Please Help Field Tripp Record Their Album!!!

Photo by Bill Goodman

There are only a few days left to make all your dreams come true! Well, maybe not your dreams, but my dream and a lot of other peoples’ dreams that want to hear a new full length Field Tripp album that is actually recorded in the studio! I honestly consider Dan Tripp to be one of the finest songwriters that I know and I know a lot of songwriters. The man has literally more albums on his hard drive at home that he’s recorded than most artists release in a lifetime. But that won’t do this time. No, we need his band Field Tripp to go into a studio (in this case Flying Blanket) and work with a producer (in this case Bob Hoag) and record the songs you’ve been dying to hear on record (“Paid Time Off”, “Casa Blanca” and many, many more) as well as re-record some of his home made classics (“The Right Way”, “Nothing Is As Fun”, “Shotgun In A Hole” and many more). In order to do this Tripp & Co. needs some dough. I put my money where my mouth is and I just contributed $100 to this endeavor, though I might be willing to kick in some more. It hasn’t been since 2011 that Field Tripp put out a full length album, and that was their debut! In 2014 Field Tripp released three EPs in one year, all of them were instant classics, but they were home produced and honestly, those songs deserved so much more. Now it’s 2016, Field Tripp is better than ever and a few of the songs that they want to re-record sound so different live that they literally NEED to be recorded again.

Now Dan might be satisfied with not meeting this goal, and if that’s the case, he might just release an EP…another fucking EP. Granted, it would be recorded in the studio, but since we got him to the studio (which I’ve been begging him to do for two years now), he might as well record a whole damn album. I want to help make sure that’s possible. Maybe, skip a coffee and give the $5 to this endeavor or give more if you can. Over 1200 people like Field Tripp on Facebook. If everyone of those people gave a buck or two to this fundraiser Field Tripp could make the album they’ve always been meant to make. It’s really that simple. That said, if you’ve ever seen Field Tripp live or enjoyed their songs, please invest in their future, and give some money to make this album great again. Even if you don’t like Field Tripp, but your reading this, consider just contributing that way and being anonymous. Also, if Field Tripp is your guilty pleasure, you can donate anonymously and they will be none the wiser. I want this album. I need this album. You need this album, even though you might not know it yet. Dan can’t pay for it himself and I can’t pay for the whole thing either. Please, any amount will help and the perks are pretty amazing. Please, feel free to listen to The Field Tripp catalog below, the songs will only get better when recorded in a real studio with real adults. Also there is of course a link to the campaign and you can find it HERE! Give early, give often, give anything you can afford to give. Your reward will be one of the finest albums of the year.

Photo by Ray² Photography