What’s Going Ahhhn…

Clearly, there is a lot going on in town this weekend. Yes, there is the towering four day Summer Ends Music Festival at Tempe Town Lake. This year they don’t have any local acts so that is not my concern here (well, okay, Jimmy Eat World is technically local, but they don’t have a local stage this year). This means that’s it the start of “Festival Season” here, so to speak. That said, there is a lot of local live music happening in town this week as well, I combed the calendar and the venue websites and I came up with these fourteen shows to keep you going, just in case you don’t have a few hundred bucks to spare on the Tempe Town Lake experience this weekend or have no interest in what’s happening there.

When & Where: Wednesday, September 23rd, 8pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: This is a hell of a lineup for a Wednesday night. Come join the fun at Pho Cao for the Autumnal Equinox. Great drink specials, great giveaways, great food and oh, yeah, GREAT MUSIC! Brian Chase, Action Jets, Mill’s End and Companeros will all set the stage on fire in their various ways. If I didn’t have a ton of writing to do tomorrow, this is where I would be.
Other Details: Come celebrate with us on the last day of summer. This event will be sponsored by Alliance Beverage. There will be tons of drink specials: $2/pint of Mexican draft beer Cabotella; $2.5/pint of Anchor Summer Wheat; $3/pint of Anchor IPA; $5 Maestro de Ron Bacardi with coconut shelves cups giveaways. There will be tons of other cool T-shirts & hats giving away. Live music will be featuring:
Brian Chase 8pm.
Action Jets @9pm.
Mill’s End @10pm.
Companeros @11pm.
Everyone is welcome! 21 of age and over. It’s FREE!

When & Where: Thursday, September 24th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: If you have never heard Korbe Canida sing, then your life is lesser for it. She has what is possibly the best voice in all of Arizona, if not beyond. I mean, I could listen to her sing the telephone book. It’s mystical. This will be a great way to hear her and if it’s for the first time, then all the better. I’ve seen her many times in the last few months and now every time I miss a show, I feel a bit more empty. Don’t let that happen to you.
Other Details: Korbe Canida Music and Ronnie Winters Music are joining epic musical forces to make sweet sweet sounds for your ears to enjoy at the Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix! Come and take a listen!

When & Where: Thursday, September 24th, 9pm at Time Out Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I am not familiar with Thelma and the Sleaze, but I do know that Boss Frog and Strange Lot make my knees go weak. If you are set on getting some great rock and you want to stay in Tempe, this should be your destination.
Other Details: Enjoy an evening of rock and roll at your favorite Tempe lounge with some friends from Nashville!
Thelma and the Sleaze (Nashville)
Strange Lot
Boss Frog
21+ // Free

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 7pm at Cactus Jacks
Reasons To Attend: Cactus Jacks is picking up a lot of the traditional celebrations that used to be hosted by The Sail Inn. So now Tempe’s annual Lebowski party isn’t even in Tempe now. Nevertheless, this will be a hell of a time had by all. I highly recommend coming in a Lebowski themed costume, because that will make it all the more fun. Also, there happen to be some great bands playing.
Other Details: It’s that time again friends! Tempe’s Annual Unofficial Official Big Lebowski Party!!!
We will be showing the movie on multiple TV’s during the killer lineup! WHITE RUSSIANS for $5!!!! Come in Lebowski themed costume for a discount at the door! Games & prizes for best costume!

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 7pm at Yucca Lounge/51 West
Reasons To Attend: Speaking of events relocating after the demise of The Sail Inn, Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh has finally returned after an all to long respite. Check out all the details below. If you want to catch an amazing indie rock show, just check out the lineup at 51 West: Instructions, Boss Frog, Captain Samurai and Sonoran Chorus! It’s like a Rubber Brother Records orgasm. Seriously, this should be a great event utilizing all the hip stores and dives in the same plaza.
Other Details: Tempe Art A Gogh-Gogh Returns to Yucca Lounge / 51 West / Double Nickels Collective / Rocket Resale / Sky High
Mill & Southern Final Friday Sept 25th
***YUCCA LOUNGE*** 21+ bar w/ID – No Cover
HotRock Supajoint
Andy Warpigs
DJs KNS & Hanzerelli
Live Art by Dump La Rock & Queenloopy

Group Show curated by NXOEED
Tato Caraveo
Chad Knapp
Michele Hill
JB Snyder
James B. Hunt
Colton Brock
Kryas Hester
Craig Thornton
Jared Aubel
Dain Quentin Gore
Isaac Nicholas Caruso
Jules Demetrius
Dump La Rock

***51 WEST*** All Ages / $5 @ Door
Boss Frog
Captain Samurai
Sonoran Chorus

Live Art by Fin & DMER ONE

***DOUBLE NICKELS*** All Ages / Free
Strictly Vinyl set by STLB3
Live Art by Orlando & Kelso

***ROCKET RESALE*** All Ages / Free
Live Art by Noodle & Haboobs

***SKY HIGH*** 18+ / Free
Live Art by Intoxicated Art & Matty B.

#taaggline Live Artists:
Charles Wilkins
Smash Nash
Tony Deschiney
Spray Art by Dwayno Insano & Rezmo
The VIVA VOX Mobile Info Shop
Socially Acceptable
JP Manz’s Art

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 8pm at Time Out Lounge
Reasons To Attend: If you’re clever, you can hit the TAAGG event and this show at the same time, seriously, it’s not much of a walk between the two. Lawnchair is unveiling their new lineup, which has promised to be better than ever, plus they have a bunch of new songs in addition to the faves you’ve memorized from last year’s EP. Check out some great sounds and art all at once.
Other Details:Sept. 25th Lawnchair will be rocking Time Out Lounge (with the debut of our new lineup, might I add). Sharing the stage will be:
The Darling Sounds
Mrs. Howl
And Bacon Cat will be live painting and releasing their new book.

