VideosAroundTown: “Emby Echo + Sexting My Friends” by Emby Alexander

It is somewhat ironic that while I sit here writing about the fantastic new video Michael Alexander sent me from his band Emby Alexander, they will be hitting the stage at The Lost Leaf–which is where I saw them last. Curiously enough, it was about that night where I was, according to Alexander, possibly the first one to write about a crazy crowd involved sonic experiment that blew my mind. I may have even coined the term for it, but I’m not sure about that. In early September, I wrote: “They even had an audience experiment we’ll call “The Emby Echo” which had audience members call the person next to them as they played a minimalist soundtrack to create a feedback loop between the phones and the mics. I really wished I had been stoned for that, though I kind of felt that way about the entire set. This experiment led directly, perfectly to my favorite track from the new album “Sexting My Friends.” It was my favorite moment of the evening and an unforgettable one. Now, everyone can have that wonderful moment with Emby Alexanders newest video “Emby Echo + Sexting My Friends.” Sure it’s at a different venue and here the sonic experiment went off much better, but is super fascinating to watch no matter where you are, whether at home or in the thick of it.

The video is recorded at ASU’s The Underground Foundation (TUF) house party. Of the sonic experimental introductory portion Alexander says “I’m obsessed with the idea that these unique and original sounds we create with the fans are made solely by this technology everybody is always carrying around with them but they never thought to use for this purpose. Mixing this commonplace item with cutting-edge sounds and application is the highest form of art.” Check out the crowds reaction to what happens and check out Alexander as he looks like a cellular technology messiah, it’s fascinating and great as everyone get’s into it. It’s only a matter of time until a band of this caliber and charisma will start a cult, if they haven’t already. The payoff in the end is a live recorded performance of “Sexting With Friends” which will be their second single off the stunning Frontispiece album released last Summer. Which, to quote myself again (I write a lot about Emby Alexander and they bring out the best in me) : “Sexting My Friends” should be the candidate for the second single from Frontispiece. I say this because every time it comes on, I just think it’s the catchiest fucking pop song I’ve heard in ages and I often have to play it two or three times until I’m completely satisfied. Completely endrenched in a 60s sensibility that would make The Kinks jealous. The song is one giant chorus with a bridge and it’s one of the most brilliant things I’ve heard in a while, an anachronistic hook, lyrically perfect for our modern times: “And you’re sexting my friends, and you’ll drive with your knees, did you think they’d never tell me, well true to loyalty they did, truth through loyalty they did.” Seriously, you have to hear it to believe it. If I ever meet Ray Davies, I’m playing this song for him.” Now hear it to believe it and enjoy the video below, sure it’s seven minutes long, but it’s time you won’t regret. After that, you may want to show up at Yucca Tap Room on Friday, October 31st where they will be joined by Celebration Guns, The Prowling Kind, Twin Ponies, The Kickback and The Hudson Branch, flyer below as well.