What’s Going Ahhhn…

Well hot diggity damn this is a stunning week that marches directly into next week while gently stepping over Sunday. Never fear, I’m sure a Sunday show will pop up in the next few days, maybe Andy Warpigs will play. Either way, I’ve included next Monday here because I’m planning on catching those shows and this will be the only chance to put them on blast. That said, we’ve got at least three record release shows scattered about, mostly on Saturday and all with impressive lineups.  Also, imagine below that “Other Details” is “Reasons To Attend” and vica versa, I realized I had switched them in the template about 16 shows in. Let’s kick it…

When & Where: Wednesday, January 18th, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Other Details: This right here is a Saturday show on a Wednesday night. Possibly the best Wednesday night lineup ever. No offense to the other shows happening this evening, but this is the most solid local show from beginning to end. It’s also Weird Radicals first time headlining and it’s what, their fourth show? Awesome.  They just compiled last years singles into an EP and will soon delight us with more singles. Andy Warpigs is my kind of cult leader, he could be your kind of cult leader too. The Edisons put out one of my favorite EPs of last year that I discovered disastrously late in the game, but it’s amazing and I am stoked to see how they pull it off live. Soft Deadlines put out one of the best records of last year and their best record to date and there live show will melt your face. When I first came around to them their recordings were exciting but there shows weren’t much to talk about, now that’s more than evened up and they are one of my favorite live acts around town. See. It’s fucking stacked.
This concert could be hazardous to your health!

Soft Deadlines 8 PM
The Edisons 8:45 PM
Andy Warpigs 9:30 PM
Weird Radicals 10:15 PM

When & Where: Wednesday, January 18th, 8pm at Pho Cao
Other Details: This is the most peculiar lineup of the night and it seriously fascinates me. Like, if I wasn’t sworn to be elsewhere I would want to see this because of the unlikely possibilities or the possible unlikeliness of everything here. I think it should be filmed in its entirety and turned into an indie flick.
Reasons To Attend: Live music, drinks, and food!
No cover. Music starts at 8pm:
-Jordan Cruz
-Taylor Vega
-The Death Cats
-Nocturnal North
Come join the fun!


When & Where: Wednesday, January 18th, 8pm at
Other Details: American Wrestlers are great, but I’m here to talk about Paper Foxes and Royaltides. I’m going to talk a lot about both of those bands this year I have a feeling. I listened to the new Royaltides song like sixteen times today. I’m not actually exaggerating. Champing at the bit to see that go down live. Paper Foxes are just the bees fucking knees as far I’m concerned. I documented that pretty well last year, and the year before, I don’t see much changing in that regard. Brilliant combo.
Reasons To Attend: Details below…
American Wrestlers
wsg/ Paper FoxesRoyaltides
*This event is 21 and over
Get tickets Stinkweeds, or here online http://ticketf.ly/2f1j0tk

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 6:30pm
Other Details: So I went to the last Night of Neuralgia and it was freaking amazing. Like, not a little cool or lightly entertaining, but like all out, freaked out enlightenment through total disengagement from reality through experiments in light and sound. These noise nights are actually enlightening events and I cannot recommend them enough if you have an open ear and an open mind about how you think about and experience sound. This lineup is solid, one dip in the noise pool and you’ll be hooked.
Reasons To Attend: PHX SUX and the Fine Art Complex 1101 present a very special night of noise music on inauguration day.
In solidarity with the Nasty Women Exhibition (http://nastywomenexhibition.org/) we present to you an evening of noisy women. Location is at the Fine Art Complex 1101 (http://www.fineartcomplex1101.com/) near University and Hardy in Tempe.
This is part of the Phoenix contribution to this exhibition at Grand ArtHauson Jan 14 and Jan 20. (https://phxnastywomen.wordpress.com/) PHX SUX will be publishing a call for art shortly, requesting submissions for physical arts like painting and sculptures for the ArtHaus exhibit and performance and video artist for this event.
All ages. Voluntary door charge with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood of AZ.
neuralgia [n(y)o͝oˈraljə]
intense, typically intermittent pain along the course of a nerve, esp. in the head or face.

