Future Loves Past – Hold On Tight EP!!!

Sometime last week Eric Palmer told me that the four new songs on the new Future Loves Past EP were mastered and wondered if I was interested in hearing them. That’s not even really a question, I’ve followed these guys since before they were FLP and I’ve even taken a roadtrip to LA to see them in the city where they spend half their time. I was excited to say the very least. So last night I wrote an article eluding to how great the new songs were without giving too much away, as well as detailing their fundraising campaign so they can all get to the CMJ Music Marathon this month in New York City, as well as maybe raise more money to lay down more tracks to fill out an album with their new “badass material.” First thing this morning they posted the brand new Hold On Tight EP on bandcamp and I realized I could give a full review, because, hell, you can hear it right here. After the review and the EP, you can then read the details on their fundraising campaign, watch the hilarious video, contribute if you can and generally enjoy the world that is Future Loves Past.

It appears that Future Loves Past spent every last nickel they had on recording four new songs for their fans, due to this, they needed to raise some funds for other promising ventures (see further below). Today they release their EP online and they promise that if they raise enough money not only will they get to invade NYC, they will produce physical copies of the Hold On Tight EP (HOT-EP for short). The new EP really picks up where All The Luscious Plants left off, filled with three ready to go singles very much in the vein of that album. It’s my understanding they are working toward recording six or seven more songs to plot a full album like this, before resuming work on the full album version of Our Solar System (also, I’m still waiting for the once proposed “Spirit Animal” album). These tracks were a surprise to me and a much needed release, especially since FLP now spends half their time in LA, I don’t get to see them every weekend and indulge my senses in their aural ecstasy as often.

Hold On Tight logically begins with the title track, which is an Eric Palmer classic, filled with the flourishes that made All The Luscious Plants the triumph that it was–dreamy harmonies, swirling keys, subtle Caribbean rhythms and a slightly psychedelic pop sensibility. With all of that, it still rocks, in a very groovy, laid back way. It truly sounds like the boys are giving their all here, Palmer, Tristan DeDe, Sean Wintrow and Enrique Naranjo have really coalesced into a solid band guided by a vision of sound. “Hold on tight, you’ve got a good life” is the refrain and it alludes to hanging in their even when your having tough times or a shit day or your heart is exploding or all of the above.  There is something great to Palmer carrying the lead vocals, while the band carries the refrain–it adds a depth of texture to it that I can’t quantify, but I love it. “Runners” is Sean Wintrow’s masterpiece on this release (he had a lot of good stuff on All The Luscious Plants) and I was happy to see that he had a composition on here. Early on, after a dozen listens or so, it’s my favorite track on the EP. It’s almost a shoegazing number, even dreamier and more trippy than the opener–filled with a pop hook that you only discover when it’s playing in your head a day later and you are searching to figure out what the hell it is, so you have to backtrack over everything you’ve heard. “Some will say we jumped the gun, I say let them” is a brilliant lyric buried amidst the dizzying vocals in this impressive dreamscape. I could totally hear this being licensed for a movie or a commercial, because it likes to reside in the subconscious and spring out at you in the dark, and then it makes you smile.

The last real song on the EP is the Palmer/DeDe composition “Sacrifice” which begins with a fairly majestic disco intro, before spinning off into a near crooning pop number. Once more, they maintain a really consistent sound here, the songs work so well together an the mix is simply perfect. It makes me want six to eight more songs like this so we all have an entire album to just immerse ourselves in. In this song the drumming and percussion work of Naranjo blows my mind. I have to say that to call this pop is probably unfair–it’s not mindless or tired, I guess it’s indie psychedelic pop, because it does invite the soul and the consciousness to party down with an irresistible groove. As the lyrics say, “We’ve got the hunger and we just want more” and that’s what these three back to back songs do, they make you want more, as soon as possible. The HOT EP finishes with one of Palmer’s binaural frequency experiments, “To Let Go (8Hz Binaural)” which is actually a nice coda to the whole thing and a reminder of the fascinating sound experiments for this years earlier EP release of Our Solar System. Also, I’ve noticed that it relaxes me while making me very much aware and focused. Not sure if that was the intent, but I listened to it at work and it had a fairly profound effect on me. The entire EP was an unexpected surprise and I can’t recommend it more. What I like most of all is that in the last year, Future Loves Past has truly carved out a unique sound that is entirely their own, they have come into their own, they have grown up tall. Please, listen to it below, then after that, check out the info on their fundraising campaign and also, how to get a download of All The Luscious Plants for free.

So, Future Loves Past spent all their money so they could record that four song masterpiece for you. They had already laid down all the funds for this recording before they were bestowed the honor of being invited to play at the CMJ Music Marathon in NYC, which is one of the most prestigious and influential showcases of the year and it makes SXSW look like a fucking joke. So FLP really doesn’t want to turn this down and they really want to go and they deserve it. These guys are not wealthy men, they are musicians, artists and madmen–so they don’t have the scratch to do this on their own. Read the description on the page, it says it better than I can, plus they gave you three more singles, not two, hell, they gave you a whole EP worth of good stuff. This says something about their character and that they are literally more about the music and getting it to their loved ones as soon as possible. In a little over a years time, they’ve given you a full album, two versions of the Our Solar System EP and now the Hold On Tight EP. Clearly, they are working their asses off to get their music out, while many others rest on their laurels, abandon their vision, hold infrequent shows (FLP has been doing a pretty good job of playing monthly here since half of them have relocated to LA), or generally think that their audience will care after extended absences. Future Loves Past isn’t like that in the least and now they need your help so that they can share their vision with an entirely different coast. Please, watch the hilarious video below with “not paid actors” and then check out the fundraising page HERE! Below the video there is a link to bandcamp where you can download All The Luscious Plants free for a limited time. Enjoy, and if you can, please help out this might endeavor.

Download All The Luscious Plants Free For a Limited Time!!!

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