What’s Going Ahhhn…

There are a lot of great shows going down to kick off the start of December right. Seriously, there is something fantastic every night this week. It appears that this is going to be a magnificent month for local music, because next week is even more insane. Check out the low down on the hoedown below.

When & Where: Tuesday, December 1st, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: The Riveras are playing shows again! This is like the second one in the span of a month and that’s exciting. They will be joined by Ana Log and Some Magical Animal, both of which are fantastic. This is a great way to get your week rolling in the right direction.
Other Details: December 1st, The Riveras are back at the Crescent Ballroom with Ana Log and Some Magical Animal! Doors are at 7, show starts 8. Check it! Here are the final set times. See you there!
Ana Log
Some Magical Animal 8:50-9:30pm
The Riveras 9:50-10:50pm

When & Where: Tuesday, December 1st, 9pm at Rockbar
Reasons To Attend: Shawn Johnson has been holding court with “In the Round” for some time now at Rockbar. Well, this will be the last one and he has chosen Sarah Chapman to join in the finale. It’s free, it’s fun and if you are a fan of wither Johnson or Chapman, you won’t want to miss this.
Other Details: Don’t miss Shawn Johnson‘s very last “In the Round” at Rockbar with special guest Sarah Chapman!!
No cover, so come on down!

When & Where: Wednesday, December 2nd, 7pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: Victor Cao is one of the coolest people I know with a great sense of combining great food, awesome beverages and amazing local music. He’s holding his birthday celebration and it’s going to be a hell of a party. All of the details are below. I highly recommend catching Moonbase, Boss Frog and Pride Through Strife, worry about Thursday morning the next day and let loose.
Other Details: We’re having a party in celebration of Victor Cao’s birthday. Come join the party with an awesome lineup of live music featuring Boss Frog, Moonbase, Pride Through Strife, Britt Devens, Jesse Val, Marc Norman, Michael Hank Leigh, Sass and guests.
Victor likes to make this date a musicians’ appreciation day. All musicians are cordially invited. There will be free food for all musicians who have played in the past or will be playing Pho Cao in the future. Complimentary food reception starts at 7pm to 9pm. Please join the event so we can get an idea of how much food we need to order.
Music By:
Michael Hank Leigh at 7PM
Sass 7:30pm
Britt Devens Band at 8pm-8:40
Marc Norman at 8:40pm-9pm (acoustic stage)
Moonbase at 9pm-9:45pm
Jesse Val at 9:45pm-10pm (accoustic stage)
Boss Frog 10pm-10:45pm
Special guests 10:45pm-11pm (acoustic stage)
Pride Through Strife at 11pm

Menu (Buffet style)
Southern Chicken Wings
Vietnamese Fried Egg Rolls
Combo Fried Rice
Beef Stir Fried Noodles
Lettuce/Cucumber salad
Birthday cake

When & Where: Thursday, December 3rd, 9pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: This is one of the craziest events I’ve seen in a while as far as jumping around genres. That in itself is pretty cool and every band here is pretty great. I’ve yet to see Bearistotle or Sleep Institute live, so I may have to check this out for my aural satisfaction on Thursday night.
Other Details: Check out some amazing music December 3 at Yucca Tap Room.
Bearistotle: 9pm
Sleep Institute: 10pm
Zodiac Bash: 11pm
Ichi Sound: 12am

When & Where: Friday, December 4th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I was beginning to think that we were going to say goodbye to 2015 without a release from Japhy’s Descent and I’m glad that I’m wrong. They will be releasing their brand new Senseless EP this Friday and joining them will be Captive Cooks, Fairy Bones and Wyves, which is to say that the lineup will be completely bad ass.
Other Details: Per Japhy’s Descent: “Hello friends!! We will be celebrating the birth of our new EP “Senseless” in the best way we know how with a big show full of great friends, amazing music and lots of art!! It has been an amazing experience making this record and we can’t wait to get it in your hands!! Brought to you by STEM Recording this album is a rocker and that’s exactly what you can expect at the show!! With performances by Captive Cooks, Fairy Bones, Wyves and of course Japhy’s Descent! $10 cover includes a copy of “Senseless” with live artist TBA. Come join the fun and don’t miss out on this great show live at The Rebel Lounge Friday Dec 4th!!”