Music by:
Lana del Rabies is the solo electronic project of media artist Sam An. She creates rhythmic chaos from digital and analog sources. She has work on Deathbomb Arc records and Records Ad Nauseam.
DJ Sinaptik is Dr. Shelby Cave. She spins at fetish, industrial, aggrotech, EBM, power noize, rhythmic noize, punk, metal and goth events for night clubs as well as traditional and online radio stations. She has been active as a DJ and promoter of underground and independent artists since 1997, and is currently the owner/DJ/promoter behind Dark Ceremony Entertainment.
Jessica Dzielinski is a Phoenix based art and music maker who draws inspiration from colors, patterns, textures, and found oddities, both natural and human-derived.
E Alo composes melodic, rhythmic, instrumental, stories from scratch. Music has always had a deep emotional effect on her, and she hopes to inspire positive feelings in those who take in her sonic expression. She wants to warm hearts, touch souls, and move feets!
Chelsea Claire is an Arizona-based Actor, Model, Punk Singer and Noise Musician. She is currently a part of two music projects, Kill Follins and Fugly Chuds, and she enjoys collaborating with artists in as many mediums as possible, as well as supporting the art community.

From opening for blockhead to after parties for producers like eastghost, to playing Beat shows all over Arizona at venues like last exit live, Tempe tavern, thirdspace etc, Aesthetically Sound. is a DJ, producer, and artist on the come up and has been doing it for only about a year. Ranging from original ambient tracks to twerk, to moombah, to deep house, the range of sounds and feels is broad enough to vibe out for awhile.
Althea Pergakis and Jennifer Anderson both hold BAs in a made-up subject from a local university. They like making weird shit, preferably in exchange for money.

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 7:30pm at The Nash
Other Details: House of Stairs. I am really hoping for some great things out of them this year. Everything I hear them do from their originals to their covers just arrests my spirit, captivates my attention and engages my ear completely. This will be real cool Friday night.
Reasons To Attend: Holly Pyle–vocals, Shea Marshall–saxophone/bass clarinet/synth, Garrison Jones–keys, Stephen Avalos–drums
Named after MC Escher’s manipulations of 2D mediums, House of Stairs is a quartet of multi-dimensional jazz musicians that mix elements of pop and progressive soul with electronic instruments and looping devices. The band includes vocalist and loop artist Holly Pyle, Garrison Jones on keys and keyboard bass, Stephen Avalos on drums and Shea Marshall on a collection of instruments including bass clarinet, saxophone, harmonica, accordion and synth for added textures. Garrison and Stephen initially met in a jazz combo at Scottsdale Community College. Two years later they found Holly at a few local jazz shows; immediately they started composing music together at a driven pace and haven’t stopped since. Shea, Holly’s partner, adds additional elements and arrangement ideas when not performing with his regular project, The Sugar Thieves.

Initially the group rearranged compositions already completed by Holly, but since early on the approach has been more collaborative and synesthetic, building upon blocks of improvisation and layering soundscapes with additional intricately woven strands of poetry. Holly’s vocals range from an ethereal choral soundscaping to a soulful timbre reminiscent of Erykah Badu to an occasional grit inspired by Etta James. Most distinctive to the group is their use of live-layered vocals alongside polyrhythmic textures and Dilla-inspired backbeats.

