What’s Going Ahhhn…

I totally meant to get one of these out last week, but I didn’t because real life happens and let’s face it, I do this for free, so there’s that. Either way, back for this weeks roster and we have Viva PHX! on the front this Saturday and that’s going to consume most of the downtown venues in its wake. There will be details and links on that below. Needless, to say it’s another banner year for this burgeoning annual festival. There are tons of great shows outside of that juggernaut and that’s what this is mostly about. Shows actually kicked off Monday and if I had realized that, I would have spent some spare time Sunday doing this, but remember, this is on my time, on my dime. So here we go…

When & Where: Tuesday, March 07, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Weird Omen is from France and they’re pretty awesome, I checked them out when I saw The Darts were heading out on tour with them, those two will be joined by Electric Children who I will need to check out. I named The Darts one of the 17 bands to watch in 2017 because I love to watch them, plus you should probably know their live show will leave you mouth agape in stunned wonder. For however, you may dig their records, their live show is even better. Seriously great way to spend a Tuesday night.
Other Details: Band details below…
Weird Omen
The Darts – US
Electric Children
at The Rebel Lounge

Doors: 7PM / Show: 8PM
Tickets $6 ADV / $8 DOS
This is a 21+ event
Tickets available at Stinkweeds and https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1413383

When & Where: Wednesday, March 8th, 7pm at 51 West
Reasons To Attend: Troubled Minds is going on tour with Help Me Sleep and they’re kicking if off here. This is a seriously great lineup with support from The Living Receiver, Expiration Date, and Strelitzia. You can literally stalk Troubled Minds by following their detailed itinerary in the flyer above, I mean if that’s your gig.
Other Details: Hello!
Troubled Minds and Help Me Sleep will be playing some shows out in California in March. Come out to 51 West and see us play before we leave. Also, enjoy some tunes from these awesome locals:

The Living Reciever
Expiration Date
Good Ol Joel
See you there!

When & Where: Wednesday, March 8th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: If you remember the ’90s you probably weren’t really there, that said this show celebrates two fantastic bands through the careful use of the wayback machine to bring you not only Dada, but local heroes Gene Pool reuniting as well. This is going to be a stellar evening, because it’s Dada and Gene Pool at the freaking Rogue Bar!!!
Other Details: Advance tickets available 1/16. Text 4802392684 for details.
Two decades after the Los Angeles outfit dada embarked on its original journey, singer-guitarist Michael Gurley, singer-bassist Joie Calio and drummer Phil Leavitt are celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary with plans for a tour deemed the “dada Forever Tour” in 2017.
“dada is about digging into our roots, examining and celebrating it.” Says Calio
Since the release of their groundbreaking 1992 debut Puzzle, the trio has created an array of songs boasting progressive rock musicianship, dazzling vocal harmonies and melodic power pop layered with a hint of psychedelic rock. Adding to the trio’s groundbreaking line of attack are the marathon-length shows that deliver on the promise that every performance is the only one of its kind.
Puzzle was released on September 8, 1992, and it didn’t take long for the band’s sonic imprint to find an audience. The album’s first single “Dizz Knee Land” found widespread airplay on alternative and mainstream rock outlets cracking the Top 5 on the Modern Rock Single’s chart and pushing the album’s sales to over 1,000,000 worldwide.

When & Where: Wednesday, March 8th, 8pm at The Lost Leaf
Reasons To Attend: I can attest to nothing further than Treasurefruit. That said, I know Anamieke pretty well and she’s sent me a lot of latin music over the years that makes my mind reel. The point is, she knows her stuff and this is going to be good.
Other Details: Please join us for the debut performance of Las Chollas Peligrosas! We have an incredible evening planned for you! All of the 5 ladies of Las Chollas will be featuring our individual side projects throughout the evening in hopes to give you a glimpse into our unique perspectives that we bring to this beautiful colaboration.
La Luz de Luna (Melissa Medina and Andria Bunnell)
Rachel Villa and G. Owens
Tatiana Crespo

When & Where: Thursday, March 9th, 8pm at Crescent Ballroom
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be unlike anything available to you this week. Seriously. Consider this based on novelty or culture alone. If you haven’t checked out recent albums from Qais Essar or Joshua Hill, well you need to fix that and see how Thursday at Crescent sounds to you after you do.
Other Details: The Qosmonauts bring you the folk music of Trappist- 1 this Thursday night.
Master of Ceremonies: Joshua Hill of The Hill in Mind

When & Where: Thursday, March 9th, 8pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Speaking of Trappist Monks (no one was, actually), those are the same folks keeping the details of this show secret other than that The Color 8 will be there, but so too will Clementine, my faves Sunlaand and Danielle Durack. This should be a great way to break into the weekend early.
Other Details: THE COLOR 8 at The Rebel Lounge

