What’s Going Ahhhn…

Getting this out a little late this week, which I suppose is better than not getting this out at all like the last two weeks. Regrets? Maybe a few, but hey, I do this for free so that you can give your money to the musicians that make your ears fire up. Anyway, check this out, because there’s a lot of cool stuff going down over the next four nights, some of it costs money, some of it is free, some of it you’ll hate and some you’ll love. Enjoy it while you have it, whatever get’s you going…a lot to choose from. Also, some killer record releases.

When & Where: Thursday, January 9th, 6pm at Tempe Center for the Arts
Reasons To Attend: I love this kind of thing, because it gets great music to people that may not mingle with the scene quite as much and vica versa. Any opportunity to get the local music we have into the community if fantastic. And this is awesome, because of Treasurefruit. It’s free, it’s family friendly and it’s Treasurefruit. This sounds like a wonderful way to start the evening.
Other Details: Join Treasurefruit for an intimate happy hour concert overlooking the lake in the lobby of the Tempe Center for the Arts. With special guests (including saxophonist Dave Siebler), some choice sing-alongs and an extended set, we look forward to showing you yet another side of the Treasurefruit prism. This event is free, family friendly and as fancy or casual as you’d like it to be. Featuring wine and cheese board specials, the Paz Cantina food truck, and open art gallery exhibits for your perusal.

TCA’s New Happy Hour
Join us at Tempe’s newest after work gathering spot offering live entertainment, art, food trucks, tapas style appetizers, and $25 “Bottle & Board” wine specials. EDGE showcases the best of the Valley’s talent in a laid-back space overlooking Tempe Town Lake.

EDGE runs Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the TCA Lounge | 5 – 8 pm
Bar opens at 5 pm with food served from 6-8 pm.


In association with KWSS 93.9 FM and the City of Tempe

When & Where: Thursday, January 9th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: North By North stop by Phoenix regularly and that’s something you should be thankful for with such a great band from Chicago stopping by once more. They will be joined by a STACKED lineup of Sunn Trio, The Lonesome Wilderness, The Echo Bombs and Sunset Voodoo. That’s like you get to see an awesome local show and North By North is the magnificent icing on the cake.
Other Details: Sunset Voodoo, North By North, The Echo Bombs, The Lonesome Wilderness, Sunn Trio
21+ || The Rebel Lounge || 8:00pm || TICKETS: http://ticketf.ly/2kPoTBm
Sunset Voodoo

North By North (Chicago, IL)

The Echo Bombs

The Lonesome Wilderness

Sunn Trio

When & Where: Thursday, January 9th, 8:30pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: I want you to check out the artists below using the links and I also want you to not the fantastic genre descriptions beneath each because that shit is amazing. This show is amazing. That’s all you need to know.
Other Details: Who needs Valentines Day when you’ve got ValenBYNES Day! This February 9th we celebrate the life of America’s most iconic fashionista, Amanda Bynes! Everyone knows #ShesTheMan! Come dressed in#AllThat it takes to become your favorite version of Amanda and show everyone #WhatILikeAboutYou! Best “Amanda, Please!” costume will win something truly worthy of being relevant in 2013!
- Music -
(Pimped Out Psychedelic Southern Gangsta Dance Music)

(indigenous Post-Post Thrasher Indie-Surf Hop

Gran Turismo 89
(Wavy Retro Anime Vapor Goth)

(Early 2000′s Yiffy Alternative Love Punk)

Chasing the Daze
(Groovey Acidic Decay of Modern Electro-House Funk)

Via Tvlife Entertainment

When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 7pm at The Trunk Space
Reasons To Attend: I got to catch Lav Andula at a recent noise show and I was super impressed and I wanted to say something to Lav Andula, because it was the first time I’d ever heard any of Lav’s material, but then I’m also a freak about being able to introduce myself to anyone new so I went outside and stared at the sky. Either way, you should really check out Lav Andula and this album release show because it’s going to be wonderfully weird and it WILL expand your mind (drugs not included, some assembly lines required).
Other Details: Thrillerscope Presents: Lav Andula album release
Hex Marrow
Lana Del Rabies

Debut performance art piece by Gabriel the Dog and Abriel (the other Dog)
$6 at the door


When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 7pm at The Listening Room Phoenix
Reasons To Attend: I don’t really know what this is about or even where it’s happening, but this is pretty cool and all of these young men are solid songwriters and talented musicians. There is an enormous amount of text explaining each artist below. I would advise you just check out their tunes. You’ll see.

