Happy Holidays From Some Lovely Locals

So here we are at the holidays and I’ve collected a bunch of holiday music for you to enjoy, some new, some from previous years, but all from some of my favorites. I always have mixed emotions about the holidays, so I will let the music just speak for itself.


Captain Squeegee’s front man Danny Torgersen in a fantastic Parody

Andy Warpigs in the best Christmas song I’ve heard in years.

Cori Rios of The Hourglass Cats channels his inner Elvis for this one.

The Hill In Minds bring us this holiday classic with the absolute class they deliver with everything.

Zero Zero throws a brilliant original in the ring with “I Know What I Want 4 Christmas”

Emby Alexander put out one of my favorite albums this year, two years ago they put out this lovely double sided Christmas single.

2012 was a good year for local Christmas music and this happened. Pretty great stuff from Japhy’s Descent, Banana Gun, Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special, Los Guys and Ghetto Cowgirl!

Finally, we have a brand new video for the holiday classic “The Chrismukkah Song” by Watch For Rocks, featuring Ted Organ from Darkness Dear Boy!

Sun Hypnotic have been releasing their Xmas Smeeches series for a few years now. Here is an 18 track retrospective of those collections, for an ultimately esoteric Christmas experience!

Sweet Ghosts are one of my favorite bands from Tucson, here they take on the Christmas classic “Silent Night.”

Pride Through Strife released their own take on the holidays with “A Very Merry Christmas”, enjoy the wonderful harmonies and their reggae fusion on this one.