Fairy Bones: “Whipping Boy” video and Guilty Pleasures Covers Night!

Photo by Susan J. Anderson

So, someone asked me recently if I realized that I wrote about Fairy Bones roughly once a week. I thought about it for a moment and said,”Yes, I believe that’s true.” They asked me why to which I replied “Because they make it possible for me to do so. Well, to prove them wrong technically, I’m writing about them twice this week as I mentioned them in “What’s Going Ahhhn…” earlier this week. Yes, they are clearly one of my favorite local bands and I’m excited as hell about their forthcoming full length debut Dramabot coming out early next year and I do tend to try to catch every show I can of theirs. I saw them a few weeks ago at an amazing night at the Yucca. I only caught the last half of the eight band line up, but it was the later, mindblowing half which included Sedusa, Leonardo DiCapricorn, Harper & The Moths and Fairy Bones. Every band knocked out of the ballpark, seriously. I had never seen Harper & The Moths before and I was stunned by their truly great performance, so to were Fairy Bones and Chelsey Louise even commented, something along the lines of sarcastically, “Well, that won’t be tough to follow…Wow!” And then they fucking nailed it, one friend who had never seen them even asked during a particularly histrionic, emotional crescendo in a song where Chelsey was curled up in a ball on the stage, “Is she all right?” Neither of us was sure, but goddamn was that a spectacular show, enough so that one member of Harper & The Moths commented to me excitedly, “They are fucking out of control!” So yeah, that’s why I love the hell out of these four weirdos, that make fantastic music and give startling performances that move me.

This week Fairy Bones unveiled their second video from the two preview singles off of Dramabot. This one is called “Whipping Boy” and while it is not the complex creepy house party madness that was found in “Waiting”, this is a ton of light hearted fun with the band and their friends (some you may recognize from other musical acts in town) lip synching and dancing to the song. I honestly can’t decide which of the two songs is my favorite between the two, I often tend to lean toward this one, because I love the vibe of the whole thing and I love that “reminiscent” keyboard piece right at the that in no way evokes Sonny and Cher. And while it seems like it’s just a lovely little song and you aren’t paying attention, there’s this which adds some lovely darkness to the whole affair:

You know she’s not a sweet girl, no.
You’re not on her mind.
She ain’t using her head anymore, no,
She’s just losing her mind.

She just uses her hair and that
White knuckle stare.
Why can’t she just be kind?
And without notice she’s gone again,
she’ll just keep fucking your friends.

Leave me be, I’ll drown,
Come with me, I promise,
I’ll make the ride a joy,
I’ll be my own whipping boy,
like I do.

So, without further ado, here are Chelsey, Robert, Ben and Matthew, with their friends, hamming it up with “Whipping Boy.”

In addition to releasing a new video this week, Fairy Bones, in association with their magnificent label 80/20 Records, are throwing a covers show this Friday, September 26th at The Rogue Bar. It’s called Guilty Pleasures and I already talked about it earlier this week, but the details release since then have stepped up the game. Yes, at the beginning of the week I knew that Fairy Bones, The Hill In Minds and Sunset Voodoo would be playing a covers show of literal guilty pleasures, but I didn’t know what and they had promised guest musicians from other bands, but I didn’t know who. Now I know, for instance, that Danny Torgersen from Captain Squeegee will be singing Disney Songs with The Hill In Mind. I also know that some of the most amazing women in the music scene right now will become The Spice Girls for an evening or at least for a few songs. Liz (from Russian Arms and Optics) is Ginger, Nicole (from The Love Me Nots and Zero Zero) is Posh, Steff (from Steff and The Articles) is Baby, Solo (from The Woodworks) is Scary and Chelsey is Sporty. If that does not fascinate you in some capacity, I’m not sure what will. I don’t know what Sunset Voodoo is up to for this show, but I kind of hope it’s as bizarre as what everyone else is doing. This is just going to be ridiculous fun. And the action starts at 9pm. Get there and get your groove on.