What’s Going Ahhhn…

This is a banging week and to a lot of folks in Tempe this week is all about Apache Lake Music Festival, which is a big part of it, but if you’re not going there, there is a lot to do while spending this glorious weekend at home. One of my favorite records of the year will be released this Friday at Shady Park for instance. Also, shows from some of the best up and coming bands in the scene including the likes of El West, The Sink Or Swim, TOSO, and so many more are happening all over the place. Check out all the shows below and the details on ALMF as well!

When & Where: Wednesday, October 19th, 7pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: This was supposed to happen last week. Now it’s happening this week. It’s still great and it’s still questionable if The Blank Waves will be there since they have another gig across town. Stranger things have happened. Even if they’re not there, the lineup of Gimpheart, Andy Warpigs and Dadadoh should be enough to get you there.
Other Details: No other details at this time.

When & Where: Wednesday, October 19th, 8pm at The Rhythm Room
Reasons To Attend: Kikagaku Moyo will be playing The Rhythm Room. It’s the Arizona support I’m excited about though which in this case is The Myrrors from Tucson who make fantastic psychedelic rock and personal faves Strange Lot who also make some amazing psychedelic rock. I would advise you pre-game for maximum enjoyment.
Other Details: No other details at this time

When & Where: Wednesday, October 19th, 7pm at
Reasons To Attend: Mostly because this will be amazing. It’s a wonderfully fascinating mix of sights and sounds in this lineup. If I wasn’t pledged to writing through Wednesday night, this is probably where I would end up.
Other Details: Come out to The Rebel Lounge on Wednesday to support your scene with a night of some amazing local music! Ramses II is going to be playing with The Blank Waves and Sunn Trio, the show is only $5, doors are at 7:30! Get advance tickets online at: http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1347263-blank-waves-phoenix/

When & Where: Thursday, October 20th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Yeah, so I have to have all my writing for the week done by Thursday so I can make damn sure I’m at this show. I talk a lot about El West these days and that’s probably not going to stop for a while, but seriously if you haven’t checked them out by now, check them out now. Foresteater is amazing and Mikey Pro has wrapped one hell of an amazing band around this project to bring his recordings to life on the state. I need to research the other two bands on this roster, but I have a feeling this entire lineup is going to slay.
Other Details: Thursday October 20 at The Rebel Lounge, join El West, Foresteater, Waefare, and Thoughts Like Rockets for the next best thing to the El West EP. Doors open at 7:30 PM and show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door.

When & Where: Thursday, October 20th, 8pm at Time Out Lounge
Reasons To Attend: So I just caught T.O.S.O. for the first time a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t be more excited about that band. Seriously, it was one of the greatest local performances I’ve seen in a while…and I do mean performance. That night it was a disturbing Easter Bunny theme. It’s a different premise every time. If you are wondering what to do in Tempe on a Thursday night, do this.
Other Details: T.O.S.O. (Tempe) and Not Nearly (Flagstaff) combine forces to embark on the Spicy Boiz Tour starting with this kick-off show Thursday, October 20th! FREE SHOW / 21+ / 8PM
Prepare for this eclectic lineup of:
Antenaut (Tantalizing Prog Rock): http://antenaut.bandcamp.com/
Soma (Engulfing Psych Punk): http://so-ma.bandcamp.com/
Not Nearly (Submersing Math Rock): http://notnearly.bandcamp.com/
T.O.S.O. (Exorcising Desert Groonge): http://toso.bandcamp.com/

When & Where: Thursday, October 20th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Reasons To Attend: The Vibrators are legendary. If you haven’t heard of them it’s okay, you’re only 40 years behind in punk history. Contradiktion is fantastic pop addled punk and Action Jets are fantastic punk addled pop. I need to find out about The Dark Hearts. The point is this is going to be a magnificent high energy show from people that will make you realize that you are wasting your youth on being young.
Other Details: 13th Floor Entertainment Presents A Free Show
The Vibrators
The Dark Hearts,
Action Jets

When & Where: Friday, October 21st, Noon at Apache Lake
Reasons To Attend: If you’ve never gone, you should probably go. If for no other reason than to watch some of your favorite local bands in beautiful surroundings and a lot of rampant drunk people. Don’t plan on sleeping if your camping.
Other Details: Apache Lake Music Festival is a two-day music festival showcasing the best bands in Arizona. Celebrating its seventh year in 2016, the sounds and sights are some of the best the state has to offer, and the campsites on the lake’s beach are unbeatable.
For more information, please visit our website:www.apachelakemusicfestival.com

When & Where: Friday, October 21st, 6pm at Fifty One West
Reasons To Attend: I’ve been checking out Colten Hood’s songs recently and to be fair, he’s the only artist I know on this lineup. That said, it’s probably worth going for him alone, but I’m betting he’s the kind of guy that keeps good musical company.
Other Details: The Icarus Account on their national tour is coming to Tempe!
Enjoy live music at the intimate venue of FiftyOne West before hitting the bars on Mill ave.
All ages

When & Where: Friday, October 21st, 7pm at 2300 E Pebble Beach Dr, Tempe
Reasons To Attend: Fan-freaking-tastic house show alert. Check the details below, but Holy Fawn and Whither Is God should be enough to get you there. One day I’m going to pay Holy Fawn to play a show fully amplified in the middle of a forest, because I think it will open a dimensional gateway. I’ll have to save my money for that though. In the meantime, this is pretty close.
Other DetailsMumblr is an incredible band coming through from the east coast on tour.
HOLY FAWN is an incredible band from right here in our own backyard.
WHITHER IS GOD is a new band that is already rippin through the valley scene .
Sideyard is a rad shoegazy band and they have a sick podcast, they should interview Mumblr after the show tbh

