What’s Going Ahhhn…

A fully loaded deck of awesomeness is what’s going on. Seriously, this is a fantastic week filled with music every night and plenty of releases happening around the valley. The weekend is, of course, ridiculous, even Sunday, yes  even Sunday has some truly fantastic options. Every night this week has a live music experience waiting for your ears. Check it all out below and stay tuned, more will be added as I find them or if they post flyers for the show.

When & Where: Tuesday, October 11th,
Reasons To Attend: Note to self, check out Black Sun as soon as possible. I checked out their page and they love Sunshower, so they at least have good taste. Holy Fawn is Holy Fawking great and if you haven’t seen them live by now, you’re really only hurting yourself. Self harm is no good. See them now.
Other Details: Details below…
Black Sun
Get advance tickets online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1251621-nothing-nowhere-phoenix/

When & Where: Wednesday, October 12th, 7pm at The Rhythm Room
Reasons To Attend: I finally caught Jay Allan & The Uncommon and they were indeed uncommonly good. There’s no false advertising there. Also, little known secret, The Rhythm Room has one of the best soundsystems in the valley. Seriously, I wish more local shows were going down here on the regular.
Other Details: Doors 7pm
Jay Allan & Uncommon Good 7:30
Wes Williams Band 9pm

When & Where: Wednesday, October 12th, 8pm at Valley Bar
Reasons To Attend: No, I’m not bringing this to your attention because I worship The Replacements and everything Tommy Stinson has ever touched. I’m bringing this to your attention because of Ghost In The Hollow. They are the very special guest cowboys Ghost In The Willow. I’ve never heard of them before, though local, and more to the point, one of those special guest cowboys will be Jed Foster, local luminary, bon vivant, and lead singer of The Bittersweet Way. That’s why you should be there Wednesday. Jed as a very special guest cowboy. Also, fucking Tommy Stinson!!!
Other Details: Details Below…
*This event is 21 and over
Get tickets at Stinkweeds, or here online http://ticketf.ly/2d0c6UC

When & Where: Thursday, October 13th, 5;30pm at Hayden Square Amphitheater
Reasons To Attend: Were you thinking to yourself “I sure would like to see Banana Gun sometime soon but I don’t really want to go to Apache Lake to do it.” Well, if so, I’d knock off early from work on Thursday and get your ass down to Mill Avenue so you can do exactly that. Seriously, this is pretty crazy and pretty cool. All the details are below and you could score a sweet Gift Card.
Other Details: Get ready to watch Banana Gun jam out under the lights at Hayden Square Amphitheater this Thursday evening! This week’s Beyond the Bricks givewaway is for a $100 gift card to RA Sushi Bar Restaurant, so be sure to enter the drawing at the info booth during the show!

Head down to Hayden Square Amphitheater every Thursday for Live Music, Giveaways, Beer + Wine, and Food from Downtown Tempe Eateries. Bring a blanket and get ready to listen to some tunes or round up your work squad for the best happy hour ever! Best of all, Beyond the Bricks, Thursday Night Live is completely free to attend.
Wine and beer available for purchase starting at 5:30pm for those over the age of 21. Live music starts at 6pm.
Enjoy food from Blasted Barley or Bacus Bros Hotdogs and Beer! Hackett Housepitality (Hackett House) serving beer and wine!
Check out the future line up at http://www.downtowntempe.com/beyond-the-bricks

When & Where: Thursday, October 13th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Citrus Clouds live. That’s really all I’m going on here. Also, it’s all you need to know. If you haven’t seen this band live yet, get your shoegaze on and catch their set.
Other Details: Details below…
mr. Gnome
Citrus Clouds
Desert Purple
Get advance tickets online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1242209-mr-gnome-phoenix/

When & Where: Thursday, October 13, 7pm at Valley Bar
Reasons To Attend: This show is one of the best things going at Valley Bar all week long. New Kingston, SensaMotion and my favorites, Pride Through Strife. Guaranteed great show.
Other Details: Details below…
wsg/ SensaMotionPride Through Strife
*This event is 21 and over
Get tickets at Stinkweeds, or here online http://ticketf.ly/2aeJ3zq

