Luna Aura – Supernova EP

Let’s be clear, Luna Aura is an extraterrestrial in no uncertain terms. She is not of this Earth, I can’t prove it, but I’ve met her on many occasion and that only makes me more confident of this opinion. I assume her mission on this planet is to deliver quirky, danceable and intensely catchy Cosmic Dream Pop Electronica with a breathy voice that gives the soul chills with its sultry beauty. Here sophomore release is the Supernova EP and it’s every bit as addictive and fascinating as her debut which was delivered late last year.  This time, I have to admit, that every single track here could be given the remix treatment and it would be a boon to her catalog if she released a disco ready collection of adventurous mixes from both of her EPs. This release is, however, overshadowed by tragedy in her personal life with the loss of her baby brother earlier this year. Although the songs are overtly dreamy and some are downright upbeat and positive, the sense of loss is palpable on nearly every tune found here, just listen to the finale of “Trigger” which is, in context, heartwrenching–and yet it has universal implications for a lost loved one or a lost love. Aura’s songwriting depth has grown since her last release and Supernova somehow seems less abstract and more ultra-personal, but still alien somehow. The entire EP leaves the impression that this is an ode to her lost brother, but she takes that loss and makes into something that something that everyone can relate to whether in reference to a brother, sister, friend or lover. Songs like the single “Dancing With Your Ghost” and what should be the follow up single “Like You” exemplify this best. While “Gravity” and “Supernova” seem to be outside that realm there is still the sense of someone dealing with themselves and working out some serious shit. This is a cohesive follow up to her debut and light years more powerful emotionally. Maybe not as experimental, but certainly more mature. This should be a fascinating career to watch. Please listen below to this amazing sophomore EP and enjoy the alien spaces of Luna Aura’s music.

Be sure to catch Luna Aura release her EP at Live Wire this Saturday, August 28th joined by Slippe, Trill Tone, Sean Watson, Hijack and Fire In The Hamptons. This will be an amazing show!