When & Where
: Friday, October 21st, 9pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: I’ll be honest, I’ve had the debut EP from Jane N’ The Jungle for a couple weeks now and it blows me away every single time. I have been waiting for this record from pretty much the first moment I saw JNTJ and it truly delivers. Add The Sink or Swim and Dirt Moon to the roster and it’s a perfect evening. Please keep in mind The Breaking Pattern cancelled their appearance from this lineup, earlier flyers featured their name, the correct lineup is listed here.
Other Details: Get ready for one of the most anticipated local CD releases of the year! Jane N’ The Jungle has already put on an amazing performance at Shady Park for their music video release back in May and are sure to deliver yet another explosive performance with two more of our favorite local acts. Show up early to enjoy our new Umami ramen bowls and $1 sake bombs, or a signature thin crust pizza and $4 draft beers. Check out our music lineup below and we’ll see you here!
Doors @ 8:30 pm
Collin Freestone on the keys after each band until close
9:00 ~ Dirt Moon
10:00 ~ Jane N’ The Jungle
11:00 ~ The Sink or Swim
$5 door | 21+ only | Tip your bartenders

When & Where: Friday, October 21st, 9pm at Cactus Jacks
Reasons To Attend: To be perfectly honest, this lineup should be at Last Exit or Rebel or Rogue, because it’s amazing. That said, Cactus Jack’s isn’t really that far away from anything, they also have great food, lots of room and some of the best damn salsa I’ve ever had in my life. This feels like something of an Audioconfusion lineup, but I’m not sure if The Old Storm has recorded with Jalipaz. I know that Sedan Sedan and Elephant Gunn have done some pretty wonderful things there lately. Brilliant lineup.
Other Details: No other details at this time.

When & Where: Friday, October 21st, 9pm at Rip’s Fine Ale & Cocktails
Reasons To Attend: If you’re looking for great punk rock and creepy fun, look no further than Rip’s on Friday. Also, it’s pretty much your only option for great local music on the Phoenix side of town this Friday.
Other Details: Bringing the Creepy to Phoenix. It’s Halloween-time!

When & Where: Saturday, October 22nd, 6pm at FiftyOne West
Reasons To Attend: I can only account for Westbrook here, but from what I know and have seen from them on past lineups is that they keep great company musically speaking. This is almost assuredly the case with this show. Also, damn near anything FiftyOne West is doing these days is brilliant, so if that’s your scene plan on spending the night.
Other Details: Band details below…
Hold Close
Just Friends
Second GO
Promise to Myself

When & Where: Saturday, October 22nd, 8pm at Chopper John’s
Reasons To Attend: Every time I read the set times I wonder, “Will the Flaming Lips be done by then.” I am all about the middle two bands here The Monk Destroys The Monastery and ExSupermodels are both great and I’ve been listening to everything they’ve been putting out. Hell, I may just skip the Flaming Lips because I’ve never seen these two before. You may want to check them out.
Other Details: Chopper John’s is pleased to present a show for the ages this Saturday, Oct 22nd featuring ExSupermodels, Back In The Saddle (Arizona’s premier Aerosmith tribute band!), The Monk Destroys The Monastery and Surfside IV!You don’t want to miss this exciting, eclectic and diverse lineup!
Band times:
Surfside IV – 8pm
The Monk Destroys The Monastery – 9pm
ExSupermodels – 10:15pm
Back In The Saddle – 11:15pm

When & Where: Sunday, October 23rd, 3pm at FilmBar
Reasons To Attend: The Saturday event has sold out, so I don’t need to tell you that here or mention it because you are either going or your not. That said, they’ve managed a second screening on Sunday! Check out RPM Orchestra doing magnificent things while you also enjoy Nosferatu.
Other Details: A woman risks her life to end a vampire’s plague of death and pestilence. One of the silent era’s most influential masterpieces, Nosferatu’s eerie, gothic feel set the template for horror films that followed.
“A long time ago in middle Europe, a decrepit, forbidding castle stood. Casting an ominous shadow over the townspeople who dare not look upon it, the unholy dwelling is home to one Count Orlok (Max Schreck), an undead night creature with a taste for human blood, in the first screen adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel “Dracula,” directed by the legendary F.W. Murnau.”
RPM Orchestra, a music ensemble based in Phoenix, is one of 300 or so acts globally that score silent films in a live theater setting today. Nosferatu will mark its 10th silent film screened so far.
Tickets for the Oct. 22 screening are now SOLD OUT!
Due to popular demand, a 2nd screening has been added:
Silent Film Score MATINEE: Nosferatu – Sunday, Oct. 23 @ 3:30pm. Tickets for this Sunday matinee are available at:

When & Where: Sunday, October 23rd, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Member of loud bands making softer noises and loud bands making softer noises. It appears to be the theme of the evening. The Breaking Pattern and Troubled Minds will both be playing special acoustic sets, which will be much softer than what they normally do. Or not. This should be interesting.
Other Details: Details below…
aaronrgillespie (of UnderoathThe Almost)
Ace Enders (of The Early November)
Vinnie Caruana (of Official: The Movielife)
with special acoustic sets by:
The Breaking Pattern
Troubled Minds
Get advance tickets at http://www.therebellounge.com/event/1247653-aaron-gillespie-ace-enders-phoenix/