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Yep, here’s the second show for a metal band composed entirely of dudes that look like Ned Flanders. This time around they are being supported by Father’s Day so this is immediately highly likely to be one of the most entertaining shows available on Saturday night.
Other Details: OKILLY DOKILLY at The Rebel Lounge
Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1VJdaxg

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 9pm at CASA Lounge
Reasons To Attend: So, this is the third reference I’ve found to Dirt Moon today–which means when I have the time, I must check them out. They are throwing a shindig at CASA with the amazing Flight of Ryan and Broken Poets. You may want to check this out if you’re in the area or your too drunk to leave Tempe after the festival.
Other Details: Why end the party after Brand New wraps up summer ends fest? CASA is just down the street from Tempe Beach Park, drink the house down with Dirt Moon DUH

When & Where: Friday, September 25th, 8pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: It’s been a while since I’ve seen either Watch For Rocks or Upper Strata and both bands put on great show. Cassidy Alisa has a new band called Alienbass and that’s getting some talk about the town. If you’re hungry for great food and fantastic music, you may just want to head to Pho Cao on Friday night.
Other Details: Watch for Rocks plays with Steve Mak, Upper Strata, and Alienbass (ft. Cassidy Alisa) at Pho Cao. Watch for Rocks is on at 10 pm.
Pho Cao
Steve Mak @8pm.
Alienbass ft Cassidy Alisa @9pm.
Watch for Rocks @10pm.
The Upper Strata @11pm.
NO COVER! Everyone is welcome! All ages event!

When & Where: Saturday, September 26th, 7pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: I can’t believe this is the 4th annual Los Dias De La Crescent! I’ve gone the last three years and I feel compelled to go this year. I’m a little sad that it is no longer a two day event, but I’ll take what I can get, especially with the lineup for this thing. If for no other reason than Snake!Snake!Snakes! and Playboy Manbaby just recorded new albums and they will certainly be on fire! The entire lineup is solid and it keeps you in Phoenix for the night.
Other Details: Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1JUnhvp
***4th Annual – LOS DIAS DE LA CRESCENT at Crescent Ballroom – Celebration of Arizona Music !
*Presented with the Phoenix New Times

When & Where: Saturday, September 26th, 8pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Here is another fantastic lineup at Pho Cao this weekend. The peak of this evening, for me, is The Redemptions who are getting better and better and they’ve also started to do something called recording. This is, perhaps, part of what is making them better and better.
Other Details: Come join us for a fun night of live music as we are welcoming the nice weather. This show has a lot to offer – featuring some of the most talented & beloved bands in AZ:
World Class Thugs @8:30pm.
Horse Black @9:30pm.
The Counterfeit Party @10:30pm.
The Redemptions @11:30pm.
Sasquanaut @12:30am.
This show is 21 of age & over. $5 cover.
Serving delicious food til 2am!

When & Where: Saturday, September 26th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: It’s been too long since there has been a Tierra Firme show. There I said it. My secret hope is that I escape from Crescent long enough to catch their set, because they are one of my faves. This will be a great show and at such an intimate venue, it’s guaranteed to blow your mind.
Other Details: Tierra Firme‘s first show in a while. Come hang out and listen to some cool music all night!
Tierra Firme (space rock) https://tierrafirme-phx.bandcamp.com/album/eons
The Sun Machine (psych rock from Austin, TX) https://thesunmachineband.bandcamp.com/
21+ FREE

When & Where: Saturday, September 26th, 9pm at Tempe Tavern
Reasons To Attend: This is an amazing lineup of three of my favorite up and coming bands. I hate the venue for many reasons, mostly the sound which gives me a headache after about twenty minutes and I avoid shows here at all costs. That said, I thought you should know this is happening because of the lineup. I can only hope this exact lineup plays another night at another gig, because that would be stellar.
Other Details: There are no other details at this time other than that all three of these bands will rock your socks off.

When & Where: Sunday, September 27th, 7pm at Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: This is how you wrap up your weekend perfectly if you are not catching Kanye. This show is pretty much an indie scene wet dream. This will be a great time, I recommend that you get there early to catch I Am Hologram and stay late to catch Nerdzerker, Crunk Witch and Ichi Sound are the creamy filling in between those two cookies.
Other Details: ***SUN SEP 27th @ TRUNK SPACE – Phoenix AZ***
All Ages | $6 | Doors at 7pm
9:00 – Crunk Witch
8:15 – Ichi Sound
7:30 – I Am Hologram