Farewell to Leonardo DiCapricorn

It’s probably old news by now, but Leonardo DiCapricorn is no more. Luckily, they did not disband before playing a final show (which was amazing) and leaving us with a parting gift in the form of the Friends, Anemones EP.  It happens to be a perfect send off to an all too short lived band that lit up the scene with their intrinsic mania for less than two years. It starts with “B-Day Song” which is an insane rant about both confusion and birthdays. “Bummer Daze” is pretty much the star of the show and easily the perfect AZ single for the months of hellish heat that approach us, it’s never been summed up better.  Meanwhile “Dangerous Man” clocks in at just under two minutes and it reveals a bit more musical prowess than they usually show, it’s much the same song as the rest of them, but brilliant nonetheless. The breakneck speed does not abate on “Mocha Boba” and you start to feel that most of these songs are inside jokes with the band or perhaps only in vocalist Damon’s head, but still this is another great tune to add to your Summer soundtrack. “NUNU” was originally released last November and is reprised here in perfect company.  The finale on the EP and for their recorded career is “M.I.A.”, which might be one of their most musically fascinating numbers with the vocals delivered as very nearly spoken word. It also happens to be hilarious and entertaining at once. The entire EP is a perfect goodbye to their friends and their fans, Damon said that they “Almost forgot about it.” Well, luckily they didn’t  and we have the final chapter of their recordings for free or whatever price you want to pay on bandcamp. While the band with one of the most clever names ever may be no more, there is joy in knowing that while Brandon will pursue a life in microbiology, Damon (vocals/bass) and Joe (drums) will transmogrify into a new band later this year. As a special treat, in addition to listening their final parting gift below, Brian White captured the song they would ever play live together at their final show at Yucca Tap Room. It was perfectly, “Red Panda”, the very song that got me hooked on this trio in the first place. When they said they had one more song, I prayed it was going to be this one and it was. It was a great night and I can’t wait to see what Damon and Joe cook up in their next incarnation.