There Is Danger – Gold Mine EP

In 2013, in no uncertain terms, my favorite local album was Living Dreams by There Is Danger. I still play that album on a regular basis. Born from the ashes of The Whisperlights, Ills Riske had sojourned on to make some of my favorite music in the valley to this day. Their follow up EP, Gold Mine, is no different in this matter. First of all, Riske may be one of the more underrated songwriters in the entire town, secondly, he has an ear for chiming, amazing indie rock that should just grab your heart and run with it. The opener of the title track is a moody, questionable piece that invites you, literally, to follow you down. It’s a haunting number that is constantly inviting you to stay with it, which seems to be the entire point. It’s hypnotic and bewitching at once and ensure your absolute attention. “Unless” immediately quickens the pace and it may well be single worthy. It’s definitely a stand out track when performed live. Driven by Riske’s vocals and guitar and powered by the female backing vocals, it comes off as one of my favorite tracks of the five found here, and certainly one of the catchiest.

The thumping drum and darkness of “Invisible” is an interesting contrast, but nevertheless this shows as nothing less than brilliant. When you combine intelligent lyrics with this brand of indie rock, the combination is unbeatable. “Halloween” is a manic dance around the holiday in question, with an unusual Caribbean arrangement that suits it well. Musically speaking, it is one of the most engaging songs on the entire record. The finisher is “Youth”, which is easily the first single off the entire affair. It is over six minutes long, so maybe a radio edit is in order, because it is one of There Is Danger’s finest moments. It is also completely killer when performed live. If it had been my choice, this would have been the first track and the first the last. The entire EP from beginning to end is just solid and it makes me think that if I have to live life without The Whisperlights, I can get along just fine so long as There Is Danger keeps putting out music. Just have a listen below!

Be sure to catch There Is Danger this Thursday, July 30th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge with Tobie Milford and The Manuscripts. I saw There Is Danger just last week at Valley Bar and it was stunning. Milford has seemingly joined There Is Danger to bring them up to a seven piece band, I’m not sure if that will be repeated on Thursday, but it sure was great the other night.