When & Where: Thursday, October 13th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL Rock alert! This show is going to set the room on fire. Seriously The Darts are the newest band from Nicole Laurenne (Love Me Nots, Zero Zero, Motobunny) and she’s brought The Hellflowers in from LA as well as Shovel, who I must check out, because if Nicole is putting them on this bill, they must be magnificent.
Other Details: The hometown debut of THE DARTS! With two of the southwest’s best grrl-fronted rock acts, Shovel (Phoenix) and The Hellflowers (LA).
8:30p Shovel
9:30p The Darts
10:30p The Hellflowers
9p / 21+ / FREE

When & Where: Friday, October 14th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be one of those “Best Shows of The Entire Season” kind of events. For one thing, if you weren’t aware, Fairy Bones were just scooped up by Highly Suspect for their tour and that’s what they’ve been doing for the last few weeks. That means they are going to come home, fresh from a tour and that means they are going to absolutely slay. After watching this scene for nearly a decade, if one thing is certain, when a band comes back from a great tour, they have never sounded better in their life. Hell, this happened to Fairy Bones after a mini tour. On top of all that hooplah, they are celebrating the release of their two new singles which will be available in “Cassingle” format I understand. Curiously enough, LUAU will have their new “Cassingle” on hand as well. Sonoran Chorus may try to sneak cassingles in your pocket when you’re not looking, mostly they will rock your fucking socks off. Treasure Mammal will bring the weird loud and strong to be sure. What’s it all mean? Rebel Lounge is probably the place to be on Friday night.
Other Details: ~ Fairy Bones Single Release! ~
Treasure MammaL
Sonoran Chorus
$8 ADV TIX: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1257025-fairy-bones-phoenix/
~~ 7PM DOORS ~~

When & Where: Friday, October 14th, 9pm at Rockbar
Reasons To Attend: I’ve seen Stone Mary before and they put on a great show. The Psychedelephants will be opening and they put on a great show. This is a solid win/win if your bound to Scottsdale.
Other Details: Rockbar inc. presents a night of raw ROCK with
–––––––– Stone Mary ––––––
with special guest
The Psychedelephants
and Renegade Audio’s
DJ Michael Hagen OnThePatio
9pmDoors • $5cover • 21+
ViP Table Res TEXT 480-331-9190

When & Where: Friday, October 14th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: It’s ladies night at Pho Cao and what ladies they have! Two of the most recognizable voices in local music regardless of gender, and certainly two of the finest when talking of The Sugar Thieves and Sara Robinson. This will be a powerful, intimate experience in a fantastic setting.
Other Details: This venue has a great vibe, very good food, and it’s ladies night with The Sugar Thieves and Sara Robinson. Only $7 at the door. Music starts at 9pm.

When & Where: Saturday, October 15th, 3pm at Fuego Bistro, Tempe
Reasons To Attend: Here’s an interesting thing in an interesting locale. I’d suggest getting your Saturday here and let it explode from there. The Glides will be releasing their debut EP at this afternoon event. This also seem like a cool idea and way to go about it. I’ve checked out the EP and it’s pretty solid. Current favorite jam from it: “In The Night”.
Other Details: Come celebrate the release of The Glides EP with friends and family and have some delicious latin inspired cuisine at Fuego Bistro.

When & Where: Saturday, October 15th, 7pm at Pranksters Too, Scottsdale
Reasons To Attend: This is a pretty amazing lineup! This is all that I ask of you, if you can’t make the show, check out the bands below, because these are some of the youngest members of the music community and they are making some fantastic tunes.
Other Details: Details below…
HeadStrum @ 9PM
Vintage Wednesday @ 10PM
House Divided @ 11PM
21+$5 at the door
All in a Rowe ProductionsPrankster’s TooThe Hall