Admission: $15, $8 Students w/ ID

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Other Details: The only band I can account for here is Dirty Sunset and they’re worth the price of admission alone. Also, keep your ears on Dirty Sunset this year, I have a feeling some of last years demos will be this years singles.
Reasons To Attend: Doors at 8//21+ $5 Cover
The Christopher Walkens
August in Stereo
Dirty Sunset

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 8pm at Shady Park
Other Details: What’s that? You just want balls to the wall rock’n'roll for your Friday night? Shady Park. Done deal. Wyves are the best. Sunset Voodoo are killing it with single after single. Young’s Modulus had one of the best full length local debuts ever. Apparently I need to check out Mind Upside, because I suspect this is a perfect lineup with a solid vibe throughout. Nitty, gritty, down and dirty rock.
Reasons To Attend:  Door @ 8:00 pm // 21+ only
WyvesSunset VoodooMind Upside and Young’s Modulus!
Join us for a full night of high energy Rock & Roll and of course, Shady Park’s very own Collin Freestone on the keys between each band until close!
Also celebrating veteran musician Brenden McBride‘s birthday, so come get down to his thunderous basslines and buy him a birthday shot or two! Legend has it that he only gets better the more teqila he consumes…
See you next Friday!

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 8pm at Wasted Grain, Scottsdale
Other Details: Analog Outlaws have been impressing me for a couple years now and I am totally stoked to hear their full length album “Open Road.” After two successful EPs, I’m curious to see how these teen prodigies take on a long player. This is going to be pretty great. Plus, Marc Norman!
Reasons To Attend: FREE + All Ages! Analog Outlaws’ NEW ALBUM “Open Road” Release Show! January 20th at Wasted Grain Scottsdale at 8pm!
Special Guest: Marc Norman (Acoustic) @7:30pm

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 8pm at Yucca Tap Room
Other Details: On the other hand you could pray for an indie rock cornucopia of some of the coolest, youngest bands rocking out in this town and for that I would direct your attention to this immaculate fucking lineup that snuck up on me today. I just keeping my head in disbelief at how freaking solid this is and if you think I’m overstating the case, just click on the links and follow the music. Fucking brilliant.
Reasons To Attend: **NO COVER – GREAT LOCAL BANDS**

When & Where: Friday, January 20th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Other Details: I swear that whatever I do on Friday night, I need to end up at Pho Cao by Midnight to catch Dream Guns. Granted, I want to see everyone on this bill, but I heard some soundcloud demos of this crew and it blew my freaking mind. Totally solid magic that I’ll  be following closely this year. Aside from that EL always rocks the house, I can’t laud The Edisons enough for their debut record and I keep hearing great things about Dierdre which makes me curious indeed.
Reasons To Attend: Come out and enjoy a solid line up! Set times are:
Dierdre at 9pm
The Edisons at 10pm
EL at 11pm
Dream Guns at 12am
Everyone is welcome! $5 donation at the doors.

When & Where: Saturday, January 21st, 11am at 1101 E. Alameda Dr.
Other Details: So there is this goddamn beast all day Saturday and well, holy hell just look at it. TOSO may or may not be more than one of the bands listed below, just saying. No matter what, this is going to be unbelievably ridiculous fun. I’m praying for sunshine so I can get there early and make a plan for the day. Check it out in all of its glory below.
Reasons To Attend: TOSO presents an ALL AGES Live Music and Live Art event in the heart of their trash wasteland. Three stages, one art garden, and an afternoon of entropy await.
$5 Entry Fee
11:40A-12:00P: Dumpster Bros
12:00P-12:30P: Songs Lacking Talent
12:30P-12:50P: Tru Barz
12:50P-1:20P: Antenaut
1:20P-1:50P: Mama Butane
1:50P-2:10P: Trent.
2:10P-2:30P: The Assholes
2:30P-3:00P: Sideyard
3:00P-3:20P: 2trainz
3:20P-3:50P: From Mars -Az
3:50P-4:20P: Andy Warpigs
4:20P-4:50P: 20 Ft Neon Jesus
4:50P-5:20P: RNA
5:20P-6:20P: TOSO
6:20P-6:50P: Dadadoh
6:50P-7:20P: Consumer
7:40P-8:10P: TheLocals
8:25P-8:55P: Aerico
9:10P-9:40P: Soma
9:55P-10:25P: The Sink or Swim
10:40P-11:10P: Gracie Reed and the Sunspots

Live Art by:
Frankie Clock
Kylie Walstad
Kellina Templeton
Sierra Randall
Nathan Schulte
Tom West

