Le Zets – Deadweight

Do you like garage rock? Have you ever thought that there might be a garage rock gene? I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I heard the debut album from Le Zets entitled Deadweight. When Nicole Laurenne(The Love Me Nots, Motobunny, Zero Zero) told me that her 17 year old daughter had started a band, I was pretty sure that I was in for something good. It turns out that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, that’s for sure. Margo Swann’s vocals also sound remarkably close to her mom’s with a touch of vitriol mixed in ala Chelsey Louise of Fairy Bones. Le Zets is Swann on vocals and keyboards and Richard Romero on guitars and vocals, live and on the album the drums are handled by none other than Bob Hoag, who also produced the album as well. This is ten tracks of pure garage rock bliss and to give you an idea of the breakneck speed with which they are delivered, the album clocks in at 25 minutes and only two songs exceed the three minute mark. It’s also insanely good.

Launching with the single “Favor For a Favor” which is wrapped around a brilliant blues riff that will be stuck in your head for days, the album really never lets up once. Songs like “Trouble In The Graveyard,” “Little Blue Dress,” “All I Want”, “Red Death Mobile” and “Lovely Eyes” are more traditional garage rock numbers and all contenders for future singles. The latter has a hilarious spoken word bit by Swann that’s simply fantastic.”LOBS” is the closest thing to a ballad on the album with Swann and Romero doing a White Stripes like call and response and it’s easily one of my favorites found here. No, it is absolutely my favorite here. I just love the hell out of that track. The album is just filled with single material with numbers as strong as “Burning Bridges,” “Merlot,” and “Show Me Some Love.” There is no filler found here, that’s for sure. Deadweight will be released June 19 on Atomic A Go Go (US) and Bad Reputation (Europe).

Be sure to catch Le Zets this Sunday at Valley Bar for the last Le Zets show of the year! That’s right, Margo has to go to school and study and concentrate on things that will be meaningless when she is a rock star. That said, education if done right, does enhance critical thinking if nothing else and that’s all worth it in the end. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t miss this show for the world because they will be joined by my ultra faves Fairy Bones and my new favorite band Bear Ghost…I mean seriously, fuck Monday, you have to do Sunday right at Valley Bar with this show. 8pm, be there sharp to thoroughly enjoy all the glory. Not enough motivation? Find below all the tracks for Deadweight–they are not in order, not sure why, but every track is here and they are brilliant so enjoy! If you like it enough, buy it on iTunes or your favorite digital distributor of music.