When & Where: Friday, March 10th, 7pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: Clearly, I need to check out Baseline immediately. Why? Well if they are headlining event with Summaries, The Breaking Pattern and Rio Wiley they’ve gotta be something special because I’m pretty fond of everyone coming out to support Baseline. Treat yourself to some undiscovered sounds and hit this place Friday.
Other Details: Baseline “Forfeit” Music Video Shoot
The Breaking Pattern
Rio Wiley
$10 ADV / $12 Door

When & Where: Friday, March 10th, 7pm at Pho Cao
Reasons To Attend: I’m going to tell you my own reasons for attending and why this is certainly my destination on Friday. First of all Dani’s awesome. If you don’t know her and you like good music and you’re good people, you’ll probably think she’s awesome too. Also, you should listen to her radio show. Secondly, this lineup is really great: Ruca, Upsahl, JNTJ, The Pleasure Victims, Sara Robinson Band, Manic Monkeys? Shut up an take my money. Finally, it’s been too damn long since I’ve been to Pho Cao and that’s not because they haven’t had a lot of great shows, it’s that I’m a recluse with issues these days. Seriously, this is going to be authentically fun, with great music, drink and food.
Other Details: Dani’s celebrating 10 years with KWSS- can you believe it? We have an awesome lineup for the evening, showcasing some of the amazing local music in the valley that we are proud to air on the station. Brought to you by Pho Cao & Bravo – Tip or Pay!
- Ruca Music Acoustic 7pm
- Upsahl Acoustic 7:40pm
- Jane N’ The Jungle 8:30pm
- Dani says something and tries not to cry 9:10
- The Pleasure Victims 9:30pm
- Sara Robinson Band 10:30pm
- Manic Monkeys 11:30pm

Our emcee is The Fabulous Amy Donohue, Dani’s good friend and first KWSS sister. She had a comedy show on the station even before Dani arrived!

TICKETS: $8 via Bravo – Tip or Pay App (download and search KWSS), and $10 at the door.

This show is a fundraiser for the station. KWSS is non-profit and 100% independent, supported by our awesome sponsors and of course our amazing listeners! You support us so that we can continue to support the local music and arts community in the valley. It’s win/win!

When & Where: Friday, March 10th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: This is perfect music in the perfect setting for said music. Americana and hip shaking blues in the best backyard vibed venue in town? Yes, please and thank you. Huckleberry is on the cusp of releasing their new album so I’d suggest you get a sneak peek. Also the weather will be perfect for Shady Park, do not waste this detail.
Other Details: The Sugar Thieves, Huckleberry and Foxadillo
21+ // Shady Park Tempe // Doors open at 8:00pm
Happy Hour 5-8pm featuring Ben Anderson
Collin Freestone on keys between each band until close

The Sugar Thieves have a sultry blues roots foundation and powerhouse delta sound that will take you back in time. In 2008 and 2009, The Sugar Thieves won the Phoenix Blues Society’s AZ. Blues Showdown and were voted best blues band in the state. They went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (Feb. 2009/Jan. 2010) where they were voted one of the top ten unsigned blues bands in the world in 09, and won the “People’s Choice” award at the Old Daisy Theatre in 2010. To say the least, The Sugar Thieves put on a show that’s worth writing home about.

Arizonian Americana band Huckleberry has a 6-year history of writing music set to the tune of desert life. Multiple voices and leads collaborate for nostalgic harmonies and melodies suited best for road trips, or backyard cocktails. Huckleberry is an ever evolving project, with their 4th record “Natural Selector” set to release April 7th, 2017.

Foxadillo is an eclectic local supergroup with influences of funk, alternative and musical theater. This band is a serious up and coming rock quintet with catchy tunes, flashy showmanship, and groovin jam sections – so be sure to wear your dancing shoes!

When & Where: Friday, March 10th, 8:30pm at The Lunchbox
Reasons To Attend: I can only speak to the powers of Jade Helm and Sun Hex, but that would be enough to get me to The Lunchbox. I really need to check out Pent Up, because they keep such good company. All three will be supporting Sextile in from California.
Other Details: LBX Presents:
SEXTILE (CA) - https://sextile.bandcamp.com/
Jade Helm - https://soundcloud.com/jadehelm602
Sun Hex - https://sunhex.bandcamp.com/
Pent Up- https://pentupaz.bandcamp.com/album/in-jail
Doors at 8:30 p.m. / All Ages
$6 Cover
Tickets: https://squareup.com/store/little-haus-studios-llc

When & Where: Saturday, March 11th, 5pm at Tempe History Museum
Reasons To Attend: This is going to be outside, the weather is going to be beautiful and the music is going to be great. If you aren’t up to the pace of Viva PHX, but you still want to see some great music on Saturday night, start the night right here. Young’s Modulus, Japhy’s Descent and Dead Hot Workshop are like three generations of Tempe bands and that’s spectacular. Also, food trucks!
Other Details: Part of Tempe History Museum‘s Performances at the Museum, come celebrate the music that makes Tempe great! Feast your bellies on some food truck fare by Burgers Amore and then feast your ears on the sounds of Young’s ModulusJaphy’s Descent and Dead Hot Workshop! Bring the kids and get ready to ROCK!