Comedian lineup to come.
Please message the T.O.S.O. band page for inquiries:Http://www.facebook.com/tosoband

When & Where: Saturday, January 21st, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Other Details: This week has a lot of “Stupidly Good” lineups and this is so good it makes me angry. The Lonesome Wilderness have a great new EP to give you this evening and they will be joined by Snake! Snake! Snakes!, No Volcano, Field Tripp, and The Human Torch. It’s rare a show has four of my favorite live bands on the lineup, but that’s the case here.
Reasons To Attend: Join The Lonesome Wilderness in celebrating the release of their second EP, “Lush,” along with the second anniversary of Onus Records, featuring the World’s Greatest Merch Booth and more surprises.
Free cd with admission, plus limited edition cassette tapes by Saint Joseph.
With performances by
The Lonesome Wilderness
Snake! Snake! Snakes!
No Volcano
Field Tripp
& The Human Torch
MC’s by Serene Dominic

When & Where: Saturday, January 21st, 8:30pm at Last Exit Live
Other Details: I’ve been waiting three years for Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold to release this album. They were so excited about it they enslaved elves to leave a copy of it on my doorstep. I was impressed. I’m even more impressed with the album. A lot can happen in three years. decker. will be there and he’s like the Duke of Last Exit and completely rules that stage. Also, if you haven’t seen Hostile Work Environment lately, you may want to fix that shit because I caught them the other week and the entire crowd was utterly blown away by their performance. I was blown away, I was more blown away because people wouldn’t shut the fuck up about their set. Seriously. Solid evening to have your mind blown.
Reasons To Attend: Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold finally release their debut album with decker. and Hostile Work Environment on hand!

When & Where: Saturday, January 21st, 9:00pm at Chopper John’s
Other Details: El West are simply one of the best bands in town right now and they are on an ambitious streak which is nice to see. Ghost Cat Attack are working hard on their debut EP which is shaping up nicely while their live show has been pretty searing lately. The Pleasure Victims put out a fantastic record last year and their live shows have always been highly regarded. This is tightly crafted night of pop, rock and pleasure.
Reasons To Attend: A night of badass rockers at an intimate venue- and a FREE SHOW!! Don’t miss this one ;)
El West
The Pleasure Victims
Ghost Cat Attack

When & Where: Saturday, January 20th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf
Other Details: I’m not sure what “Graveyard Indie Rock” is, but that’s what Ned and the Dirt call themselves and it seems like a good idea. Anyway, Weird Radicals is apparently headlining this one as well. I love watching their star rising. Check it out for some fun in a very, very small venue.
Reasons To Attend: We’re bringing our fuzzed out 90′s Alt Revival sound and sweat drenched live set to the Lost Leaf.
We’re jazzed to have Weird Radicals headlining the night. It’ll be a fine marriage of the CA and AZ fuzz.
Ned and the Dirt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCp2Eac-Two
Weird Radicals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZU-1oSQiVY

When & Where: Monday, January 23rd, 8pm at 315 S Beck, Tempe
Other Details: Darling Sounds Haunt was one of my favorite records of last year and catching them live would be worth the admission alone. The lineup is solid and I have some homework to do on Strange Tamers.
Reasons To Attend: Second TUF show of the semester!
Doors at 7. Show at 8
$5 Cover NO JERKS!
Flyer by Nate Ray
Darling Sounds
Strange Tamers
James Band
Lil Trip

When & Where: Monday, January 23rd, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Other Details: Umm, yeah, right? On a Monday? Well, fuck Tuesday then. Seriously, this show is completely off the hook and you should mak it a priority. Sundressed is going to have some major announcement a few days before the show. No idea what that’s about. It will probably be really great news. Anyway, Celebration Guns, Mimelight, Sideyard, The Cardboard Swords and of course, Sundressed. Jesus, bring a change of pants to this thing.
Reasons To Attend: THE CARDBOARD SWORDS / SUNDRESSED at The Rebel Lounge
Locals: Celebration Guns Mimelight and Sideyard!