Favorites of 2014

I’ve never done this before, at least here on soundsaroundtown.net, but this year I’m doing it. So, throughout the month of January I will be compiling and posting lists or single solitary articles about my favorite local music releases of 2014. This will include my favorite albums, EPs, songs, artwork, videos and anything else I can think of that affected me aurally last year. I call it “Favorites” for a specific reason. I don’t consider myself a music critic, more of a journalist or a writer, but not a critic. For one thing, I only write about music I like. Yes, I could post a list of all the music that came across my plate that I hated, music that wanted to make me jam an icepick through my ears, but I won’t, because I don’t feel that’s my place. I write about what I love. This isn’t a “Best of” list, I don’t think I’m in any position to declare or pontificate on what was “best” this past year. So, it’s favorites and there is a simple criteria for the choices. It’s all based on what I played the shit out of, what songs wouldn’t leave my head for days, what EP I played endlessly, what single held me hostage, what album wouldn’t leave me alone for three months. They may not be the “best” but they were my favorites of the year, they were the sounds around town that moved me, that made my day, weeks, months and seasons.

Each post will be a list of my favorites in the category that includes all but my top choice, the number one favorite will get its own post the following day. There will probably be some strange categories like “Favorite Albums I Didn’t Write About In 2014″ and other such nonsense. Some people that know me already know my choices for these picks, but I felt I should share them with everyone else. I’m feeling ambitious this year and I want to wrap up 2014 with a nice little bow. I also want to identify the artists who made a visceral impact on my life last year and thank them for what they do. These will be mixed with the regular or not so regular posts I do here as well. January is hopping and I don’t want to ignore everything that’s going on in real time while I wax nostalgic about the year past. So enjoy, but keep in mind, I’m not really judging anything, these are just the things that moved me last year in the order of how much they moved me. Now that I think about some of these categories may getting really fucking weird (“Favorite Album For Rainy Days” or “Favorite EP to Accompany With Tacos”), but we’ll see what happens. In review, some people were disappointed with 2014 with the disappearance of many a great band and the passing of many a great venue, but looking back, it was pretty fucking fantastic–you just needed to know where to look and listen and vibrate and smile.