When & Where: Saturday, March 11th, 8pm at Shady Park
Reasons To Attend: Of these, I’ve only seen Creepsville666, but I think having a Punk & Horrorbilly Hootenanny from time to time is necessary. I feel like this event was previously scheduled for other weekends and I began to doubt it’s existence. Either way this is going to be super cool if this is your thing. If this is not your thing this could be your ticket for a super weird night.
Other Details: Creepsville666, Swapmeat, Buried In Red, Grimrose
Doors at 8:00pm // 21+ // $7 cover

Est 2007 Chaos Division – 666 : Creepsville brings its unique brand of musical adreniline rush – mixing varied influences of the members in a heart attack inducing concoction, pedal to the metal live performances, with memorable songwriting hooks that grab you and throw you out of the plane at 20,000ft without a parachute –happy landings!!

When & Where: Saturday, March 11th, 9:30pm at The Lunchbox
Reasons To Attend: I’ve really got to check out The Lunchbox soon, because each week there are more shows there with great bands holding down support for a touring group. This round it’s Twin Ponies and Sonoran Chorus. Amazing. Anyway, The Lunchbox is out venueing some of the venues in town, at least when it come to relevance in the lineup.
Other Details: Palm (NY,NY) – Exploding in Sound Records) 11PM:: https://palmnewyork.bandcamp.com/ ::  Twin Ponies (Southern and Hardy) Midnight :: https://twinponies.bandcamp.com/ :: & Sonoran Chorus (Tempe, AZ) 10PM :: https://sonoranchorus.bandcamp.com/ ::
930 PM//All Ages // $3 (any additional donation would be greatly appreciated!)
:: Palm ::
“With a palette informed by punk, metal, and noise as well as jazz and bossa nova, they utilize traditional rock instruments to create playful experiments that, using unpredictable time signatures, move up and down, back and forth, and all over the map.”

When & Where: Saturday, March 11th, 6pm all over Downtown Phoenix
Reasons To Attend: This has been fantastic every single year. And honestly, I’d pay the fee just to see Bash & Pop. Click on the links, map your route and have at it. This is a blast. Twenty venues an over a hundred bands. THE place to be.
Other Details: 100 Bands / 20 Venues / 1 Night in Downtown/VIVA PHX
Tickets at VivaPHX.comTicketfly.com, Downtown Phoenix Inc, Stinkweeds records, Statesidepresents.com
Performing across 20 stages in Downtown Phoenix will be:
- Girl Talk
- The Maine
- American Football
- The Drums
- Classixx
- Mystikal
- Warren G
- Kaiydo
- Temples
- Sharam
- Uffie
- X
- The Reverend Horton Heat
- Joyce Manor
- The Mowgli’s
- Invisible Skratch Piklz
- Mako
- F*cked Up
- Blackalicious
- The Menzingers
- Tone Loc
- Peanut Butter Wolf
- P.O.S
- The Japanese House
- Deap Vally
- Quinn XCII
- Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra

And many more!

When & Where: Sunday,March 12th, 8pm at The Rogue Bar
Reasons To Attend: I’ve been missing Sunday shows recently due to general weirdness, clouds, rain and a state of hypnogogic allure. I’d kind of like to stop that shit with this show right here. We’ll see what happens. Anywy this lineup is great from top to bottom as far as I can tell.
Other Details: Band details below
(Alarmingly outside-the-box hip-hop from Pittsburgh, PA.)

Hot Rock Supa Joint
(Comedy/ HipHop/ StonerRock kinda thing wit two ipads an a microphone).

(Desert-grunge band hailing from Tempe, AZ likened to such acts as the Meat Puppets, Soundgarden, and Pink Floyd).

Burgandy Jurk
(Churning guitars, grooving bass and thundering drums driving your mind into ecstasy over and over again).

When & Where: Sunday, March 12th, 8pm at The Lunchbox
Reasons To Attend: Remember what I said about The Lunchbox, the same goes for Sunday. Check it out. I mean it. Click on the fucking links and listen to the music. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday night doesn’t it? Yeah. I thought so.
Other Details: Live at LBX:
The Memories (CA) - https://thememories.bandcamp.com/
Emotional (CA) - https://emotional.bandcamp.com/
Pro Teens - https://proteens.bandcamp.com/
Herbert Walker - https://herbertwalker.bandcamp.com/
$7 Cover / All Ages
Doors at 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: https://squareup.com/store/little-haus-studios-llc

When & Where: Monday, March 14th, 8:30pm at The Rebel Lounge
Reasons To Attend: I have to check ou The Altons before Monday, because I love Weird Radicals and I dig Stinkeye, so this is probably a good show through and through. I’m specifically posting about this show now, because I may get caught up in shows straight through until. Do this. Fuck Monday.
Other Details: THE ALTONS at The Rebel Lounge