Adam Simons from Wanderer
Wanderer is the new solo project from singer & guitarist Adam Simons. Based out of Tempe AZ, Wanderer brings elements of indie rock, 80s pop, and R&B together to create his sound. Influenced by artists from Fleetwood Mac to John Mayer & The Weeknd, his goal is to make records with a cinematic feel. “I want my songs to be a soundtrack for the best times in your life.”
Wanderer’s debut EP – C I T Y – was released on November 29th and has already received acclaim from press and fans alike. His third single “Call me crazy” has featured on FM radio – 93.3 Alt AZ, Sirius XM The Pulse, and idobi radio. Having begun his project less than a year ago, Wanderer has already shared the stage with Against The Current, Beach Weather, Cruisr, and more. Wanderer will be on the road and releasing more music in 2017.


Colten Hood
Based out of Gilbert, AZ Colten Hood is an American singer-songwriter. His music, an eclectic blend of intricately woven wordplay, dark rhythmic beats and haunting harmonies, beneath soul-filled vocals. In August 2016, his first single “Circles” was released on soundcloud where it has been featured on blogs and playlists since it’s drop. Colten’s debut album “The Reel EP” is much anticipated and set for release in January 2017. Catch him opening for Death Cab For Cutie at Pot of Gold in March, 2017.


Nathan Jude
Nathan Jude is a Singer-Songwriter based out of Phoenix, Arizona. His music is an eclectic blend of genres ranging from R&B to Folk.


Jordan Shafer
Folk/Americana singer/songwriter from Iowa, more recently living in Australia. Having spent most of his 20’s touring and playing in bands, singer/songwriter Jordan Shafer is no stranger to the traveling musician aesthetic. Although he’s an Iowa native, he’s more recently cut his teeth playing solo while living and traveling throughout Australia. Combining elements of folk, Americana and alt-country, Jordan Shafer possesses a performance worth seeing.


When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 7:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: It’s a rare occasion anymore for The Technicolors to play a show, all too rare for my taste, especially with a new record in the works. I checked out The Chain Gang of 1974 and they’re pretty legit, it seems like a solid match. I’d advise you check out the recent escapades of both.
Other Details: Get tickets here online http://ticketf.ly/2h4hvR8
The Chain Gang Of 1974
The Technicolors
*This event is all ages

When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 7pm at Last Exit Live
Reasons To Attend: I’ll make no bones about this being my Friday night destination or at least the primary focus of the evening. The new acoustic EP from The Woodworks is stellar and perception altering, forever. That said you also have a stacked lineup that is “stupid good” and total validation of getting there early and staying to the end. Brilliant.
Other Details: The Woodworks are releasing an acoustic EP! This performance will combine the bands notorious stripped down acoustic format along with the usual electrically charged set. Cost of admission is $10 and includes a copy of the new EP “Au Naturel’.

Old Star(Day Before Plastics)-8pm
Banana Gun-9pm
The Woodworks-10pm
Bear Ghost-11:15pm

When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: This is a stunning lineup of some of the best bands in town right now. The power of Celebration Guns and Twin Ponies in one evening together is often a bit too much to even handle, add to that LUAU who have their debut on the verge of release, Citrus Clouds always have things in the works and Bang Pow are in from San Diego. This is going to be amazing.
Other Details: Justin from Celebration Guns celebrates an important milestone: halfway to 70! It’s all uphill from here!
Friday, February 10th at The Rogue Bar
Celebration Guns
Twin Ponies
Bang Pow (San Diego, CA)
Citrus Clouds
$5 cover