When & Where: Saturday, October 15th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be sheer nostalgic madness. Literally. On many levels. I still miss Hollywood Alley. I can do it no further justice than the letter below.
Other Details: Hollywood Alley was more than a beloved dive on the Tempe/Mesa border. For almost 25 years it was a music venue that hosted exciting local, national and international acts. Rachel “Grandma” Hrutkay’s food was beyond amazing. The place had it’s own special vibes and attractions. Out of all of this and more, an ever expanding family of musicians, music lovers, fun seekers and a few mischief makers grew.
WELL…it’s time to get together again. This one is going to be quite a hoot! We are extremely confident that those of you who have not yet experienced a meal, a drink or a show at Shady Park yet will be very impressed. See you soon!
Ross and Fun Bobby
Fat Gray Cat
Fred Green
Hillbilly Devilspeak
Zig Zag Black
P.S. This is a 21 and older event. Valid I.D. is required for entry. The first band starts at 8pm sharp. Set times will be announced soon. Park in the pay lot NE of Myrtle and University.

When & Where: Saturday, October 15th, 9pm at Third Space
Reasons To Attend: All hail de’Lunula!!! And happy third birthday to you. Everyone gets to benefit from this birthday, not only for the writing on that cyber space, but also I wonderful lineup. Emby Alexander seems to have been on tour forever, so they’ll be road worn perfect, Militia Joan Hart will be intensely weird, 20ft Neon Jesus will convert you to new ways of thinking and feeling AND I want to draw your attention to Nonchalent, which is yet another descendent from the Naked Pizza family tree featuring members of Bacchus and Jerusafunk. That’s fucking exciting. I don’t know if that’s going to be a regular thing or just a one time deal. Cool either way.
Other Details: Come celebrate de’Lunula Media’s Third Birthday!
Bands! Booze! Bizarre!
Emby Alexander (weirdo indie pop)
Militia Joan Hart (psycho punk)
20ft Neon Jesus (your new religion)
Nonchalant (jazzy funk featuring members of Bacchus and Jerusafunk)
Live painting by Joe Gonzalez!
Plus two projectors aimlessly beaming the most bizarre bullshit you’ve ever seen for FOUR HOURS!
21+ // 9PM // $5 (so we can pay the bands, duh.)

When & Where: Saturday, October 15th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: Of note, Cheap Hotels is not able to make it to this show. The fabulous Jenny Jarnigan will be taking their place. That’s basically an even win for the energy of the evening with Manic Monkeys, Day Before Plastics and The Nutrients. This will be a fascinating evening.
Other Details: Come out for a night of fun times and tunage

When & Where: Sunday, October 16th, 8pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: Here’s the deal. Every band on this bill is going to blow your mind whether you know them or not. That seems to be what happens any time Jane N’ The Jungle are on a roster. And in this lineup I can guarantee that’s how it’s going to be again.
Other DetailsLakoda Jane N’ The JunglePainted BonesPeople Who Could Fly at Last Exit Live
Doors at 7:30 pm / 21+ $5
Show times:
8:00 pm – 8:40 pm — People Who Could Fly
9:00 pm – 9:40 pm — Painted Bones
10:00 pm – 10:40 pm — Lakoda
11:00 pm – ? — Jane N’ The Jungle
Come check out Lakoda on tour from Boise ID along with 3 great local acts for a night full of great music!

When & Where: Sunday, October 16, 8:00pm at Pub Rock
Reasons To Attend: I’m all in for Paper Foxes and Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds, plus there is a touring band. It’s a PsychoSteve show so this is probably a consistent lineup, which is to say, this particular take on Sunday will slay.
Other Details: No further details at this time.

When & Where: Sunday, October 16, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I’m excited any time I see B.O.T.S. on a bill because they play so infrequently and I hope that’s because they’ve been hibernating for months and months recording their next masterpiece. So that’s happening. In additions FITS now seem to be The Real Fits, which I thought was just a facebook thing until I saw it on the flyer and that makes me feel uneasy. Regardless of what they’re called, they’re fucking amazing live and each single they’ve pumped out is better than the last one. Yeah, this is going to be killer.
Other Details:
The Real Fits
*This event is 21 and over
Get tickets Stinkweeds, or here online http://ticketf.ly/2bNvjdi