VideosAroundTown: Sundressed-”Best of/Worst of”

Sundressed is a band I have greatly enjoyed watching come into their own in the last couple years. This especially has to do with the growing confidence and songwriting ability of their leader and singer Trevor Hedges. It also seems that with each passing release they become more and more the band I envisioned they would when I first heard them. They also seem to let loose and rock the hell out a lot more as time goes on and that is the side I really like to see, because they do it so well. Don’t get me wrong, Sundressed can pull of ballads for days, but they really shine when the guitars are wailing and Hedges is screaming. If you listen to their debut EP from 2012, then Whiskey With Milk from last year, then the songs from their split releases this year, there is a wonderful progression and a keen sense of growing angst that they are able to carefully focus into well-crafted rock songs that are part power pop, part emo and all rock’n'roll. A couple weeks ago I listened through their catalog and some demos I had and it just made me smile. I’m glad I caught them at the start to watch this river flow and I’m always looking forward to where it will go next.

The first step in that direction happened this week when Sundressed released a brand new video for a brand new song, “Best of/Worst of” and both are stunning. The song itself is one of their best so far, Trevor had sent me it a few weeks ago and I played the hell out of it. It’s also a very personal song, which is another aspect of his writing I like, and I suppose that’s the “emo” side of his writing, that he take deeply personal topics and completely rock out to it. Here, the song, is clearly about looking back on his struggles with substance abuse or his continuous battle to stay sober–and he’s been sober for a while now. For the first thirty seconds, you think this might be a sad ballad coming your way beginning with “Oh, God willing, I’ll be stronger than I once was…” but, that is pretty much dashed when the song explodes with screams and guitars, furiously proceeding straight to the end without letting up. The song seems to be as critical of sobriety meetings and the people in them as much as it is a reflection on staying strong without such a support system, best summed up by the refrain “The best in me is the worse you see” and my favorite line in the song “I’ve spent some time in bars and never had a drink, I told the truth for years and never had to blink, I was walking with a crutch, but I kicked it away, I felting fingers pointing warning me to stay.” It ends with the final thought that seems to reinforce this, “I don’t agree with everyone, but thank you all for what you’ve done.” This has to be their most complicated song to date and its simply brilliant.

The video is as visually interesting as the song itself is, which features great shots of Trevor singing, scantily clad women dancing, men dancing as though they were women and it ends up in a living room party with the band where everyone is half undressed and oddly (or not) only one person appears to be drinking. I don’t really need to tell you more than that, you can watch it below. If you want to catch something exciting, Sundressed has the honor of opening up the KWSS 93.9 Local Stage of Summer Ends Music Festival on Saturday, September 27th at 3:30pm! You can click on the picture below the video for more info on that day which will feature The Replacements, Descendents, Luscious Jackson, Taking Back Sunday, Fayuca, Black Carl and Playboy Manbaby.