Get your tickets here: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/995837-japhys-descent-senseless-ep-phoenix/

When & Where: Friday, December 4th, 7pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: If you are downtown and digging the First Friday vibe you may want to get to The Lost Leaf for some great weed smoking hip hop courtesy of HotRock Supajoint and some hard rock mysticism courtesy of EL!
Other Details: Come celebrate art and life with us this Friday December 4th at The Lost Leaf in Phoenix. FREE SHOW!! 21+

When & Where: Friday, December 4th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: This may be the most stunning lineup of the week. I have written about every single one of these bands, some at length, all because I love them. While I’ve seen most of them countless times, this will be my first chance to catch Nanami Ozone in action. I’ll let the lineup speak for itself.
Other Details: SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAKES!: https://www.facebook.com/snakesnakesnakesband/?fref=ts
EMBY ALEXANDER: https://www.facebook.com/embyalexander/?fref=ts
SADDLES: https://www.facebook.com/SaddlesMusic/?fref=ts
CELEBRATION GUNS: https://www.facebook.com/celebrationgunsband/?fref=ts
NANAMI OZONE: https://www.facebook.com/NanamiOzone/?fref=ts
Doors 7:00/ Show 8:00
*This event is 21+

When & Where: Friday, December 4th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: The Wind Playing Tricks are in from San Diego and with them will be some of Tempe’s finest surrounding them. This show goes late, so while the other venues are closing things out, you can pop on by Pho Cao for some great music, or you can just stay there all night long.
Other Details: Get your monthly dose of strange, entrancing music.
Outside patio will (hopefully) be ready!
9:00 The Rolling Blackouts
10:00 Snailmate
11:00 The Wind Playing Tricks
12:30 The Psychedelephants


1:00 Hostile Work Environment

When & Where: Saturday, December 5th, 8pm & Sunday, December 6th, 6pm at The Firehouse
Reasons To Attend: If you are looking for something exciting and weird to catch this weekend, look no further than The Firehouse Gallery. This is essentially a musical take by Serene Dominic on the movie Vertigo. There’s a lot of stuff going on this weekend, but I don’t think I can resist this gem of an event. If you are unsure, you can check the link HERE for the soundtrack to this daring musical adventure.
Other Details:From the directors who brought you Rocky Horror at the Firehouse, Sheri Amourr and Ting Ting.
With book & music by Serene Dominic, noted writer, musician and doomed love/Vertigo expert.

It’s A Swimming in the Head, a dark musical comedy, based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

The cast features the acting skills and vocal stylings of Joe Sawinski, Sara Griffin, Margo Brookover, Joobs and Serene Dominic, who will act in the show, as well as serve as musical director. Marcella Grassa and Jill Louise are the two narrators of the show, giving it a radically different spin, so to speak, having two women retelling the story. Come see Vertigo in an authentically curious tone!
Performances are on Saturday, December 5, at 8:00 PM, and Sunday, December 6, at 6:00 PM at The Firehouse Art Space in downtown Phoenix. This is an OUTDOOR venue! We will provide as much as we can to help keep you warm, but please dress in many layers, and wear gloves!
Online tickets: http://strivedreams.com/swimming/
Tickets also available at the door the nights of the show.

When & Where: Saturday, December 5th, 9pm at CASA Lounge
Reasons To Attend: This seems to be the only rock’n'roll happening in the valley on Saturday. I heartily suggest that you get to CASA Lounge to have your soul rattled by Rose Colored Eyes and Companeros.
Other Details: RCE Rocks CASA Lounge with AZ Garage/Punk/Soul band Companeros!!!! Come check out AZ’s finest Rock and Roll.

When & Where: Sunday, December 6th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: Here’s an awesome Sunday show for all of those of drinking age. Feel free to hit Yucca Tap Room and rock out on a Sunday, don’t worry, it looks like they have every intention of get you on the road by midnight. Monday is going to suck anyway, why not give it a reason.
Other Details: This is a FREE SHOW! 4 Great Bands at the Yucca Tap Room December 6th! Ages 21+
Deadfoxx: https://www.facebook.com/deadfoxxmusic/?fref=ts
8:00 PM – 8:45 PM
Kid Dynamite and the Blast: https://www.facebook.com/Kid-Dynamite-and-The-Blast-545380162148875/?fref=ts
9:00 PM – 9:45 PM
Painting Fences: https://www.facebook.com/Paintingfencestheband/?fref=ts
10:00 PM – 10:45 PM
Manic Monkeys: https://www.facebook.com/MANiCMonkeysBand/?fref=ts
11:00 PM – 11:45 PM

When & Where: Sunday, December 6th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I just got turned on to Daisy today and I’m excited to find out they are putting out a debut EP this Sunday. I was even more excited to find out that they were throwing a release party with my new faves New Chums, as well as Holy Fawn who just melted my mind this past weekend and Something Like December. They will be releasing their EP this week online, but you may want to see this live if the recordings I’ve heard are any indication of what’s to come.
Other Details: DAISY releases their new/debut EP titled “In Retrospect. $5 pre sale online at rebellounge.com or $8 at the door.