What’s Going Ahhhn…

This is clearly a big week in music, if for no other reason than the main event that will be consuming Tempe Town Lake for the entirety of the weekend. I hope this becomes an annual event, because this is just the kind of thing that we need to kick off the eight or nine months of paradise we have coming to us. It’s a pretty broad lineup and I’m going for the local acts as much as I am the national ones. Now, if the festival scene is not your bag or you’re broke, never fear, there is a hell of a lot else going onĀ  around town to keep you in tune with great music. First, it’s just best to get the elephant in the room out of the way and then review all the other shows going on.

When & Where: Friday, September 26th-Sunday, September 28th at Tempe Beach Park
Reasons to Attend:Umm, seriously? Unless you hate festivals or you can’t afford tickets, I can’t imagine a reason to miss this. And, really how often do we get something like this going on? New Times, Lucky Man, Stateside and KWSS have put on a super sweet event for you here.
Extra Details: Everything you need to know can be found at http://www.summerendsmusicfestival.info/ One thing you should know before you go is that there is no re-entry, which means you are will need to buy beverages and food to survive if you want to see all the bands, once you leave, there is no going back in. It’s the only lame thing about the event, but it’s somewhat understandable.
Commentary: I honestly don’t know if I’m more excited about the local stage or the main stage. I guess that The Replacements, Descendents, KONGOS, and Violent Femmes trump all, but damn, look at that local stage! I almost wish the locals could start at noon to get more of them on the bill, but this breaks down a pretty perfect three day weekend of amazing music.

When & Where: Thursday, September 25th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons to Attend: I saw the Breakup Society perform an entire set of The Replacements at Cover The Crescent earlier this year and it was amazing. Add Action Jets and a few other bands doing the same and I’m hooked. I have a feeling this will be really great.
Extra Details: Excited about The Replacements coming to End of Summer Fest in Tempe on Sept 27? So are we! We put together a Replacements Tribute Night at Rogue Bar Scottsdale on Thursday Sept 25th. Each band will play 2-4 Replacements songs in their set and conjure up the spirit of Bob Stinson! Local rockers Action Jets, The Breakup Society and others lead the bill! Just added: Surprise solo acoustic set of softer Replacements favorites to kick off the night!
Commentary: What better way to prepare to see The Replacements on Saturday than to catch a tribute show to them on Thursday? The Mats were one of my favorite bands growing up and their songs are never very distant from my mind. I can’t get enough of them, honestly. I highly recommend this show just for kicks.

When & Where: Thursday, September 25th at Pho Cao
Reasons to Attend: The Woodworks, Lonesome Wilderness and Manic Monkeys–I don’t think I need to explain much more than that.
Extra Details: Set times are below-
Lonesome Wilderness-9:30
The Woodworks-10:30
Manic Monkeys-11:45
Commentary: The Woodworks have been doing something of a residency at Pho Cao and it’s free! I’m sure it’s been a while since you’ve seen Lonesome Wilderness and Manic Monkeys are always a great time.

When & Where: Friday, September 26th, 6pm at Trunk Space
Reasons to Attend: Instructions is releasing new music, that’s really reason enough. You also get Treasure Mammal, Playboy Manbaby, Thin Bloods, Leonardo DiCapricorn and Gymshorts from Rhode Island! Eight bucks is a steal for that much greatness.
Extra Details: Rubber Brother is back in action and bringing you a bunch of rad new stuff! Instructions is putting out a rad new tape!
Also Rubber Brother is putting out a massive mix-tape with tons of rad stuff for Cassette Store Day!

INSTRUCTIONS (Tape Release!)

Commentary: Instructions is fantastic and I can’t wait to hear their new tracks. Playboy Manbaby just put out their best album to date. The Thin Bloods topped their last record with the new one and I saw Leonardo DiCapricorn at Yucca a few weeks ago and they were stellar. Yes, this will be great. Yes it will be crowded. Yes you will have fun.

When & Where: Friday, September 26, 9pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons to Attend: This a free show where you get to see Narc Morman, Greyhound Soul, Banana gun and Sweet Grass. Free. All that for free. Plus, there is a picture of a Pizza Cat eating tacos while riding a turtle made out of tacos in the sky being chased by more tacos.
Extra Details: Narc Morman 9:30…. Greyhound Soul 10:30…. Banana Gun…. 11:30…. SweetGrass 12:30 FREE SHOW!!!!
Commentary: This is a great lineup and if you aren’t familiar with Sweet Grass, that’s Kevin Redlich’s new band that I’m dying to see. Plus, you can see Banana gun up close and personal if you are skipping their appearance at the festival.

When & Where: Friday, September 26th, 9pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons to Attend: I’m not going to lie, this is going to be weird. Apparently cover shows are hot this week. With that in mind Fairy Bones, The Hill In Mind and Sunset Voodoo will be playing covers they consider to be their guilty pleasures. If nothing else, this is going to be a hell of a lot of fun.
Extra Details: What is your Guilty Pleasure?
Some of the best local acts from Phoenix are playing songs a little out of the norm. Fairy Bones, The Hill in Mind, and Sunset Voodoo will be playing cover songs alongside some special guest singers from the local scene. The songs range from mainstream pop groups to Disney theme songs. 21 and over. $5 cover. Please join us at The Rogue Bar Friday September 26th, it is going to be a memorable night.
Commentary: This is an unknown quantity. I know it’s going to be fun, awkward, hilarious and possibly touching. I have a feeling that I will enjoy every second of it and I think it has to be my destination on Friday night. Sometimes I just want to be entertained.

When & Where: Saturday, September 27th, 5pm at Crescent Ballroom (and subsequently Arcosanti)
Reasons to Attend: This is the weirdest thing going on this weekend and I can’t completely wrap my head around it. Apparently you take a shuttle from Crescent to Arcosanti and you get to see The Album Leaf, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, iCARAY! and North Brother Island.
Extra Details: ESCAPE THE HEAT OF THE VALLEY AND HEAD TO ARCOSANTI WITH US! SHUTTLE PASS (FROM CRESCENT BALLROOM AND BACK) AND CAMPING PASSES AVAILABLE FOR ADDITIONAL CHARGE. with The Album Leaf (Electronic/Ambient), Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra (Afrobeat), iCARAY! (Cuban) and North Brother Island (Chamber Folk). Hitch a ride with us! The shuttle will depart from Crescent Ballroom at 5:30pm sharp and returns after the show. THERE WILL NOT BE A SHUTTLE FOR CAMPERS. Limited availability. This is for a shuttle pass only, ticket required for entry to the show. $23
Show only: $20. Camping passes are sold out. So $43 bucks get’s you there and the show and get’s you back.
Commentary: Just plain weird, but I like it. These kind of things should happen more often. Party buses to Payson might be in order for next summer.