When & Where: Friday, February 10th, 9pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: If you want to get really drunk in an ultra-comfortable environment and still rock out, get thee to Pho Cao Friday night for this lineup. The cover is the right price, the tunes will be great, the food is always amazing and the drinks delicious. This is all win.
Other Details: Pho Cao presents

Rocking Chair at 9pm-9:25pm
DL Marble at 9:30pm-10:15pm
Ghetto Cowgirl at 10:30pm-11:15pm
Greyhound Soul 11:30pm-12:30am.

Everyone is welcome. $5 cover.

When & Where: Saturday, February 11th, 6pm at The Compound
Reasons To Attend: Bands to catch at this crazy show: sunlaand, Stinkeye, Kill Your TV and Soma. All that really means is I probably need to get my shit together and check out Julia Lough and Zero Degrees North, because this is probably a completely stacked lineup.
Other Details: Set times below!
Julia Lough-6
Zero Degrees North-7:15
Kill Your TV-9

When & Where: Saturday, February 11th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be amazing and the weather is going to be perfect as our Spring begins. What better way to celebrate than to get funked up at Shady Park. Also, if you haven’t seen Jerusafunk you haven’t lived. Mitch Freedom is my favorite DJ because he harvests my dreams and plays my mind. It will be good.
Other Details: FUNK EXPLOSION at Shady Park
Dr. DeliciousThe LiqueJerusafunk, DJ MITCH FREEDOM
21+ // Shady Park Tempe // Doors open at 7:30pm // PK Sound
TICKETS: http://bit.ly/2kBPFwT
Dr. Delicious: https://soundcloud.com/drdelicous
The Lique: https://soundcloud.com/thelique
Jerusafunk: https://soundcloud.com/jerusafunk

When & Where: Saturday, February 11th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: If you want to get to deep in touch with your Americana side, I would suggest you check out this stunning showcase of this valleys best in that regard. This is a seriously amazing lineup. The Senators just released a bang up new record, Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold finally released their long awaited album, Huckleberry is almost always on the verge of releasing a record, Some Dark Hollow released a fantastic record last year and I need to check out Brea Burns and the Boleros. I’ll assume great company.
$5 Advance / $7 At The Door // 21+
The SenatorsMr. Mudd & Mr. GoldHuckleberry
Some Dark HollowBrea Burns and the Boleros

When & Where: Saturday, February 11th, 9pm at The Lost Leaf.
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be super cool with Sarah Chapman pulling double duty opening with her acoustic set directly followed by going full band with Ghost Cat Attack. There will be surprises, songs you’ve never heard before, collaborations that will surprise and in general a hell of a time will be had by all. Hostile Work Environment is going to blow the roof off the place at the end of the night and I’m not sure if you’ve caught their live set recently, but it’s a whole new world for those cats and it’s awesome. Great night indeed.
Other Details: Singer/Songwriter Sarah Chapman performs an acoustic set at 9pm followed by an extended set with her full band Ghost Cat Attack at 10pm, then special guests Hostile Work Environment take the stage at 11:30pm

When & Where: Sunday, February 12th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: If you missed North By North earlier in the week, this is your chance to catch them once more. Also, this show ties in with my belief that Andy Warpigs should play somewhere every Sunday. It’s just to give my mind some security, that it’s Sunday, so Andy must be playing somewhere. It’s not that I’ll go see him, but I want to know I have that option…on Sundays.
Other Details: Band details below…
Andy Warpigs

North By North (Chicago, IL)

Adult Feelings

Heavy Breather

When & Where: Sunday, February 12th, 7:30pm at Yucca Taproom
Reasons To Attend: This is a completely solid lineup for you to enjoy a Sunday evening in Tempe. All three of these artists put out some amazing records last year. You may want to catch everyone on this lineup live at this cool and easy show.
Other Details: I was lucky to find the flyer, it’s all the details I have.