = Day Before Plastics
11pm = The Woodworks
Midnight = Goetta
12:45am = Sweet Grass
Commentary: This should be a lot of fun in one of the last standing Tempe venues. The Woodworks and Day Before Plastics have had some of my favorite releases this year and seeing them live is always a treat. Also, I hear there there is a special birthday being celebrated at Midnight.

When & Where: Saturday, September 20th, Noon at The Fire House Gallery.
Reasons To Attend: This is a great event for a great cause. You should make attending at least some of this twelve hour event a priority this Saturday. This is important.
Extra Details: The City of Phoenix has spoken and they say The Firehouse Gallery needs to do $7,000 worth electrical work to remain the bright and vibrant arts space that it has always been. The person who owns the building kindly put up $5,000 of it and so the $2,000 balance leftover needs to be handled by us … and how else would we do it except for throwing a massive all day party? There will be live music, performance art, live artists, fire spinning, face painting, poetry, comedy, raffles, laughs, and love for people of all ages. Oh and did I mention, TWO STAGES! Firehouse has always been a beacon for every weirdo with an idea who needed a place to make it come to fruition, and we need to keep it that way.
Snake! Snake! Snakes!
Wolvves (first ever acoustic set)
Field Tripp
Enemies of Promise
Elena Avenue
Glass Popcorn
Bad Neighbors
Serene Dominic and the Gemseekers
DjScapegoat Andy
Matt Braman
Lamaj J Doh
Doyen Saint Escobar
Dagger Pan
Ichi Sound
Hug of War
Nick Venuto
Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers
Andy Warpigs
AND MORE TO COME!(Rumors abound about a hierarchical amphibian, or a commanding piece of cleaning equipment)
Seems like a lot of bands for one stage huh, well good thing our consistently amazing neighbors Bud’s Glass Joint are opening up their back yard to our second stage! They really are the valley’s best head shop!

The poet version of Joy Young
The Cast of FFNL
Matt Micheletti
Eli Kluger
Korbin Shutterbug Austin
Face painting by Twenty-three Joanna Lee
The amazing hoop magic of Janey Radiant
Ashley Naftule\
Erin Ontko
Chelsea Lynne
William Ashworth

Live Artists!
Peter Eightysix
Travis Vallance
Kryas Hester

HotRock SupaJoint
Kevin Patterson
Ernesto Moncada

Raffle Items!
$25 Welcome Diner gift certificate
2 Hours of free tattoo time with Kryas Hester
A Related Records Prize Package
A 56th Street Records Prize Package
Gift Certificates to Lawn Gnome Publishing
Gift Certificate to Jobot Coffee & Diner
If you want to be involved in any capacity please contact the Firehouse Gallery or Sharefirefestival@gmail.com
Commentary: I can’t add much more to that than the exuberant description, except to say that this place is super important to the arts and music of Phoenix and I can’t imagine it going away because the City of Phoenix are fucking fascists. the tentative, enormous set list is below.

The Schedule of Events Will Go as Follows. A few people have not been placed yet, but This is what the scedule will look like for the most part

Noon-2- DjScapegoat Andy
Hosted By Ernesto Moncada
2:00.- Elena Avenue
2:50 . Dagger Pan
3:25. Nick Venuto
3:45 Dadadoh
4:20 Eli Kluger
4:35 Doyen Saint Escobar
5:00 Enemies of Promise
5:30 Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
6:15 Glasspopcorn
Hosted by Kevin Sonofpatter
7:05 The Cast of FFNL
7:20 Serene Dominic and the Gemseekers
7:50 The poet version of Joy Young
8:00 Janey Radiant
8:10 Expat
8:30 Wolvves (acoustic set)
9:00 Matt Micheletti
9:15 Snake! Snake! Snakes!
10:15 Organic Acoustic Jam and Poetry
10: pm B4Skin inside the Gallery

Bud’s Stage
Noon-2 The World Famous DJ Fresh Hoffa
Host Rustie Rywl-Deer and Ivan Chavez of FFNL
2:10 Chelsea Lynne
2:25 Bad Neighbors
3:05 Emily Cimino
3:20 Matt Braman
4:00 Lamaj J Doh
4:30 Mik Garrison and Scott Kerr
5:05 Ashley Naftule
5:15 Ichi Sound
6:00 Hug of War
6:30 Andy Warpigs
6:55 HotRock SupaJoint
Host Hot Rock Supa Joint
7:35 Jerusafunk
8:10 Field Tripp
9:00 Korbin Shutterbug Austin
9:15 Erin Ontko
9:30 Requiem


When & Where: Saturday, September 20th, 7:30pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Six bands is too much for a local show outside of an all day festival, but this is a pretty great lineup. The Redemptions, Steff & The Articles and Sister Lip are reason enough to attend, but you get Deadfoxx, Majestic, and Larkspurs as well. With only a $5 cover you get to enjoy some great music, while enjoying great food and drink. No complaints.
Extra Details: Here is the lowdown on this hoedown-
Larkspurs @7:45pm
Majestic @8:40pm
The Redemptions @9:35pm
Steff and The Articles @10:30pm
Sister Lip @11:30pm.
DeadFoxx @12:30am
21 + event
$5 cover = 1 admission + a domestic beer or well drink
Commentary: When is the last time the cover scored you admission and a drink? Uh, never. This is brilliant. And it’s also going to be a great evening. I need to keep my eye on this place, because I like their style.

When & Where: Saturday, September 20th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: I have no idea where this lineup came from, but it’s probably the most mindblowing combo of the night. Jared & The Mill, Owl & Penny, and Luna Aura–this seems an unlikely mix, but somehow I think it will turn out perfect. The cover may seem a little steep, but for what you get, it will be worth every cent.
Extra Details: Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1pXkJm7
Details: Jared & The Mill, Owl & Penny, and Luna Aura at Last Exit Live
Commentary: I have written extensively about all three of these artists (check out this months JAVA Magazine for my thoughts on Luna Aura’s debut EP). My love for all three is very nearly infinite and if you are on the West Side and saving the Firehouse isn’t your thing, this is probably your best bet.

When & Where: Saturday, September 20th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: Celebration Guns and Merit will blow your minds. Seriously. If you have only heard their recordings and like them, you have no idea what they will do to you live. East siders, if you are looking for indie rock kicks, this is your ticket.
Extra Details:
Commentary: I really wish that artists could talk to one another, because there is just too much fun crammed into Saturday. Two of my favorite local bands, The Dig from NYC and Kris Roe for free at the Yucca is ridiculously good.

When & Where: Saturday, September 20th, 9pm at Third Space
Reasons To Attend: If you have not caught Carol Pacey & The Honey Shakers live you are depriving yourself of an Americana experience delivered at breakneck speed. I haven’t seen The Lonesome Wilderness in a long time and I may have to shoot down to Grand just for that. 13 To The Gallows is an unknown quantity to me, but I want to know more because that name is intriguing. I’ll be disappointed if it’s not all murder ballads.
Extra Details: Set Times Below-
9 PM Lonesome Wilderness
10 pm 13 to the Gallows
11 pm Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers
Commentary: Yet another show in the Grand Avenue Arts District this weekend and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Third Space. File under Americana and expect a rollicking great show.